August 23, 2018

I have a niece!!

As the title of my post spoils, I now have a niece!

I only became an aunt 17 months ago, and ohmygosh--I LOVE it. Luke is seriously the cutest. kid. ever. He's actually staying the night at my house right now, for the second time this week!

On Saturday evening, Becky called me and said that she was having some contractions. Nothing crazy, but because her labor with Luke was so short (I think it was only six hours from the time she first started having contractions until he was born) she wanted to be prepared. My mom and I were "on call" to take care of Luke if Becky should go into labor.

So, I got the call, and then I went right to Brian and Becky's house (Brian was just arriving home from a work-flight from Mexico City). Becky wasn't in pain or anything, but her contractions were gradually getting more intense. Brian went to bed to hopefully get some sleep before anything major happened, and Becky and I stayed up and chatted. Until 3:00 in the morning, haha.

(It was kind of fascinating that, as we were having conversation, I could literally see her contractions in her belly. At first I thought it was just the baby moving around, but when I noticed it was very regular, she said it was the contraction. So I could see it each time she was having one! I was so obese during my pregnancies that I could never see anything cool like that.)

I finally went to bed (at their house) and thought for sure I'd be waking up with Luke in the morning. But Becky's contractions stopped, and it turned out to be a false alarm. I still brought Luke home with me to stay the night, just in case things happened for real.

Sunday, nothing. Monday, nothing. Luke had been almost two weeks early, so we were all so sure that baby girl would be early, too (Becky's due date was August 31st).

Tuesday, I had cross country practice until 8:00. I was completely exhausted from all of the events of the week (aside from lots of things going on, I got almost no sleep for three days in a row). After cross country, I was so looking forward to a chill evening. I had just changed into my pajamas when I got a call from Becky.

I could tell just from the way she was talking that it wasn't a false alarm. She sounded pretty uncomfortable, but she said it wasn't a huge rush-out-the-door-right-now kind of thing. Since I had gone last time, I asked my mom if she would like to go, and she headed out immediately (she even realized later that she forgot her purse at home, because she rushed out the door so quickly!).

Becky's call had been at 8:50. My mom was out the door by 9:00, and it's about a 35 minute drive to their house. When my mom got there, Brian and Becky were in the car in the driveway, waiting to leave--apparently, things were progressing FAST.

My mom stayed with Luke, who was sleeping. Brian and Becky went to the hospital, and got there at 10:08. They learned it was too late for an epidural or... anything, really... because baby girl was born at 10:31!! Literally just 23 minutes after they got to the hospital.

I was so glad that my mom had gone instead of me, because when Becky said it wasn't a huge emergency, I probably would have put together an overnight bag and left about 15 minutes later than my mom had.

Brian and Becky hadn't decided on a name for her, so all I learned last night was that she was born at 10:31 and she was 6 lbs, 14 oz. Today, I learned that her name is Riley Jo.

Brian brought Luke to the hospital this morning to meet his baby sister, and then my mom went down there to pick him up and bring him to my house. So, I haven't even met Riley yet! But I've had so much fun having Luke over. (A 17-month old is a little more entertaining than a 1-day old baby, so I'm totally cool with it.) Also, Jerry and I had quite an adventure this afternoon, which I'll write about later. ;)

I'll meet Riley tomorrow when I bring Luke home. But for now, Brian said I could share a few photos!

Brian took this photo for Jerry--Riley is already doing the "Jerry face" for her photos ;)


  1. She's adorable! A niece will be so fun to spoil! Congrats to all!

  2. Congratulations to all of you!!

  3. Congrats!! So cool....Love the name too...

  4. Oh my goodness, adorable! LOL at the Jerry face!! Congratulations to the proud parents and the proud aunt and uncle, too!


  6. YAY babies! I love the matching swaddle and Becky's shirt!

  7. OMG! She is precious! Congratulations all!

  8. Awww, congrats to the whole family <3 What a joy!

  9. Congrats!! Nieces and nephews are the best things ever!!!

  10. Congrats!! They are all so lucky to have an aunt like you 😁

  11. How fun!! And a girl in the family too! Congrats to all!

  12. Enjoy spoiling your sweet little niece. Congrats to all!!

  13. Hey Katie - It has been a month. How is your fresh start going? I have been inspired by your actions. Thank you! and congrats on your adorable little niece.


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