January 31, 2023

Jerry Loses His Dad Bod: Week 3

I feel like I should feel bad that I get a sense of relief that it's Jerry's weigh-in day and not mine, haha. Of course, mine is tomorrow, so there isn't much difference. But when writing today's post, I have a bit of a relief tingle in my belly.

I do feel bad that I wasn't very helpful this week as far as Jerry's diet goes. I was sick for a few miserable days this week, so I didn't cook. I haven't been cooking the best foods and I've yet to make and stick with a meal plan. Why is meal planning so hard?! It seems like I spend so much time writing things out, going grocery shopping, and prepping food, only to learn that nobody is going to be here for dinner or that they just ate something else after work/school.

Jerry keeps telling me just to make whatever I want to make, and if nobody else wants it or they eat otherwise, that's not my fault. My mom guilt is always high ;)

Anyway, back to Jerry's week of working on losing his dad bod. He said yesterday that he knew he wasn't going to do good on the scale today. And while it wasn't terrible, he didn't lose any weight:

He was at 192.0, which is a gain of 0.2 pounds from last week. I'd say that's no big deal! (Although, I also know how a little gain like that can turn into more and more until they add up to 25 pounds.)

His waist measurement stayed the same at 34.5 inches but his body fat percentage went up by 0.5% (from 23.3% last week).

I can't help but feel at least partially responsible! It was my idea to have him do this publicly, so I could have been more helpful.

Since I'm starting a challenge for February (eating ONLY at the dining room table with ZERO distractions), I think it's going to be easier to help him. I'm definitely not going to want to snack if I have to sit at the table to do it, so I'll likely be in the mood to prepare an extra good, filling dinner. When Jerry eating a bigger dinner at home, he tends to eat less at work.

Okay, I asked Jerry to write his thoughts about this week, so I'll hand it over to him:

Todays weigh in was a little disappointing but I'm not going to shy away from my shortcomings. At this point I figured I would've been down a lot more than this. In the past it seemed like I would lose a lot faster but not this time. It's been a struggle. I know where I go wrong and I'm trying to experiment with different eating habits. 

- Snacking. When Katie and I are just hanging out I tend to snack. It can be worse when everyone is asleep and I am watching a show alone in the living room. There have been times where I've been aware of what I was doing and stopped and other times I just can't resist the urge. It's a difficult habit to break. 
- Fruits and vegetables... not enough. I've had more than I normally have but I feel like I need more. 
- Exercise. I need to put more of a solid effort in figuring out what I should be doing here as opposed to just saying "I'll figure it out tomorrow". 

- I've been downing the water. No problem getting that in. 
- Katie and I have been talking about just eating better overall. Better, overall nutritious meals that are smaller in portion. We've both admitted we are aware of the portion sizes increasing in our meals and that they've come to lack some of the nutrition we need. 

Overall, I'm feeling better... even though the scale isn't saying that. I know that I can do better and I'm making an effort to do that. Being more conscious of what I'm eating or what I'm doing helps me in knowing what I'm doing right or wrong and that is helping me to make improvements.

It sounds like he knows what's going on and what he'd like to change, so hopefully I can be a better help this week! Wish me luck for tomorrow ;)  Hopefully I can make it through Day 1, hahaha.

January 30, 2023

A Unique Challenge for February

Challenges, goals, challenges, goals... many of you are probably thinking, "Katie, will you EVER learn?! Finish the goals you already started before setting new ones!"

Well, I can just blame bipolar, right? ;)  Seriously, though, this isn't anything major--and it's just for a month. February. I deliberately picked the shortest month of the year for this!

In pinpointing my snacking habits and why I'm having such a hard time breaking the bad habits, I came up with a solution that I am 100% certain will work. The problem is that I have to be 100% compliant, haha.

When the kids were little, we used to sit down for dinner (almost) every evening at the dining room table and eat together as a family. As the kids got older, we started watching TV while eating, and then eating at separate times that are convenient for each of us, and then the worst--eating in our bedrooms.

Once in a while I notice my kids carry a huge pile of dishes out of their bedrooms to the kitchen and it infuriates me--if they're going to eat in there, at the VERY LEAST they need to put their dishes away immediately! But honestly, we shouldn't be eating in our bedrooms at all.

I've also gotten to the point where I feel like I need to multitask 100% of the time, which includes eating. Eating just for the sake of eating seems so--boring? unproductive?--to me. I can't imagine myself snacking at night if I literally just sat down at the table for a snack. No phone, no book, no TV, nothing. I wouldn't want to eat!

Soooo... you can see where this is leading. For the month of February, I'm going to challenge myself to eat ONLY at the table and with ZERO distractions. I can eat whenever and whatever I want, sticking with my usual vegan diet, but it must be eaten at the table and with no distractions.

This isn't anything profound, I know. It's discussed in all of the "intuitive eating" and "non-diet" type books. I'm not doing this for any reason other than to hopefully get a jumpstart on breaking the bad snacking habit. Will I continue to do this forever? Ha! I will be pleasantly surprised if I make it through three days.

My only exceptions will be for ice (because I'm obsessed with chewing ice and I literally cannot fathom giving it up) and for tea at night. (Oh, and water.) I'm hoping to replace my snacking with a good cup of hot tea. (Definitely not the same I know, but I can dream.)

The only other exception I can think of would be is if I'm eating with other people--if we get together with Dave and Renee, for example, we might snack while playing Euchre. But I can only foresee that situation occurring maybe once or twice.

I asked Eli if he'd like to try it, too, because he's notorious for eating in his bedroom. I picture this to be even harder for him than it is for me! I'd like to think of an award for him if he does it--he does best with an incentive. Remember I offered him $365 if he could go a year without pop? (He was super addicted to it.) He did it! So, maybe he'll surprise me. 

Mostly, though, I want an incentive for MYSELF. Yes, it's childish; I'm an adult and I should do what's right whether I get anything out of it or not. But this is going to be one of the hardest challenges I've ever tried. So, I'll have to think about it tomorrow and then decide what my incentive will be before I begin on February 1st. Maybe we should start a pool of how long I'll actually last on this one ;)

January 29, 2023

(Almost) Wordless: Random pic generator

I've got a busy day today, so I'd like to get my post ready before my friend Shannon is supposed to come over. We haven't seen each other since probably 2018(?!) so there is a lot to catch up on! I'm looking forward to seeing her, though.

