May 23, 2020

TV Shows I've Been Watching During Quarantine

I'm not even going to PRETEND that I haven't been watching a lot of TV since Michiganders have been told to stay at home.

Sure, I've gotten a lot of other stuff done--I made what feels like a trillion face masks and shipped them out individually; I insulated and drywalled the garage walls (and now working on the ceiling); I've knitted and crocheted a few projects; I built a squirrel picnic table!; I purged a lot of junk that we had taking up space in the garage; and a few other things.

On the other hand, I've spent way too much money on Amazon (my wishlist is about half of what it was before--yikes!); I've spent many hours playing Best Fiends on my phone; and I've watched way too much TV.

Does watching TV while playing Best Fiends count as multitasking? Sewing face masks while watching TV definitely counts as multitasking in my book.

Anyway, it seems that everyone on Facebook is mentioning new shows here and there, so I thought I'd share what I've been watching during quarantine. It's worth noting that I don't really like comedies. I love documentaries, dramas, teen slasher films, and generally any thrillers. As far as TV shows, I mostly watch dramas. I can't even remember the movies I've watched, so here are some TV series...

In no particular order:

Nip/Tuck - This is currently streaming on Hulu. This show is rather old (about 15 years?) but I loved it when it first premiered on FX back in the day. I watched for years for this show to stream, and I was thrilled when it finally came on to Hulu!

In a nutshell: Two plastic surgeons are partners in a practice and each episode typically focuses on a particular client. Aside from that, there is quite a bit of personal drama--each of them have total opposite personalities, so their drama is very different from one another. Some of their patients and choices get them into trouble.

American Housewife - Normally I don't watch comedies, but this show is hilarious! And I can relate to it SO SO SO much. The main character's name is even Katie! If you are a housewife/stay-at-home-mom, you've got to watch this. (This streams on Hulu)

In a nutshell: Katie (the protagonist) is a stay-at-home mom humorously dealing with the ins and outs of motherhood. She jokes about the stereotypical moms with their skinny bodies, yoga pants, Fitbits, and green smoothies. She is very outspoken and unapologetic about what she has to say.

Gilmore Girls - This is the second time watching this series. Surprisingly, Jerry wanted to watch it, so I have been watching an episode or two with him in the evenings (or bingeing on it when he has a day off). I LOVE banter, and this show is the most perfect display of banter I've ever seen. (This streams on Netflix)

In a nutshell: A single mom who raised her daughter alone has a very close relationship with her, and they banter almost constantly throughout each episode. They live in a small town where everybody knows everybody, and everybody's business is public. The banter in this show is so quick and witty--I love it!

Riverdale - I just started watching this one recently; I happen to love teenage dramas and/or thrillers, and this is a good drama. I kind of lost interest after the first season, though, so I don't think I'll finish it. (This streams on Netflix)

In a nutshell - The beginning focuses on the death of a high school student and the circumstances may be suspicious. This plays out throughout the first season. I don't want to say too much to avoid spoilers.

Dead to Me - Again, this is considered a comedy, but I really love this show! It's more of a sarcastic/dark comedy than your average sitcom. I adore Christina Applegate (ever since I watched Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitter's Dead way back in the day and I wanted to be just like her, haha). (This streams on Netflix)

In a nutshell: A woman whose husband has just died by a hit-and-run is dealing with her grief by trying to solve his death (find out who killed him). She meets a woman at a support group and they become fast friends. There are LOTS of twists in just a few episodes--it will hook you in!

Tiger King - What do I even say? I watched it out of curiosity on the day it was released, so it was before all the hype. And I LOVED that there was hype! Because I was totally feeling the same way. (This streams on Netflix)

In a nutshell: Well, this one just doesn't fit in a nutshell. I just can't.

Ozark - I watched the first two seasons and was super excited to watch the third! I thought the kids might like the show, so we started watching it from the beginning as a family. (This streams on Netflix)

In a nutshell: A man inadvertently gets involved in a money laundering process for a Mexican drug cartel, and his family has no choice but to be involved as well. They move to a small town ("The Ozarks") and try to fit in as a normal family while the protagonist works to launder drug money. I kind of describe this as the money laundering side of Breaking Bad--rather than focusing on the drugs, it focuses on the money.

So, that's what I've been watching! This doesn't count all of the teen horror movies I watched, too. I'm pretty sure I watched ALL of them in existence. But these are the TV shows I've been watching while I've been stuck at home since the quarantine started.

Feel free to share what you've been watching as well!


  1. I just started watching Sweet Magnolias on Netflix, love it!!!

    1. I haven't heard of this one! I'll have to check it out.

    2. I binged that show this weekend. It was good. Mostly a drama, but a few good laugh out loud moments too.

  2. I witnessed something downright scary yesterday in our little town in Iowa. I felt like calling the cops, but it wouldn't do any good. A BUNCH of bored people came out to play because they thought this deadly pandemic had resolved or the just stopped caring all together. NOT ONE FACE MASK ON ANYBODY! And groups of them came to our towns little winery for tasting, then hung out drinking, then left with cases. I want the winery to sell their product, but it's like everybody stopped caring about this nightmare. Some of them took their kids there with them. I'm normally not this nosey, but our store is right there close by, and we are still closed to be safe. Sorry for the rant. Some people are too stupid though.

    1. Yeah, people are starting to get very irresponsible now. Everybody is getting tired of the quarantine, so people are pushing their limits. It's not cool for the rest of us.

  3. I never count the shows I watch while crafting as "watching TV"....give yourself a free pass ;)
    I find it hysterical that you're obsessed with Friends but are not a sitcom person! I'm also not a sitcom person (I've never watched an entire episode of Friends, but I know most of the references from pop culture).
    "Atypical" on Netflix is my go-to for crafting right now. It's more of a family drama than a sitcom!

    1. I ADORE Atypical!! I can't wait for the next season!

      It is kind of funny that Friends is one of my favorite shows ever, but it's a sitcom. I also liked Roseanne a lot (not the new one, "The Connors"--but the old one).

  4. I really enjoyed Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

    1. I will have to look into this one! Never Have I Ever heard of it ;)

    2. I enjoyed this one too. Binged it couple weeks ago.

  5. Dead To Me is one I watch on my own, but Ric and I have enjoyed The Great, Everything Going To Be Okay, and Little Fires Everywhere.

  6. We have binged The Walking Dead, Glee, and Making the Cut.... next up... Supernatural.

  7. I watched Killing Eve...the first 2 seasons are on Hulu and the 3rd season is currently airing on AMC. It's a BBC show about an MI6 agent and the weirdly close "relationship" she forms with a hitwoman.

  8. Katie, since you like teenage dramas, my teens are hooked on Outer Banks.

  9. Thank you for these suggestions. I just watched the first 2 episodes of Dead to Me. Love it!


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