May 31, 2020

Things I Can Do Right Now To Feel Better About Myself

I don't know what the deal is with my mood lately--one minute I think I'm hypomanic, and just hours later, I feel depressed. I might be in a "mixed state" of bipolar, which is basically having symptoms of both hypomania and depression at the same time.

Yesterday I felt super energetic and was very productive around the house. Today, I have had no motivation to even move. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about using a serger--it's super overwhelming, but I hope that once I start playing around with it, I'll understand it better.

Anyway, I started thinking of little things that make me feel better about myself. Some of them are really ridiculous and others are more meaningful, but either way, they are things I can do pretty much at any time and feel a little happier about myself.

* Style my hair and wear make-up; dress in "real" clothes and not just yoga pants and a sweatshirt (looking better makes me feel better about myself in general)

* Tweeze my eyebrows (I'm terrible at keeping up with them, so I feel gross when they are unkempt)

* Go for a run (I always feel better after a run--especially if it's a relatively hard one)

* Clearing out my inbox (it's extremely rare for me to catch up on email, but when I reply to several emails, I feel much better)

* Clean my house (I don't like the actual cleaning part at all, but when I have a clean house, I feel infinitely better). By the way, my house is NEVER as clean as the photo below! But that was when I was taking "after" photos of when I remodeled, so I cleaned extra good.

* Completing a task from my "To Do" list (I love crossing things off of lists, and even if it's something I really don't want to do, it makes me feel better to get it done)

* Actually writing a "To Do" list (when I get everything written down, it feels less overwhelming--like I can tackle one project at a time)

* Play a game with my family (we all enjoy it and it makes me feel good about spending quality time with them)

* Take a shower (including shaving my legs) and then putting on a fresh cozy outfit

* Fix something that needs fixing (anything from mending clothes to fixing a wobbly chair leg, etc)

* Painting my nails (I never paint my nails, because I can't go an hour without chipping them, but I feel good when they are done)

* Taking care of paying bills and getting all of our finances in order (I love having all of that straightened out and it feels good knowing that we're on track with our budget)

* And finally, writing a blog post! (I always have anxiety about trying to think of something to write, so when I write a post, it's a relief of that anxiety--and it feels good)

I want to keep this list in mind so that when I'm having a "down" day like today, I can choose something on the list to give me an instant pick-me-up.

What are some things that make YOU feel good when you're feeling bad about yourself?


  1. Literally almost everything on your list matches mine, LOL. Making lists, tacking them, bills/budgeting, showering/shaving, tweezing (my friend taught me "you PLUCK a chicken, you TWEEZE your brows!" LOL),cleaning/organizing the house, little projects here and there that have been nagging at me. Twinsies!

    1. It's so funny you wrote that! When I was writing this post, I'd first written "pluck my eyebrows". Then I thought, "Do people say that anymore?" So I changed it to "tweeze"! hahaha

      I also wonder that about "dyeing my hair" or "coloring my hair"... what do people say these days?

  2. Working out is something I force myself to do, but I always feel SO MUCH better afterward! And Katie I know being a parent is hard work, but you and Jerry are wonderful. Those boys are so lucky and they know it. Can't wait to see the finished garage!

  3. I was feeling kind of down tonight, and I remembered reading your list from earlier. Rather than continue to dwell on the things getting me down, I took a hot shower, including shaving my legs, and then put on my favorite body lotion and a pair of comfy PJs. I felt one million times better after. So thank you for that idea!

    I also like painting my nails and have the same issue with chipping. I like to splurge now and then and get a gel manicure. It costs about $30 after tip where I live, but it lasts at least 3 weeks with no chipping. My longest gel manicure lasted 5 weeks without a single chip - I had to take the polish off only because my nails had grown out so long!

  4. I have really little things on my daily to do list so they are easy to tick off. Like make lunch (for my family) wash up / do dishwasher, do clothes washing. They are small things but take time and together take a significant part of my day. If I don't include them in my to do list it can look like I did nothing in a day! I like to listen to a podcast to keep happy while doing the boring tasks, a comedy or nature/science or interviews.

  5. If we don’t exercise every day, my whole family feels down and depressed. So, even though we often don’t want to work out, we try to encourage each other. This is especially important for our teen, because he’s stuck in his bedroom all day taking extra college classes and his social life is nil at the moment.

    Self care is super important. You inspired me to do my nails!

    Also, keeping a daily checklist of things we want to accomplish every day in the app “CoachMe” helps . That way you have a whole crowd of folks you give you “props” for getting stuff done. A wonderful app for folks who like/need external accountability.

  6. 1-Getting dressed, and putting on make-up is the one thing I HAVE to do to feel good about myself. It's the one thing I realized when I had my first kiddo. I have to do that shower and make-up to feel human, and good.
    2-Get yourself a reaaaaaaallly good top coat for your nail polish. It'll look shiny and salon professional, and then maybe you won't chip them. I do the same thing. I'm constantly chewing and biting the skin on the side of my nails, and it makes them chip so bad....but with that shiny top coat, I don't do it as much!
    3-It doesn't really matter what you post on here. I think we as "fan-friends" just enjoy being a socially distant part of your family. (Before being socially distant was the "in" thing to do. Hehe.)

  7. Love this post. Right now it's the writing that's gotten behind so any time I get a project finished and sent, I feel great!

  8. RE: painting your nails, have you tried using Color Street? I swear I don't sell it lol but omg, its completely changed my manicure game! They're nail polish strips. Kind of the same concept as Jamberry back in the day but WAY better! I never really liked the Jamberry stuff, there were too many steps involved. Color Street is literally just nail polish stickers. Clean your nails, press the stickers on, file the edges down and just apply a simple clear coat to help it last a little longer. Mine last me about a week and half to two weeks before chipping. You do need to find someone selling it (I can send you my lady's info if you don't have anyone and are interested!). There are so many tips and tricks videos online too. I've been using them since last October and I really got into a groove now!

    Wow ok sorry, I really went off on a Color Street tangent ;) I just highly recommend! Also sorry I'm commenting on this so late! I'm behind on all my reading!

    1. Another kind of nail wrap to try is They're just like the color street ones, but you can buy them online for less money :)


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