I couldn't think of a photo for my (almost) wordless post today; then I figured out a system that made me want to sit and do this all day long, haha. When I moved my photos to my new computer from my old one, I renamed them all to a number (in chronological order, starting with 1 and ending around 43,000) to make things easier and more uniform.

To choose some truly random photos for this post, I went to Random.org (a random number generator), requested a number between 1 and 43,000, and then whatever number it gave me corresponded with the photo of that same number.

Soooo... these are completely random photos! It was hard to stop generating more and more because it was fun to see what came up.

Here, we were at my sister's house. She told the kids to pretend like they were sleeping for the photo.

This was obviously at a Tiger's game... see all the empty seats? Haha!

Big Mama was the first to really make use of the squirrel picnic table I made for the little buddies.

I had just gotten back from a (hot) run and Jerry was mowing the lawn. He saw me taking a selfie so he naturally had to act goofy.

Eli dressed up as Woody from Toy Story :)

Finally, I saved this for last because it's a huge coincidence... the number that came up was 4596. So, judging by the number, this picture was from a relatively long time ago. I don't know many kids with red hair, but I immediately recognized him as Bradley--my friend Shannon's son, who is just a month older than Eli. Shannon is the friend I am seeing today! I probably have less than five pictures of her kids in all 43,000+ photos. I just thought it was funny that her son's picture happened to be one of the randomly drawn ones on the day I'm going to see her for the first time in like 4-5 years.

We were just talking about how fast the kids grew up. We were pregnant at the same time with Eli and Bradley, and I cannot believe it's been over 17 years!

This was actually a really fun to post to work on. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

January 28, 2023

Late Replies

I'm having a "down" day today--my anxiety has been really bad recently--so I just thought I'd share some wisdom from an old friend, Adam. I saw this on Instagram the other day and it reminded me SO MUCH of me. I am absolutely terrible about getting back to people in a timely manner (if at all), no matter whether it's texts, emails, phone calls, or comments on social media.

I carry around guilt all the time because I know I have months of emails in my inbox, texts that I've been meaning to reply to (I'm the world's slowest texter, so I usually wait until I'm on my computer and I can text easily from there), and comments that I can remember reading weeks or months ago with the intention of replying. By then, it's awkwardly late!

Adam and I were very close friends in our teens. He's always been super smart and driven, and I guess I can't say that I'm surprised he became pretty famous among the psychology/business world.

Funnily enough, I've not read any of his books because they just aren't the kinds of books that interest me! But I like to read his thoughts on social media--aside from being incredibly smart, he has a lot of wise thoughts as well. Like I said, this one in particular spoke to me:

In a twist of irony, I have an email from Adam in my inbox that's probably a year and a half old now, and I honest-to-God have planned to reply when I set aside time to focus on a response. (This is what I often tell myself and then I get overwhelmed and procrastinate.) I will just remind him in my reply that it's quality, not speed, that matters. Hahaha.

I know I've said this before, but if you've emailed me and I haven't replied, it's NOT personal; I literally just get overwhelmed and I have every intention of writing a thoughtful, personal response. It just might take a (long) while. This is something I would love to work on, but it's overwhelming just to think about where to start!

I'm glad I'm not the only one, though--I searched for memes to lighten this up and found that there are a ton of people who do the same thing I do. Most of the time, I reply to something mentally right when I open it, but then I forget to go back and actually type the reply!

Anyway, I'm going to work on cleaning my house really well today because my friend Shannon is coming over tomorrow--and she hasn't been here since I remodeled the whole thing. It needs a good cleaning!

January 27, 2023

Friday Night Photos #102

I don't have a lot of photos, but a mishmash of some random stuff. Today, I spent nearly all day finishing up the little books I made for Luke and Riley for Christmas. I know, Christmas was a month ago! But I still had some pages to fill out and I hadn't seen them for Christmas (Noah was pretty sick). I *must* get these to the kids this weekend. I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

Someone asked me to share more about them, so I'm going to write a separate detailed post about the whole thing--a tutorial. But for now, here are a few fun things from their books:

It's easier to imagine how it works when you look at the sides (the tutorial will show more)

I needed to come up with some ideas for the pages and I decided to get creative with the program that I use to edit photos. Usually I just resize pictures and maybe brighten them if they are too dark, but I played around some more today to get fun pictures for their books...

Luke likes a Super Mario Bros. game and I played it with him. The cats were my favorite!

Luke wants to be a pilot when he grows up, like his dad. Photo credit: @pilotpatrick on Instagram. He posts a ton of (photoshopped) photos like this. I just grabbed one of his and edited it for Luke. (If you, @pilotpatrick, happen to see this, I'd be happy to remove it at your request!) But check out his Instagram if you'd like some fun male eye-candy ;)

Riley wants to be a nurse like her mom. Becky worked as an RN before she became a stay-at-home mom.

This one is my favorite. Riley is OBSESSED with unicorns! Credit: The photo came from Etsy seller My Kids Dream. She basically does the same thing that I did--put your kid's face on the body. (And again, if the seller happens to see this and would like me to remove it, I'd be happy to.)

Anyway, the books turned out super cute and I'm excited to share the whole thing in a tutorial!

Speaking of Riley, my mom took her to a "princess party" at a local recreation center. There were lots of girls dressed as princesses, and being treated as such for an evening :)  (I don't know the names of the Disney princesses, but I'm guessing this is one of them.)

Jerry and I started talking about what the cutest baby animal in the world is. We had no idea! We love kittens, but we haven't exactly looked this up before. After a google search and debate, we settled on THIS baby orangutan 😍

I don't like to celebrate birthdays, as you know, because I hate getting older. So it was only fitting, then, that I got pretty sick for a few days--the worst of it was on my birthday, actually. Jerry made me a "boogie bag" for all of my used tissues (I blew my nose a LOT). I took a few COVID tests and all were negative. Today, I am 100% on the mend. The only residual symptoms are that I'm super exhausted and that I'm still blowing my nose. But no sinus infection, fever, chills, or anything like that. Yay! (Although, this cold set me back on my 10K training for a week.)

