May 19, 2020


I was in the middle of writing my blog post, which I named "The Monkey on My Back", and I actually fell asleep while I was writing it! And right now, an hour later, I'm fighting to just keep my eyes open. So I figured I'd save the other post for tomorrow or another day. It's a rather vulnerable post, so I want to make sure it makes sense and I don't think I trust myself to do that when I'm this tired.

I scrolled through my phone to find a photo--any photo--to post here as a place holder. I couldn't find anything! This is the worst cop-out ever for a post, but it'll have to do for now. Just looking at this photo from a couple of weeks ago makes me long for my bed, haha. (I already posted this pic)

I don't know what is wrong with me--my lack of sleep must have caught up, so I'm going to take advantage of it while I can. Sorry for this non-post post--I've kept up my streak of posting every day in 2020 so far. I haven't missed a day!

So while this is seems lame, I just had to do it. I'll try and finish my "real" post tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you need sleep and need to sort those kittens on your back in bed out 😂.

  2. Nothing lame about it....keep up the streak even if it is a post with hello, see ya tomorrow. Or some cute pics of the animals. Happy day.

  3. I agree, you don't have to have an elaborate post for us. In times like this when most of us are stuck at home we appreciate reading your posts even if you think they are non posts. LOL hope you have a great day and were able to get some rest.

  4. Hope you got a good night of rest. This quarantine is a great time to get caught up on sleep. I have made that my goal ever since I retired 7 years ago. LOL!!

  5. Love you, Katie! Go catch some extra Zzzz’s!


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