January 26, 2018

Flashback Friday: Old Journal Entry (May 4, 2001)

I started "blogging" in 2000, but back then, it wasn't called blogging. It was basically just online journaling. I wrote on a site called Open Diary, which no longer exists (although, I heard they were bringing it back? Not sure.).

Anyway, for years, readers of Runs for Cookies have been asking me to post my old blog/journal entries. I have always declined, because they are embarrassing! I cringe at my writing style, at the drama I imagined, at how important some things seemed back then and later seem so stupid.

However, I thought it might be fun to do a "Flashback Friday", where I post an old journal entry. I have entries from 2000 all the way to 2011 saved on a hard drive. Most are weight loss related, but there is a lot of more personal stuff in there, too. It may or may not be entertaining. If nothing else, you can poke fun at early-20's Katie ;)

Keep in mind that my thoughts and viewpoints on topics have changed quite a bit over the years--so if I wrote something offending, please don't take it personally. These entries are from up to 17 years ago! Also, I am going to keep it written as-is, including any terrible slang or grammatical errors (not editing these will kill me, but I want to stay true to the "flashback").

It's kind of funny... in reading through the posts, I can very clearly see hypomanic and depressive episodes. I had no idea what they were back then, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

I am also going to try to include a photo from that time period, even if it's irrelevant to the post. After the post, I'll write some comments to explain things. My posts were much shorter back then, so these Friday posts will be short, too, relative to what I choose to share that day.

Okay, here goes... this first post is from May 4, 2001...

May 4, 2001 
I was asking Jerry 20 questions about boot camp when he went through basic training for the Army. He was telling me about the running, push-ups, and sit-ups, etc. I told him to try one day of it yesterday with me. 
HAHAHA, thank God none of y'all were here to see me. We decided to run around the block at his house (about a mile). Well, I did about half of it and then I felt like I was going to die. I couldn't breathe. So I walked a little, then I started running again, then walked, then ran the rest of the way. At the most, I probably ran 3/4 of a mile. What a champion. 
But I did outrun Jerry. He stopped after about half of it, and walked the rest of the way. 
Today I woke up and practically FELL out of bed because my hips were so sore. MY GOD, I was not born to be a runner. I was going to try to run today, but I couldn't breathe because I hurt so bad! 
But at least I exercised yesterday. After our run, and a long rest, we went bike riding. I love bike riding! It felt so good. I think I'll use that as one of my "main" exercises this summer instead of running like I'd hoped.


  Jerry spent five months in basic training right out of high school, but was medically discharged when he broke his ankle.

  The "block" at his house was nowhere near a mile. Haha! His parents still live there, and I'm guessing it's probably a half-mile.

  "I was not born to be a runner" Love this! It would be nine more years before I would run my first mile.

  I don't remember loving bike riding. I wish I loved it now. It's definitely my second exercise of choice, though (after running).

  My weight at the time was 178, if you're curious. I had recently lost about 30 pounds.

So, thoughts? Should I continue with the Flashback Fridays?


  1. I think this is cool! I'd like to see them weekly.

    I've started using the Day One app for journaling. Once I had over 1 year of history, I absolutely fell in love. It's so much fun to look back. So many things I would have forgotten had I not written them down.

  2. Yes! These Flashback Fridays are an awesome glimpse into your earlier life. Thanks as always for sharing your life with us.

  3. I would love to keep reading them. Thanks.

  4. Yes. It's nice to look back and see how far you've come. Inspiring, really.

  5. Yes, love to read more of them :)

  6. That was fun! A little snapshot of the old you. It's funny to hear complaining about how hard 1/2 a mile was. :)

  7. Definitely continue the flashbacks! That was awesome and what a reminder to us that we might think something is impossible (running in the case of the flashback blog post) but it is clearly not...as evidenced by some many running posts through the years!!!

  8. yes, please keep them coming. I'm on a weight loss journey now and it's cool to see others, such as yourself, during the struggle, knowing that you made it to the other side.

  9. Fun!! I love flashbacks of any kind. It's fun to feel nostalgic sometimes!

  10. This was fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

  11. yes, definitely continue with this series! I recently went back and read some of my handwritten journals and I CRINGED at what I was reading. What a mess I was.

  12. Definitely continue with the flash backs! 2001 seems like yesterday.

  13. So funny to hear "old Katie" say she was not born to be a runner! Famous last words! I like the flashback...would love to see more!


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