May 15, 2020

Sheer Cuteness

I started working on the second part to my post from yesterday, but it just got way too long when I was going through photos. So, I think I'll just save it for another day.

I'm super tired right now (the kittens wake me up so early!) so I am just going to post a few photos that I took today.

Remember a few years ago, when the golden-crowned kinglet bird crashed into my window? He hit the living room window, and I was sure I was going to walk outside to find a dead bird. But it turned out that his claw was stuck in the window screen, and he was still alive.

I gently pulled him off of the screen, and he let me hold him. I was sure he wasn't able to fly, because why else would he let me hold him? I even walked in the house to grab my phone to take a picture (while he was in my hand!) and then went back outside.

I debated what to do with him, and decided to make a little nest for him--and then he flew away, completely unharmed. I was relieved!

And then a couple of days later, I got home after dropping the boys off at school and I saw what I thought was a dead bird on the porch--the same bird from a couple of days ago! I was furious and I thought that somehow Phoebe got outside and killed the bird.

I went to pick him up to move him off of the porch, and he popped right up into my hand. It was the same bird! (At least I'm 99% sure it was.) I have no idea why he was "playing dead" on the porch, but he sat in my hand for a while after that. I just sat down on the steps of the porch and held him. It was so cool!

Then he flew away, and I've never seen him again.

Today, I was working on a blog post and I saw (and heard) a bird crash into the living room window. Again, I was sure I was going to find a dead bird outside, but I found him alive amongst the landscaping. I picked him up and he looked okay. (I have no idea what kind of bird he was.)

I wasn't sure where to put him, and ultimately decided to put him on a bush in the landscaping. I went inside and grabbed Noah's camera to get a picture of him. I took a couple of photos, and then he flew off of the bush and right onto the camera strap!

I started to walk him toward a tree when he finally jumped up and flew away. I was relieved he was okay.

While all of this was going on, there was a family of geese on the dike across the street from my house. We actually have two families of geese staying there--each has four goslings. They are adorable!

Since I had Noah's camera out there already, I decided to try to get a photo of the geese. We have families of geese that hang out here every year. They get really angry when I drive by in my car... and it's terrifying to go for a run next to them, hahaha.

And of course, here is a picture of Chick and Duck. They are SO CUTE I can't stand it! When they sleep, they are dead to the world--they always cuddle when they sleep and they fall totally limp wherever they are. Having kittens is so much fun! (Except when they want to play at 4:30 AM.)


  1. This post was so cute. It was a great read for early morning wake up.

  2. Oh Katie, you are the Animal Kingdom Whisperer. They should make a movie about you, all living things, even wild animals just seem to know they can trust you. You are amazing! It makes me like/admire you even more to see how kind you are to all animals and people. The pictures are adorable too. My new puppy (she's a 4-month old Bulldog) got me up at 6 a.m. this morning, which is much too early for this old retired gal. So I get what you said about the Chick and Duck, (or is it Dick and Chuck?--LOL) getting you up super early just to play. My goodness, I'd forgotten how young animals want to play ALL THE TIME! My new pup (Callie--she's 4 months old now) drives my 6-year old Bulldog absolutely bonkers, cause she wants to play so much.

    Wanted to let you know that yesterday was Day ONE for me of being back on track with WW after being off track since our trip to DC in late Feb. I went to my WW meeting on Zoom and even though the meeting itself wasn't all that motivating, my high school friend and I, who go to the meetings together, were texting afterwards, and she really got me inspired. She is the reason I went back to WW in January of 2019. We joined for the first time (of many many times for both of us) together back in 1973, and over the years she reached Lifetime and managed her weight much better than I ever have, but she still struggles, so she is great to talk with. Her words to me at the end of our texts: "WE CAN DO THIS!" made me realize that the ball is in my court. The choices I make are up to me, and I CAN DO THIS! I gained 25 lbs. over this damned pandemic and want to get it off before it becomes even more. What a struggle this weight thing is. I don't think I'll ever be able to maintain long-term, but I'm not giving up!!! Hope you're doing well with your daily challenges. Remember: WE CAN DO THIS!

  3. It sounds like you need to put a bird silhouette in your window to help prevent them from flying into it! Also, I found this informative link from the Humane Society!

  4. Hey pretty lady!
    I love following your story. You are so inspiring just by being yourself. Keep up the good work!


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