March 30, 2020

Home Again

Sadly, the kitties went back to their foster home today--which is now their "forever home". I feel disappointed about it, but foster mom and I agreed it was best for the cats.

I was hopeful this morning because during the night I heard the cats use the litter box. It was a relief because was really getting worried that they hadn't gone to the bathroom at all. They also came out of hiding for a moment here and there, but the second Jerry or I moved or looked at them, they would disappear again.

This morning when I got up, I was so sure that they would have eaten the wet food I gave them before bed, but it was still untouched. They were hiding under the dresser. I tried giving them a can of tuna fish, sure that they would want it, but they didn't show any interest at all. (I used the same foods they were eating at their foster home, so I know it wasn't that they disliked the food.)

I am well aware of cats needing an adjustment period (we've adopted several cats, and they all hid under beds or in closets for a while at first, and I totally expected that). I had the new boys confined to my bedroom and bathroom, keeping the rest of the pets out, so they never came into contact with Phoebe, Estelle, or Joey. I wanted to give them time to adjust without the chaos of other pets.

They are super sweet cats! I wanted them to work out so badly. They refused to eat or drink, though, and I was worried about that. I could understand them feeling stressed and not eating for a day or two, but after three days, their organs can start to shut down. Their foster dad was VERY attached to them, and I think they probably missed him. He was very happy to take them back and keep them as their own pets instead of fosters.

Foster mom and dad were super understanding and they have lots of cats that need adoption. They have 13 kittens, all without mamas! I couldn't believe that they hand-feed all of them. They said that people will find a litter of kittens and take them in, thinking that the mom has abandoned them. And then they bring the kittens to her, because she runs a rescue. She said that if you find kittens, you should leave them alone because the mom is probably just out finding food. She'll return only to find that her babies are missing.

Anyway, I'm glad that Slick and Jessie are back at their happy place (they lived there since they were just babies). We would still like to adopt, though--I'm sure we'll find the right cats for us!

Meanwhile, Estelle is thrilled to have my bedroom back. I haven't slept in two nights because Estelle paws at the door constantly (the door is right next to my bed). Estelle is super attached to me and sleeps with me every night. This morning, I think she was mad at me for locking her out of the bedroom. She didn't sit on my lap while I drank my coffee--something she does every day.

After an hour or so, she stopped pouting and wouldn't leave my side. She's pretty content to sit on my shins as I write this!


  1. I think you made the right decision, especially considering they had a strong bond with their foster dad. If your family is meant to have another cat, you'll know when it's right!

  2. As hard as it was to return them, you did the right thing! You are a wonderful family and there will be many more adoptable pets in your future. At least you can say you tried. And Now Estelle is happy again. :-)

  3. I'm very sorry to hear this! But it sounds like you made the right choice. I have to say though, given how attached the foster dad was and how long they had raised the cats that they would even want to adopt them out at all? It seems like this would have happened to anybody that would have taken these kitties home. I know you guys will find the right cat for you! You seem to have a very welcoming and warm home!

  4. Hi Katie,
    So sorry the cats didn't work out for your family, so glad the foster people love them and want them back if it didn't work out. You and your family are such good pet owners! Better safe than sorry. (I love your blog, you are such a kind, genuine person).

  5. Sorry it didnt work out but well done for trying.


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