Despite the fact that I was sick, I still wanted to choose a birthday dinner. For each of our birthdays, we get to pick our dinner--go out to a restaurant, get take-out, cook something here, whatever we want. And out of alllllll the food in allllll the world, you know what I wanted most?

Vegan Truffle Mac & Cheese with shredded BBQ soy curls on top. BAHAHAHA! Who the heck did I turn into? On Monday, I will have been vegan for one year. Can you believe it? I never, ever would have imagined being vegan one day. And ohmygosh, I love this food. 

Renee wished me happy birthday on Facebook and she included this picture. I'd never seen it before! I don't remember that shirt at all; but from the photo, I'm thinking it was our first day of our first practice of our first season coaching cross country. That was when we had practices at the elementary school and we included second graders!

I saw this cat bed on Amazon or something and I immediately thought about how easy it would be to make. I could probably whip this up in under two hours. And I have the perfect fabric for it, too...

I had a suede/faux fur coat that was too big on me. (Side note: Even though I have some suede and leather things--obviously not vegan--I don't feel like it's right to just get rid of them for the sole purpose of them not being vegan. I feel like that would be even more wasteful/disrespectful. I feel like keeping and caring for the animal products I already have is more respectful to the animals than just getting rid of them. So, if you see me wearing leather or suede, it's NOT new--it's something I've already owned.)

Anyway, I didn't want to just get rid of this suede coat (that I bought at Goodwill) because it's super soft and I knew the cats would like it. I disassembled the coat and then over the past few days, I cut the pieces into shapes that I could tetris together. Now, I can use that fabric for a couple of hammocks, like above, or another sort of cat bed. And then get rid of the gross beds!

These are all of the disassembled pieces of the coat. I'm too lazy to go find the blanket I stitched them into.

I'll start working on the hammock when my energy comes back (this virus or whatever sort of head cold it was has wiped me out).

I got a very generous and special gift in the mail from an old reader (who I like to consider a friend, although we've never met in person) named Cathy. She is SUPER crafty and she made me a "Crazy Cat Lady" tumbler with black cats on it! And there is a pen to match. I opened the package this morning and immediately used both items while making a grocery list.

Here they are up close:

Cathy was worried I'd be offended by the word "crazy"--while some people with mental illness may find it offensive, I do not AT ALL. So please, call me crazy all you want! :)  I actually like the term, because it describes me pretty well, hahaha.

Cathy did NOT ask me to share these gifts or link to her Etsy store, but I want to do that--she has been incredibly kind and generous for probably 10 years now(!). You could not find a better seller than Cathy. (She has given me a couple of things before and the quality is top-notch!) You can find her Etsy store here: Eleventh Avenue Crafts

Jerry and I laughed at the cats on the tumbler because the one at the very top looks JUST like Duck and the one sitting in the plant looking upward looks exactly like Chick. 

Finally, this is the project I've chosen to work on in February. I think I'm going to stash my latch hook aside for another time because I'm just not enjoying it! I bought the pattern for this Shameless Mitts a long time ago but I never got around to making them. With arthritis in my hands, the cold really irritates it; wearing fingerless mitts always helps! I have some fabric ones that I made a couple of years ago, but I really like these ones. And I miss Shameless! ;)

Jerry is apparently sick with whatever virus I had, so we plan on having a low-key weekend again. I can't say that I'm complaining--it's been fun to not have to be anywhere.

Have a great weekened! xo

January 26, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Embarrassingly Late Lessons

I was up late one night recently, unable to sleep of course, and I somehow came across a thread on Reddit that then sucked me in for literally about two hours! It was such a fun read and it made me think of a few things of my own.

The thread was a question: What is something that you learned embarrassingly late in life?

I thought of one immediately (which I'll list) but then I started thinking of others. And one of them I actually learned while I was reading the thread! Hahaha. So here it goes...

Three Things Thursday: Three Things I Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

1) "This little piggy went to market" did NOT, in fact, mean that he was going grocery shopping.

He was going to the market to be sold for meat! I only learned this within the last five years or so, which means I spent 35+ years thinking that the little children's rhyme was cute and happy. (Now, as an ethical vegan, it's a bit traumatizing--ignorance is bliss sometimes, for sure!

Look how misleading! I mean, a fox and a rabbit shopping together? C'mon! ;)

2) The movie Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars.

It's no secret that Jerry is obsessed with Star Wars. And I don't use the word "obsessed" lightly. I have never had any interest in the series and I only watched the movie for the first time about two years ago for Jerry's birthday (I strongly disliked it and still have no interest in it). I even dressed like Princess Leia for the occasion--luckily, Jerry knows what a cool wife he has, haha)

However, when I was a kid, I *loved* the movie Spaceballs! My older brother and sister would watch it, too, and I can remember when their friends came over Jeanie and Brian used me like a party trick--they would ask me to quote things from Spaceballs and I knew every goddamn line of that movie, hahaha. 

They especially liked when I quoted the "We're looking at now, sir. Everything that's happening now is happening now." (See the short scene below.) Their friends thought it was hilarious--I must have been pretty young for them to find it funny that I knew the lines!

It never registered to me that Spaceballs was a parody of Star Wars because I'd never seen the movie Star Wars--or even questioned anything about it! I was just never interested in it. When it finally clicked a couple of years ago, I couldn't believe it. I think it was the Dark Helmet/Darth Vader thing that made the connection for me. Then I started asking Jerry a million questions about how each thing from Spaceballs was connected to Star Wars.

3) Chicken eggs are fertilized from chickens mating.

I always--until last week, when I read this on the Reddit thread!--thought that chicken and bird eggs were fertilized AFTER the egg was laid. I guess I assumed the rooster came along and deposited sperm or something on it? I never really gave it any real thought!

