March 07, 2017

Aviator baby

(I just had to update this post with a photo of Luke wearing the hat! Isn't he adorable?!)

Whew! What a busy morning. It feels nice to sit down to write :)

I do still plan on doing Motivational Monday posts on Mondays when I have stories to share. I haven't gotten any since that post a few weeks ago, so I'll just wait and share them if/when I do get them. So that's why there was no MM post yesterday.

I spent the weekend hanging out with the kids, which was nice. It was low-key, just hanging out at home, but it was fun to spend quality time with them. I also worked on a project for my nephew:

It's a baby aviator hat with goggles! Isn't it so cute?!

Becky sent me a photo of one that she'd seen online, so I searched for a pattern that looked similar, and just used different colors for it. It's not a very practical hat, because of the yarn I used, but it would be cute for photos :)  (Here is a link to the pattern, if anyone is interested.)

The due date for baby is March 20th--less than two weeks away! If I haven't mentioned it too much already, I am SO excited be an aunt. In the baby pool, my guess was that he'll arrive March 23rd. But if he happens to come early, while my brother is on a trip (he's a pilot), then I am Becky's back-up--so I certainly wouldn't complain about being there when he's born ;)  I can already picture my 1 Second Everyday video for the last week of March--instead of my pets, it will be my baby nephew! "This is him sleeping." "This is him sleeping in his carseat." "This is him with his eyes open" "This is him crying." "This is him looking at me." Hahaha, so exciting.

Also this weekend, Jerry and I went to Lowe's to pick out carpet for the bedrooms. The carpet we have in the bedrooms now is 14 years old and VERY ready to go. We got a nice tax return this year, so we decided to finally get some new carpet! My kids reacted as if we'd just won the lottery when I told them they were getting new bedroom carpet, lol.

My dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He's had some health issues over the past couple of years, but the doctors have had a very hard time diagnosing him. He gets some episodes of pain in his chest and back that are so bad they've even caused him to pass out. That's what happened yesterday morning, so my mom took him to the ER.

Thankfully, he wasn't having a heart attack. His heartbeat was irregular, so they got it back into a normal rhythm, but they still don't know what the problem is. They are going to be doing a ton of tests today, so hopefully, we'll get some answers soon! For now, though, he's doing okay at the hospital. I just feel bad because my kids worry about him. (Update: Just before posting this, my mom said that they are discharging him. Good news!)

Speaking of the kids, last night, Noah was eating a snack and one of his baby molars cracked in half, right down the center! It didn't fall out, but I knew it needed to come out after that. So, I just figured I'd call the dentist first thing in the morning. I never had a dental emergency before, so I wasn't sure if that was considered an emergency or not; Noah said as long as he didn't eat, it would be okay until morning.

I dropped the boys off at school, took Joey to Lucky Puppy (his doggy daycare) for the day. He was so excited to go! He hadn't been there in a while, and I'd like to start taking him every couple of weeks again so he can play with other dogs.

When I left there, I called the dentist as soon as they opened at 8:00. They were able to get Noah in at 8:50, so I drove straight from Lucky Puppy to the school, picked Noah up, and then went to the dentist. The dentist said that the broken tooth needed to come out, of course, but that the baby tooth right next to it was pretty loose as well. So, she ended up pulling both of them while he was numb. I'm glad it wasn't anything major.

Eli's been doing good with his physical therapy. I'm picking the kids up after school in a little while and we'll go to his second appointment. We've been doing the exercises at home twice a day, so hopefully the therapist will be able to see a little progress.

Well, I have a lot to get done before I pick up the kids! I will write more tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-in. :)


  1. That hat is ADORABLE! Great job! Glad your Dad is ok. Hopefully they find out what's going on soon!

  2. That hat is so cute!

  3. My dad had had dizziness and an elevated blood pressure for weeks....after checking "everything" the local doc sent him home on different BP meds....a week later he had a mild stroke and was sent to a better/bigger hospital 50 minutes away.

    Turns out they found a blood clot on his brain...small enough for now but, he stayed in the hospital for a week until it showed signs of shrinking was scary but he is doing much better now.

    That seems crazy for your dad.....hope they find out something because having issues and not knowing the cause can be so very frustrating.


  4. Im guessing March 21st for your nephew... just because it's my birthday too! My mom's is March 20th. Can't wait to see him in the cute hat! Hope your dad is doing well and his doctors can figure out what's going on with him. ❤

  5. Did you find out what was wrong with your dad? My brother-in-law has A-Fib and what is happening with your dad sounds like what is going on with my Bro in law. He had an Ablation done for the heart rhythm. I could be wrong, just thought I'd throw it out there. Good Luck

  6. Such a cute hat!! I have everything crossed for your dad, I hope he gets some answers!!

  7. Best. Hat. EVER!!! And crossing fingers that your dad's health gets sorted out!

  8. That hat is adorable!!!

  9. Ridiculously cute hat!! You did a great looks fantastic!


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