July 28, 2018

Week 1, Day 5

I'm not really sure what to title these posts! I'd like to update on how things are going with the 8-week challenge pretty frequently, so I think the time reference is helpful, but you would think I'd come up with something a little more creative ;)

As I mentioned, yesterday turned into a rest day, and I moved the workout to today (I'll write about that below, but first...) yesterday, Eli finally decided he wanted a hair cut. In December of last year, he really wanted to dye his hair blue, so I took him to the salon as part of a Christmas present, where he got a cool hair cut and hair that was the bluest you could imagine.

Since then, the blue color faded until it was gone, so it was just bleach-blonde. He didn't want to cut it until his roots were long enough to cut all of the blonde off. It was looking very unkempt and he wore a hat on it every day while it grew out.

Well, it grew and it grew and it grew.

And it was finally long enough to cut the blonde off and still have hair long enough to style. So, I took him to a fun, trendy salon that is just for men--the decor is a little edgy, which is Eli's style, and they have TV's everywhere with sports and other guy stuff playing, they have a cooler full of free beer (and pop) and it's basically just targeted toward men. I figured they would give him a good haircut that he'd like.

I was suuuuper nervous, though, because Eli is clearly very into his hair, and he would be very upset if the cut was too short. The stylist took a long time with him, which I appreciated, and it ended up looking awesome! Eli is THRILLED with it (whew!) and now he looks about 16 years old, haha. (He's 12). Speaking of, he's only half an inch shorter than I am now!

I'm so glad that he likes it! I think it looks awesome.

Anyway, today was another good day with my 8-week challenge. I woke up wishing that I had just done the workout yesterday as it was originally scheduled, because I really didn't want to do it today. But after lunch, I had the idea to take Eli to a park that has a two-mile path around the perimeter, and a large pond in the center. I figured Eli could fish while I ran (he's always asking me to take him somewhere to go fishing).

Noah had no interest in going, but Joey looked so sad that we were going somewhere without him--so naturally, I brought him along. And we picked up Eli's friend so they could fish together. When we got there, the boys rushed over to the pond; I hadn't even gotten Joey leashed before Eli yelled that he caught a bluegill!

I hooked Joey to the hands-free leash, and immediately regretted bringing him with me. It was a park we rarely go to, and there were tons of people there today (someone was having a reunion). Joey was naturally super excited, and pulled in every direction so hard I thought my spine would snap. We were going so much faster than I would have liked, and the first mile was very rough.

Taking a selfie mid-run is difficult enough, but trying to get Joey in it, too? I'm surprised this turned out as clear as it did! Too bad Joey's head wasn't in it. 

Finally, though, we were out past all the people, so there wasn't much excitement for him, and he calmed down. He was still going kind of fast and pulling me along, but I just wanted it over with at that point. When we got back to the pond (we'd done two miles at a 10:56 average pace), I unleashed him so he could run in. He played and cooled off in the water, and then we sat in the shade and watched the boys fish.

When I got home, I did the "Stretch & Strengthen" part of today's workout. I used the FitDeck cards again, and drew two from each pile (I removed the ones I'd already used). Again, I was surprised at how much harder the exercises were than they looked! I'm interested to see if they start to feel easier as I progress.

Tomorrow is a cross training day, which I'm actually really looking forward to! I will probably go on a bike ride with the kids tomorrow evening. They've grown so much this year that Jerry and I decided to buy them new (bigger) bikes. Noah's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so that was his gift; and we told Eli that we'd get him a bike for his birthday present as well, but we figured he'd prefer to have it now rather than in January ;)

So, they've been loving their new bikes, which has made Jerry and I want to ride ours more. We don't have a bike rack for the car (yet), so we're stuck riding them around here for now; but hopefully soon we'll be able to take them to the Metroparks together!


  1. Wow, your boys look so grown up. My son is 11. Time flies

  2. How is your debt pay off going? I was so enjoying you get closer and closer to that goal!

    1. I'm SO excited to write about it in a couple of days! ;)

  3. It is inspiring to see how you are working around your other very important roles in your life to get your work outs and time for YOU in. Love reading this blog!

  4. If you ever feel like doing yoga, I strongly recommend the site doyogawithme.com. They have great (and high-quality) yoga videos for all levels, abilities and duration. Best part? They're free!

  5. I love Eli's haircut!

  6. OMG look how handsome eli looks!! So grown up! Before I know it.. my Noah will be this age :(

  7. I know you are a bargain shopper, so check Craigslist in your area for a bike rack. Or even Facebook. You should be able to find a nice rack for a reasonable price.
    Eli's hair looks great! And he does look so much more grownup!

  8. Do you have any suggestions for a 2 week or 4 week getting started type prelan for a woman starting out at 200 lbs with 0 fitness at the moment?

  9. Wow, he looks a LOT older than 12 in that second pic!! I love it--looks great on him!


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