The longest I'd ever really been around chickens was for an hour or two, and even then, there probably wasn't even a rooster around; I'd never witnessed anything that I thought was mating. I have no idea why I thought that the eggs were fertilized afterward, but thinking about it now, it definitely makes more sense!

This picture below isn't at all related to mating chickens, but I thought it was funny. We were dying Easter eggs when Eli was 15 months old, and the reason Eli is crying so hard in this photo has nothing to do with the eggs--but the fact that I wouldn't let him drink the glass of egg dye, hahaha.

Now that I've read the Reddit thread, I know that I'm not the only one to learn things like this embarrassingly late in life... but please share any of your own! I'd love to read them ;) 

(Here is a link to the Reddit thread if you want to read some really great ones. I'll share below a couple of ones that made me laugh way too hard.)

January 25, 2023

A Look Back at My 31st Birthday Virtual 5K!

This is a repost from 10 years ago! When I was turning 31 years old, I thought it would be fun to host a virtual 5K for my birthday (31 years old... 3.1 miles). It was free to sign up and I didn't do any of the fancy swag or anything... I just bought and made some prizes for a drawing at the end.

If I'd have thought of it, I would have done a 10 year anniversary race this year! But it's fun to look back at this. These are the results of the 5K (sorted by age group). I also listed some fun facts at the end. 

For the life of me, I cannot find a way to access all of the posts that everybody shared to my Facebook page after they did their 5K! It was so fun to read through them (and that's how I met some people who are now good friends of mine). But it was 10 years ago, and since Facebook has clearly changed, they may be lost forever. Here are a few pictures I have, though...

My mom was cruisin'!

Jerry was probably racing me

Jeanie (my sister) running in Illinois

The printable race bib--it's so cringy now! Haha.

Okay, here goes (the post from 10 years ago)... 

First, I'd like to congratulate EVERYONE who finished the 5K--whether you were fast or slow, walked or ran, did it for fun, or tried to meet a goal--you should be VERY proud!! Here is a list of the finishers that filled out the finisher's form (I know there are people not on here, considering my sister is one of them!)

Name Age group Time Where 5K was run

Erin Beacham

19 and under


Philadelphia, PA
Lindsey Hill 19 and under 0:39:41 Fairview Park, OH
Becky Arnold 19 and under 0:40:00 Mifflintown PA
Ryan Hill 19 and under 0:40:00 Fairview Park, OH
William Reynolds 19 and under 0:43:30 Florida, USA
pupdog24 19 and under 0:45:23 Williamsport, PA
Ana 19 and under 0:48:16 Indianapolis/Indiana




Bowling Green, Ohio
Sarah Hussaini 20-24 0:25:32 NY, NY
Mackenzie Dickson 20-24 0:26:40 Manassas, Virginia
Dana Marie 20-24 0:27:08 Murfreesboro, TN
Kat H 20-24 0:27:21 Maryland
Tessa M. 20-24 0:27:31 Portland, OR
Elizabeth R 20-24 0:27:45 East Windsor, CT
Krystal 20-24 0:28:05 Waterford, MI
Elizabeth DH 20-24 0:28:37 West Lafayette, IN
Ally Mo 20-24 0:29:04 Minneapolis, MN
Morgan Julane 20-24 0:29:22 Normal, IL
Aaryn Exparza 20-24 0:29:23 Roseburg, Oregon
Andrea 20-24 0:30:23 Albany, NY
JFultsRN 20-24 0:30:55 Edwardsville, IL
Karie 20-24 0:31:02 Cresco, Iowa
Haley 20-24 0:31:45 Clemson University, SC
Katie H 20-24 0:32:10 Machias, ME
Beverly B 20-24 0:32:21 Rome, ny
Alicia Bailey 20-24 0:33:51 Lynchburg, Virginia
Amelia 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Kendall 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Simi 20-24 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Lindsey Maxwell 20-24 0:35:02 Lexington, SC
Jess   20-24 0:35:11 Columbus, Ohio
Emily H 20-24 0:35:22 Chicago, IL
Melissa Neary 20-24 0:36:36 Salt Lake
AmandaLarsen22 20-24 0:43:08 Wolsey, SD
Aimee 20-24 0:43:13 Des Moines, IA
Jessica R 20-24 0:45:35 California
Caryn 20-24 0:45:46 Omaha, NE
Jenna Beyer 20-24 0:55:56 Canyon, Texas
Mikayla L 20-24 0:58:10 Walla Walla, WA
Kellie G 20-24 0:58:36 Canton, Georgia 
Ricci 20-24 1:11:55 Alabaster, AL
Krystal B. 20-24 untimed Wellsboro, PA

Becky (my sis-in-law!)



