May 18, 2020

Just Another Lockdown Monday

I literally feel like I have nothing to write about today. The last couple of days have been so... boring, for lack of a better word. The weather has been very rainy and windy, we are still on "lockdown" in Michigan, and I have been SO tired that I haven't had the energy to work on much.

The kittens are seriously like having a new baby in the house! Thankfully, we don't have to wake up every few hours to feed them during the night, but they definitely feel the need to wake us up because they want to play. I'm lucky to sleep longer than an hour without interruption. But they are so stinkin' cute that I can't even be mad about it!

And then during the day, when I simply cannot sleep because my body won't let me, the kittens are more than happy to take over. Case in point:

Yesterday evening was fun because a blog reader (who I'd never met or even really been in contact with) drove down to pick up a couple of masks. The mail was taking SO LONG to deliver the masks, and since she lived about 45 minutes away, she decided to make the drive with her niece. It was fun to get to talk to her (although it felt odd that we had to chat from a short distance in the driveway to maintain social distancing).

Today, I was so tired that I didn't accomplish much. I did remove Eli's mattress from his bed so that I could vacuum really well underneath it (he has a queen-sized bed that is against two walls, so cleaning underneath it is really difficult). That was satisfying--I won't even describe the amount of dog hair that was under there.

Lowe's delivered the drywall and insulation for the ceiling in the garage. I'm SO overwhelmed at the thought of finishing the ceiling. I bought a drywall lift (it was actually cheaper to buy one than to rent one for a week) so that will be super helpful. But cutting around light fixtures and the garage door contraptions everywhere is intimidating.

I'm going to wait for a nice day, move lots of stuff out onto the driveway, and take my time with it. I'll also wait for when Jerry is off work so that he can help. It isn't the hanging of the drywall that is a challenge--it's getting everything out of the way and moving the clunky ladder around that takes so much time and energy!

I made a couple of kids' masks today. Becky asked me if I could make one for Luke and Riley, so I found a pattern that is identical to the adult masks I've been making, only it's for 2-5 year olds. I made two for each of them. The masks are so tiny and so cute!

Here is a photo for comparison in size... on the top is an adult mask and then Luke's and Riley's masks are underneath:

I found the pattern for the kids' masks here, but I didn't make it this way--I made it the same way I did the adult ones (here is the tutorial for making adult face masks). So I just printed out the first page of the kids' masks and used the "face" piece alone.

I have a feeling they are going to be too big (especially for Riley--she's so petite!) but hopefully they will fit. I'm going to bring them to their house tomorrow. If they're too big, they can use ties to hold them instead of the ear elastic.

Anyway, that's about all that's been happening here. I'd like to say I'm going to start prepping the garage tomorrow, but I'll probably only do that if it's a nice day. I like to work in there with the garage doors open.

I'm SO ready for this lockdown to be over! I'm going a little stir-crazy. I've loved having the time to work on projects that I ordinarily wouldn't have so much time for, but there is only so much  to do before it gets mundane.

Well, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I'm thankful that my family has been good so far.

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  1. I'm hoping you made the title to sound like "Manic Monday"....because that's how I read it. Hah!


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