May 25, 2020

Just Some Random Photos

I hate that I start every post with "there is nothing new to write about!" but that's just how it's been lately. With the COVID-19 quarantine, my days are pretty much the same every day, so there isn't much to write about.

Our governor in Michigan has extended our "stay-at-home order" until June 12th. It just keeps getting extended!

Anyway, I haven't taken a ton of photos lately, but here are a few...

Even though Estelle hasn't totally fallen for the kittens, she's at least tolerating them now. And this morning, she and Duck were very interested in watching the squirrels as they came onto the porch and begged for walnuts (only to go bury them in the yard).

Here is a photo of what the garage walls/ceiling looked like before I started working on it...

These are the soffit vents I had to install on the ceiling right above the walls...

And then this is after installing the soffit vents and insulation. The next step is the drywall on the ceiling.

I'd been wanting Eli to cut his hair short for a LONG time, but I don't force my kids to cut their hair unless they want to. Their style is their own. But Eli suggested a deal with me one day--he'd let me cut his hair short if I'd take him to the Metropark and stop at the bait store on the way. I felt so guilty, and I asked him over and over if he was SURE... and he said yes, it was fine. He wasn't going to be seeing his friends anytime soon anyway.

Here is Eli before his haircut...

And here is his "after" cut. I love the shorter hair!

He looks so grown up. I still can't believe how fast the time goes by after having kids.

Of course, I have a trillion "sleeping kittens" photos...

Tucking in with Jerry for the night:

Chick is SO relaxed... I wish I could sleep this soundly!

Duck was super sleepy when I brought him to Eli, but as soon as he saw Eli's colorful stuff, like his Rubik's Cubes, he was wide awake.

I get a lot of photos of the kittens sleeping with Jerry because I stay up so much later than Jerry does. The kittens love to sleep with him! They go up there all on their own after Jerry goes to bed. And of course they are there all night long--which is one of the reasons I get very little sleep!

I happened to be wearing a cat t-shirt today, and Duck was ALL OVER me--super affectionate, rubbing his face all over my face and hands. And then he finally fell asleep like this:

Brothers. They almost always nap together, cuddled up like this:

Chick came and kicked Duck out from his spot on my lap, and then Chick just stared at me adoringly, hahaha. At this point, I had to pee so badly... but as all cat owners know, you learn to hold it when cats are on your lap!

Tomorrow, Jerry is off work and I'm hoping to get some serious work done on the garage since he'll be home to help me lift drywall onto the drywall lift (no, that's not a typo). The drywall lift will elevate the drywall to the ceiling, so that I can screw it into place, but I can't lift the piece of drywall onto the actual lift itself.

I'm so excited to start getting stuff finished in there! I've been taping and mudding here and there as I go, so it's less to do after the drywall is in place on the ceiling.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Your posting about squirrels reminded me - have you seen the "Building a squirrel-proof bird feeder" on YouTube? Hilarious and very informative about squirrels. Worth the 20 min watch:

    1. It's funny how many people have told me about this! You're right, it's TOTALLY worth the 20 minute watch. I would love to build something like that! But that is way beyond my level, haha.

    2. I was literally just stopping by to share this video with you! It's so great!

  2. Katie, to go along with your random photos, I had to share this random video. If you haven't seen it, I think you could get some GREAT ideas for your next project!

    And this is NOT spam! I swear I'm a real person and I just found this video hysterical -- and squirrels are amazing!

    1. Haha, when I saw the link, I almost deleted this comment, thinking it was spam! Several people have shared the video with me, and I LOVE IT. It shows how smart squirrels are and that they have real personalities. It made me very curious to know how much my squirrels weigh, though, because they are much fatter than the ones in the video! ;)

  3. You should make this!

  4. OMG I love the kitten pics! Keep them coming! Baby House Panthers!! <3


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