St. Paul, MN
Katie Nussbaum 25-29 0:23:42 Hudson, Il
Lindsay 25-29 0:23:48 Boston, MA
Michele 25-29 0:24:06 California
AshleyW 25-29 0:24:36 Ypumgstown, OH 
Thomas Graf 25-29 0:24:51 Beaverton, Oregon
Steph P. 25-29 0:25:37 Duluth, MN
Erin 25-29 0:26:43 Knoxville,TN
Kelly the Culinarian 25-29 0:27:00 Oak Brook, IL
Carie A. 25-29 0:27:32 Creston, Iowa
Sus 25-29 0:27:38 New Zealand
Serenity 25-29 0:29:05 Houston, Texas
Kate B 25-29 0:29:36 Pittsburgh, PA
Luci 25-29 0:29:43 Chicago
Leslie SB 25-29 0:29:51 Asheville, NC
Angela 25-29 0:29:53 Los Angeles, CA
Erica W 25-29 0:29:58 Cedar Rapids, IA
Amy 25-29 0:30:39 Overland Park, KS
Emma 25-29 0:30:48 Adelaide, Australia
Izabela Pabian 25-29 0:31:04 Shelton, CT
cpost90 25-29 0:31:11 Alberta, Canada
Allison 25-29 0:31:12 Denver, CO
Jennifer 25-29 0:31:38 St Louis, MO
Laura 25-29 0:31:39 Ulysses,KS
Meg 25-29 0:31:45 Portland, Maine
Janet H 25-29 0:31:47 Bartlesville, Oklahoma
L. J. 25-29 0:32:00 Washington, DC
Molli Freeman-Lynde 25-29 0:32:17 Durham, NC
Bethieb163 25-29 0:32:21 Columbia, SC
Diane 25-29 0:33:10 Easthampton, MA
Mor L 25-29 0:33:30 Israel
Sarah T 25-29 0:33:52 Glennville, GA
Emily Anderson 25-29 0:34:12 Portland, OR
Beth 25-29 0:34:52 Fredericksburg, VA
Ashleigh 25-29 0:35:24 Washington, DC
Laurel 25-29 0:35:38 Tigard, Oregon
Cathie 25-29 0:36:04 Altamonte Springs, FL 
Crystal 25-29 0:36:14 Denver, CO
Allison M  25-29 0:36:41 Dana Point, CA
Vanessa 25-29 0:36:48 Ontario, California
Shelley 25-29 0:37:01 Stow, O
Becky S. 25-29 0:37:10 Logan, UT
Rachel B. 25-29 0:37:13 St. Louis MO
Razorback Britt 25-29 0:37:50 Fort Smith, AR
Kelsey 25-29 0:38:34 Plainview,TX
Katy Clements 25-29 0:38:40 Buffalo, NY
Krystle 25-29 0:38:54 Corpus Christi, TX
Soraya 25-29 0:38:57 Chattanooga, TN
Christine K. 25-29 0:39:02 Victoria, BC, Canada!
Danita 25-29 0:39:24 Lafayette, GA
Teresa 25-29 0:39:33 Switzerland!
Ali B 25-29 0:39:40 Vermont
Jessica Lynn 25-29 0:39:58 Milwaukee, WI
Carrie 25-29 0:40:22 Wichita, KS
Kim Phillips 25-29 0:40:22 Wichita, KS
AudreyF 25-29 0:41:02 Sellersburg, IN
Joanna 25-29 0:41:07 Cincinnati, OH
Katy 25-29 0:41:15 Whitesboro, Texas
shecsgoer 25-29 0:41:35 Mitchell, SD
Cheri 25-29 0:42:06 Sacramento, CA
Jenniek 25-29 0:42:08 Southaven, MS
Ashley M. 25-29 0:42:09 Nashville, TN
Ana S 25-29 0:42:17 London Uk
Courtney H 25-29 0:42:24 Ruston, LA
Bean :-) 25-29 0:42:48 Muncie, Indiana
Aimee 25-29 0:44:12 Philadelphia, PA
Caity 25-29 0:44:14 Hollidaysburg PA
WhitneyT 25-29 0:44:16 Memphis, TN
Amandawk 25-29 0:44:30 Seattle, WA
katyabeth 25-29 0:44:53 san francisco ca
Colleen Martin 25-29 0:45:10 Baltimore, MD
Morgan 25-29 0:46:54 Canada
lindsay 25-29 0:47:11 Hurst, texas
jen 25-29 0:47:43 raleigh, nc
Jeannine Matisz 25-29 0:50:00 Canada
Katie100385 25-29 0:50:47 Adair, IA
Smadsen03 25-29 0:51:14 Springfield, IL
Natoria S. 25-29 0:53:21 Tallassee, AL
Desiree Rutherford 25-29 0:53:22 Portland, Texas
Allison L. 25-29 0:54:56 Peoria, AZ
EmDub 25-29 0:56:04 Indianapolis, IN
Chrisandra 25-29 0:56:17 Windsor, Ontario
Brittany 25-29 0:57:42 Westport, WA
Katie Keough 25-29 0:57:50 Kaysville, UT
Roberta 25-29 0:58:22 Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
Michael G. 25-29 1:04:06 Davis, California
Natalie S. 25-29 1:04:06 Davis, California
Ashley 25-29 1:04:48 Roanoke,Va
Rebecca Gifford 25-29 1:05:28 Euless, Texas
Robyn 25-29 1:07:07 Hershey, PA
Savoy Truffle 25-29 1:10:00 Knoxville, TN
Iris G.  25-29 untimed DFW, Texas
Kati 25-29 untimed Tacoma, WA
Nik 25-29 untimed NY, NY
MrsRoss 25-29 untimed  Nebraska
Sara G 25-29 untimed Rome, GA




Southgate, MI
Katie (Runs for Cookies) 30-34 0:23:56 Newport, MI
Brie Roth 30-34 0:24:35 Coralville, IA
Stephanie 30-34 0:24:36 Spring Hill, tn
Kylie 30-34 0:24:38 Windom, MN
Lyndsey 30-34 0:25:03 Akron, OH
Rebekah 30-34 0:25:07 Washington DC
Jerry (Mr. Runs for Cookies) 30-34 0:25:08 Newport, MI
Lisa 30-34 0:25:48 Norwood, MA
ween19 30-34 0:25:59 Denver, CO
Lisa 30-34 0:27:19 Ferndale, WA
Yasmin Bartal 30-34 0:27:30 Canada 
Ciarra1028 30-34 0:27:33 Bloomington, IL
Serena Michelle 30-34 0:27:57 San Diego, CA
Crystal L.  30-34 0:28:07 Summerville, SC
Kelly Grant 30-34 0:28:24 Austin, TX
Jamie Jackson 30-34 0:29:14 East Lansing, MI
Sean 30-34 0:29:14 Chesapeake, VA
Elizabeth 30-34 0:29:19 Richmond, Virginia
Amanda R. 30-34 0:29:47 Richmond, VA
Nicole Leonard 30-34 0:29:54 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Lindsey Yancey 30-34 0:30:30 Columbia, MO
Lindsay 30-34 0:30:32 Indianapolis, IN
Katie P. 30-34 0:30:46 Woodbury, MN
Karey Eastburn 30-34 0:31:00 Eugene, OREGON
Lisa Whitney 30-34 0:31:00 Reno, NV
AnnMay 30-34 0:31:02 Ohio
Manatarms 30-34 0:31:05 Lenoir, nc
Nicole Joy 30-34 0:31:15 Miles City, Montana
Jaclyn 30-34 0:32:29 Albuquerque, NM
Adrienne 30-34 0:32:38 Humble, TX
Tifanni 30-34 0:32:53 Polson,MT
Erin 30-34 0:33:06 Northwest Ohio
Michelle Tucker 30-34 0:33:11 Fort Smith, AR
Stephie 30-34 0:33:34 Columbus, OH
Jen Buhler 30-34 0:33:51 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Amanda Walters 30-34 0:33:55 Wilmington NC
k8e26 30-34 0:33:56 Manassas, VA
Jodi T. 30-34 0:33:58 Fairview Heights, IL
Lee Ann Mitchell 30-34 0:34:13 Ypsilanti, MI
gingintrips 30-34 0:34:17 Atlanta, Georgia
Amy H 30-34 0:34:25 Dallas, TX
Chele 30-34 0:34:29 Boston, MA
Dara 30-34 0:34:31 Overland Park, KS
Tiffany 30-34 0:34:35 Great Falls, Mont.
pattie 30-34 0:34:36 Nebraska City, NE
Nicole 30-34 0:35:00 Buffalo,NY
Jodi Y 30-34 0:35:21 Hudson, Wisconsin
LessofLynsey 30-34 0:35:36 Beresford, SD
Jordan B 30-34 0:35:45 Racine, WI
Katie M 30-34 0:36:04 Washington state
Vicky 30-34 0:36:14 Sugarloaf, PA
Christy D 30-34 0:36:28 Burleson, TX
Michelle 30-34 0:36:29 Keene, NH
Kristina Turtura 30-34 0:36:56 Syracuse, New York
Tara Guerra 30-34 0:36:57 Georgetown, TX
Rachael 30-34 0:37:12 Boise, Idaho
acribb01 30-34 0:37:20 Louisville, KY
Alice M. 30-34 0:37:22 Salt Lake City
Runs To Get Waisted 30-34 0:37:41 Hillsboro, OR
Jody Charneicki 30-34 0:37:42 Houston, PA
Kelly Stokes 30-34 0:37:42 Denver, CO
GrowininFaithShrinkinInSize 30-34 0:37:46 St. Paul, MN
Vera 30-34 0:37:48 Munich, Germany
Sam B 30-34 0:37:49 Mayfield Heights, OH
Amy DuGas 30-34 0:37:50 London, Ontario, Canada
MargaretS  30-34 0:38:06 centreville, VA 
Marsha 30-34 0:38:12 Ypsilanti, MI
Cat T 30-34 0:38:36 Denver, CO
Katie W 30-34 0:39:03 St. Louis, MO
Becky 30-34 0:39:19 Cleveland OH
Joanie 30-34 0:39:21 New Brunswick, NJ
Brew 30-34 0:39:33 Linden,Mi
Lisa 30-34 0:39:35 AZ
jenlarson 30-34 0:40:00 Shakopee, MN
Travis 30-34 0:40:00 Shakopee, MN
Amy 30-34 0:40:15 Garden City Mi
Brenna Koko 30-34 0:40:36 Peyton Co
Renzryd 30-34 0:40:48 Portland, Oregon
Jill 30-34 0:40:51 Grand Rapids
Jessica S 30-34 0:41:11 Omaha NE
Allyson Ross 30-34 0:41:13 High Point, NC
Emily 30-34 0:41:33 Austin, TX
Jenny_Bu 30-34 0:41:35 Cleveland, OH
Nearl 30-34 0:41:57 Boston, MA
KwajBecky 30-34 0:42:07 Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
Stacey 30-34 0:42:30 Staunton, VA
Shannon 30-34 0:42:34 Memphis, TN
Lenore 30-34 0:43:05 Escondido, Ca
fancynancy28 30-34 0:43:08 Pittsburgh Pa
Jamie 30-34 0:43:50 Houston, TX
BreannaS 30-34 0:44:12 Chillicothe, MO
Stephie G. 30-34 0:44:26 Raleigh, NC
Julie Keys 30-34 0:44:34 Dunkirk, MD
Jamie 30-34 0:44:37 Oglesby, IL
Jeni V.  30-34 0:44:50 Chesterton, IN 
Elizabeth 30-34 0:44:57 La Crosse, WI
Kristi 30-34 0:45:10 Los Angeles
Jennifer Moody 30-34 0:46:08 Austin, TX
Kim P 30-34 0:46:09 Milwaukee, WI
Jane 30-34 0:46:32 Salt Lake City, UT
Munkybug 30-34 0:46:39 St. Louis, MO
Cindy 30-34 0:47:06 Midland, MI
Jenifer Jennings 30-34 0:47:13 Spokane WA
Erin 30-34 0:47:22 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chrissy792 30-34 0:48:16 Indianapolis/Indiana
Nichole 30-34 0:49:06 Elyria, Ohio
Andrea Kem 30-34 0:49:07 Greenfield, Indiana
Maria Ballon 30-34 0:50:38 Onley, VA
Malia 30-34 0:51:39 Nashua, NH
Rachel Tehvand 30-34 0:51:41 USAG Ansbach, Germany
Shelley 30-34 0:52:47 Middleton, Michigan
Amanda S 30-34 0:52:56 Melbourne, FL
Cass Marie  30-34 0:53:33 Cullman, AL
Annette Rife 30-34 0:54:30 Bremerton, WA
Samantha Curto 30-34 0:54:37 Omaha, NE
Tracy Hein 30-34 0:54:39 New Brunswick, Canada
Mandi Lynn 30-34 0:55:08 Bowling Green
Maegen F. 30-34 0:55:34 Coeur d'Alene, ID
Renee  30-34 0:57:23 Katy, TX
Chonda 30-34 0:58:19 Meadville, MS
Rachel McCullough 30-34 0:58:35 Pensacola,Florida
Dena 30-34 0:58:48 Richland, WA
SugarBean 30-34 1:00:01 Hickory, NC
Amie S 30-34 1:00:27 Pittsburgh, PA
Amanda C 30-34 1:01:21 Abilene, TX
Z 30-34 1:02:00 New Delhi, India
Colleen 30-34 1:03:00 Sioux City, Iowa
Megan M 30-34 1:04:21 Chicago
Amanda 30-34 1:06:45 Chesapeake, VA
Desireejude 30-34 untimed Jefferson City, Mo
Lindsay 30-34 untimed Knoxville, TN
Tiffani 30-34 untimed Amarillo, TX

Brian (my brother!)



St. Paul, MN
Laura B.  35-39 0:23:47 Hastings, MI
Mark's Girl 35-39 0:24:46 Concord, NH
Alice Thornton 35-39 0:24:58 Worthing, West Sussex, UK
Shelly 35-39 0:25:00 Canton, MI
Leeana 35-39 0:25:02 Toronto, Ontario in Canada
EliseNJ 35-39 0:25:45 Central New Jersey
Cathy 35-39 0:25:51 Mount Vernon, WA
Collette 35-39 0:26:33 Draper, UT
Andrea Black 35-39 0:27:23 Lenexa, Kansas
Teresa M. 35-39 0:27:46 Antioch, IL
Jessica 35-39 0:28:17 Monroe, MI
Becky C 35-39 0:28:39 London,Ont, Canada
Michelle 35-39 0:28:51 Kansas City, MO
Cindy 35-39 0:29:02 Springville, UT
Ashlee 35-39 0:29:30 Kansas City
Runnin' Brownie 35-39 0:29:33 Morristown, TN
kcaliff 35-39 0:29:36 Ankeny, IA
Amy 35-39 0:29:45 Norwich, ct
Karen K 35-39 0:29:58 Flower Mound, TX
Joshua Nelson 35-39 0:30:37 Oakland County, MI
Heidi W 35-39 0:31:48 Overland Park, KS
Joyelle 35-39 0:31:57 New Lenox, IL
Jen B. 35-39 0:32:12 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
carly 35-39 0:32:33 Bronwsville, Texas
MeechRobi 35-39 0:33:15 Groton, CT
Becky Klutts 35-39 0:33:23 Iowa City, iA
Jamie Miller 35-39 0:33:45 Omaha, NE
Stephanie Rife 35-39 0:33:50 South Lyon, MI
Katie B 35-39 0:34:10 Perry, MI
Fairchild 35-39 0:34:52 Fort Worth, Texas
Twinmomma 35-39 0:36:24 West Sacramento, CA
Simply Healthy Mama 35-39 0:36:58 Greenville, NC
Tami Grandi 35-39 0:37:02 Knoxville, TN
Monica 35-39 0:38:08 Portland, OR
Robyn O. 35-39 0:38:15 Missoula, MT
Shawn 35-39 0:38:26 Pella, Iowa
Louise 35-39 0:39:12 Birmingham uk
Jessica H 35-39 0:40:03 Davenport IA
Jen 35-39 0:40:05 Harrisburg, PA
Jerica388 35-39 0:40:22 Columbus, IN
Pati Haaz 35-39 0:40:29 México City
Suzi 35-39 0:41:42 Buffalo, NY
Stephanie B. 35-39 0:42:05 Galesburg, IL
LP 35-39 0:42:38 Mililani, HI
Laura 35-39 0:42:47 Winston Salem, NC
Jennifer Peterson 35-39 0:43:02 Muscatine, IA
Allison Reynolds 35-39 0:43:30 Edgewater, Florida 
Klienke 35-39 0:43:30 Minneapolis, MN
Emily Odhiambo 35-39 0:43:57 Rochester, NY
Shayne 35-39 0:44:28 Spokane Valley, WA
Renee 35-39 0:44:54 Omaha, NE
Jen Swanson 35-39 0:45:05 Queens NY
#1BAMAFAN1 35-39 0:45:40 Town Creek, Alabama
Penny & Craig Warren 35-39 0:46:14 Houston
Kara 35-39 0:46:58 Mount Pleasant, Utah
Heather Forcey 35-39 0:47:00 Clovis, CA
Jennifer 35-39 0:47:12 Philadelphia, pa
Andi 35-39 0:47:17 Chico, CA
Amy Linton 35-39 0:47:39 Roseville, ca
Jacquie 35-39 0:47:39 Western Australia
Angela B 35-39 0:47:48 Stephenville,Tx
Kimberly in Atlanta 35-39 0:48:18 Peachtree City, GA
Rima 35-39 0:49:52 Baltimore, MD
Jodi EH 35-39 0:50:07 St. Paul
Jeanette 35-39 0:50:20 Winter Garden, FL
Aunt Narna 35-39 0:50:27 Webster City, Iowa
Amy Brewington 35-39 0:50:28 Camden, SC
Kimberly  35-39 0:50:53 Dallas, TX
Kitty Fantastic 35-39 0:53:10 Woodbridge, NJ
Amy 35-39 0:53:13 Rosemount, Minnesota
Kristeen 35-39 0:53:20 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kathy M. 35-39 0:56:10 Cranberry Twp., PA
JessicaB 35-39 0:59:02 Hattiesburg MS
Christine 35-39 1:04:21 Waterloo, IA
Brandi G 35-39 Untimed Florence, SC 
Lissa 35-39 untimed Dillsburg, PA

Detroit Runner



Shelby Township, MI
Todd 40-44 0:24:30 St. Clair Shores MI
Melissa M. R. 40-44 0:24:45 Washington, DC
Kathryn Shaffer 40-44 0:26:02 Durango, CO
Linda Kuil 40-44 0:28:26 Shirley, NY
Katrina R.  40-44 0:28:36 Fresno, CA 
leeannwc 40-44 0:28:41 Louisville, KY
Denise Laird 40-44 0:29:18 Portland, OR
Michaele 40-44 0:29:28 Danbury CT
AmyE68 40-44 0:31:11 Madrid, Spain
KARLA 40-44 0:31:25 SUSANVILLE, CA
MIgurlinNC 40-44 0:31:47 Edenton, NC
LJ 40-44 0:31:53 Helsinki, Finland (Europe)
Mary 40-44 0:32:54 Denver
Dre 40-44 0:33:15 Virginia Beach, VA
Hmsbluebird 40-44 0:33:20 Edmonds, WA
TRACY 40-44 0:34:03 PEARLAND, TX
Wanda 40-44 0:34:13 Memphis, TN
mlcwildlifepr 40-44 0:34:51 Social Circle, GA 
Anna's Guy 40-44 0:36:48 Concord, NH
Kim 40-44 0:37:22 Pittsburgh PA
Dbob 40-44 0:38:50 Washington, DC
cari_pta 40-44 0:38:53 Coulterville, IL
Lenora 40-44 0:39:53 Washington, Utah
Jodie P 40-44 0:40:00 Missouri
tammy 40-44 0:40:10 lebanon pa
TLR 40-44 0:41:15 Albany, NY
Sara Weber 40-44 0:42:17 Durand WI
kellyp 40-44 0:43:08 sc
Rosie Triebner 40-44 0:43:20 London, ON, Canada
karen k 40-44 0:44:16 ft. smith, AR
Karen 40-44 0:44:30 Mitchell, Manitoba Canada
clemandbetty 40-44 0:44:32 Waterloo, Iowa
Kimberly 40-44 0:44:48 Springfield, VA
Melissa G 40-44 0:46:08 Salem, OR
Jenny Cook 40-44 0:46:39 Wapakoneta, OH
Colleen Del 40-44 0:47:13 Easthampton, MA
Ang Campbell 40-44 0:49:29 New Orleans, Louisiana
Leesa Wyzard 40-44 0:51:03 Owasso, OK
Alice H. 40-44 0:51:36 Schererville, Indiana
Shawna S. 40-44 0:54:39 Olalla, WA
sherryberryboo 40-44 0:54:59 fort smith, arkansas
Essie A. 40-44 0:57:08 Tallassee, AL
Amanda 40-44 0:57:28 Canada
Lisa 40-44 1:00:00 Iowa
Carol H 40-44 1:02:33 Norwood, MA
iamsue89 40-44 1:02:48 Bend, Oregon
Amy 40-44 1:03:20 Saginaw,  MI
michelleb 40-44 1:04:00 Wichita KS
Betsy 40-44 1:05:30 Omaha, NE
scrappincat 40-44 1:05:54 San Marcos, CA
Jen 40-44 1:24:00 Mesa, Arizona




AlisonMK 45-49 0:26:57 Lombard, IL
christina12 45-49 0:29:08 Taylorville, IL
Tracey S. 45-49 0:33:02 Rye Brook, NY
Kathy Mc 45-49 0:33:11 Oahu, HI
Jenna B 45-49 0:34:07 New York City
LindaHP 45-49 0:34:15 Oak Hill, WV
Tammy 45-49 0:35:09 Woodbury, MN
chefgia 45-49 0:35:25 Ann Arbor
Angela Lee 45-49 0:36:07 Los Angeles
Debrasdream 45-49 0:37:06 Blue Springs, MO
Donna b 45-49 0:38:21 Savannah Georgia 
Teresa O  45-49 0:39:30 nashville, tn
Laura H 45-49 0:41:30 Eliot, Maine
Emmielisa 45-49 0:41:46 Yerington, NV
Julie Dozier 45-49 0:43:39 South Bend, Indiana
T 45-49 0:45:00 Bristol, Indiana
Tricia  45-49 0:46:16 Austin, Texas 
Tammy B 45-49 0:46:35 Jacksonville, FL
Shelley Draur 45-49 0:48:27 Des Moines, Ia
DebbieF 45-49 0:49:38 Elmhurst, IL
Kelly Louise 45-49 0:52:06 Providence, Utah
Linda Heinen 45-49 0:53:20 Victoria, MN
debbieh 45-49 0:54:24 CA
Lynne 45-49 0:58:04 Fall River, Wisconsin
Sheri Montgomery 45-49 0:58:28 Killeen, Texas




Jackson, MI
RunningMomAndGrandma 50-54 0:31:20 Doran, MN
Karis 50-54 0:34:22 Surrey, BC, Canada
Carol Bondarew 50-54 0:35:11 Lawrenceville GA
Andy_54 50-54 0:35:38 Dayton, Ohio
Rose 50-54 0:35:44 South Park, PA
Paris Jan 50-54 0:38:38 Ames, Iowa
Shannon 50-54 0:43:57 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Allegro 50-54 0:46:00 Atlanta, ga
sunnyruth 50-54 0:46:10 Washington, DC
Beth 50-54 0:47:00 Talladega, Alabama
Caroline  50-54 0:55:13 California
LisainAK 50-54 0:59:01 Valdez, AK
Colleen 50-54 1:02:00 Michigan City, In.
Joanne Frick 50-54 1:06:23 Kent, OH
Kathi Alberson 50-54 untimed Las Cruces, NM



Mohegan Lake, NY
bmerri 55-59 0:36:08 Ames, Iowa
Rhonda Wills 55-59 0:36:28 Green Valley, AZ
Liz Sanders 55-59 0:53:42 Magna, Utah

Sue (my mom!)



Newport, MI
Carla 60-64 0:49:43 Cleveland, Ohio
Pam Holmes 60-64 1:00:00 Lincoln, NE




Pearland, TX

Some fun statistics:

*There were 926 people signed up for the race.
*There were 453 reported finishers (people who filled out the form)--49% of those that were signed up. I think that's pretty good for a free virtual race!
*110 of the finishers reported that this was their FIRST 5K race--CONGRATS to you!!
*There were people from all age groups, except for the "over 70" group:

*As you can see, most people were in their 20's and 30's.

And finally, here is a list of the winners of the prizes! I haven't e-mailed the winners yet, but I hope to do that Monday or Tuesday. Putting this post together took me all day long, and I'm exhausted! ;)  But CONGRATS to the following people:

If you participated in this race and you happen to still be a reader of my blog, I'd love to hear from you! How have things changed/stayed the same since the race? :)  As you all know, I'm a WHOLE lot slower and I don't like to race anymore, but I still like to run... once in a while ;) 

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