January 31, 2017

February challenge

Well, it seems I spoke too soon about this new medication working. I had a terrible day yesterday. It's still only been three weeks since I started taking it, but after this weekend and yesterday, I'm not so sure it's doing anything. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor on the 9th, so we can figure out what to do then.

It's so weird how much my emotions can swing sometimes. I'm going to ask my doctor about testing my hormones and vitamins and things, too, just to make sure it's not something to do with that. I'm just SO ready to get out of this funk that's been going on since June!

I have managed to stay on track with my eating, though.

Actually, I've done really well! I replaced the batteries in the (newer) scale that I have, and it works again. I had to throw out the old scale, though, and as stupid as this sounds, it was actually kind of emotional. The depression probably had something to do with that, but still... I had that scale for such a long time! (I got it in the early 2000's--maybe 2002?) It saw me at my heaviest and at my lightest. It was sad to throw it away, but there was no fixing it.

Jerry wanted to try to replace the battery for me, even though it wasn't meant to be replaced (it stuns me how long that battery lasted!). He figured out how to take the bottom of the scale apart (I tried this to no avail several times) and then replaced the battery. But, all it would show after that is 888.8. Then I realized that when I had been trying to figure out how to open the backing, I broke two parts inside that were pretty important.

Just to change the battery ;)

It's just a stupid scale, and very replaceable, but I had hope of fixing it. However, after I saw the parts that were broken, I realized that there was no hope left. So, into the trash it went. I think Jerry felt bad he couldn't fix it, because he told me that I should pick out a fancy scale, any scale that I want, to replace it. So, I ordered a nice one on Amazon, and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. The one I have now is okay, but I've already replaced the batteries three times. The new scale can be plugged in if I want, and I like that idea. Maybe this one will see me back to goal! ;)

Meanwhile, I haven't lost any weight. I'm questioning if this is because of the new medication (antidepressants are notorious for making people gain weight). For the last two weeks, my calories have been great (with the exception of two high-calorie days, but that was never an issue before). I know that it's not my eating that's the problem. I also picked up the running over the last few weeks, so that could have something to do with it (I always tend to gain a little or not lose when I start or increase exercise).

Anyway, I haven't been upset about not losing, but I have been bewildered. I'm going to keep at it, however, because I do feel better about myself when I'm eating well. It would just be nice to drop this weight I've gained! My clothes haven't felt as tight over the last few days, so maybe I'm just retaining water or something. We'll see.

I decided to do a challenge for myself in February. I've been in the mood to eat healthier things lately (more vegetables, less sugar, etc). I still wouldn't call myself a "healthy eater", but my body has been having different sorts of cravings, and I've been listening to it.

For instance, I cannot stand the thought of a "sweet" breakfast. It churns my stomach for some reason, which is very odd. I've always loved having oatmeal or Larabars or something with peanut butter or things like that for breakfast, but now I opt for anything that isn't sweet. I've been eating sourdough toast with coconut oil, which is a delicious combination. Grits with cheese is a favorite, too.

This all started in early November, long before I started the new medication, so I'm kind of stumped as to why--but it's a good thing, I guess! All this to say, next month is going to be about eating vegetables... in the form of a salad every day for lunch. I've never been a salad person, but occasionally I do like to eat one (usually Caesar, which is probably the least healthy of salads, but still counts in my book).

So, February's plan is to eat a salad (of some sort) for lunch every day. My hope is that I will try different salads every day; but if you know me at all, then you know I get in ruts when I find something that I like, and I eat it every day until I get sick of it. (The kids are home from school for a snow day today, so maybe I'll make a list of salads to work from for the month).

I was craving a particular salad in the worst way when I was doing the vegan challenge. For a while a few years ago, I was eating spring mix with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, topped with chicken, tons of black pepper, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and chopped almonds or sunflower seeds. I tired of it, and haven't eaten it since. But it sounds fantastic, so I am going to pick up the ingredients today.

My goal for this challenge is simply to get used to eating more vegetables. I've gotten good at having vegetables with dinner (I like to mix them into casseroles and skillet meals rather than just eat them on the side), so hopefully I can expand that to lunch as well. As a bonus, I'm always at a loss for what to eat for lunch, so this will make the decision easy :)

Today, I finished the first month of my 1SecondEveryday app. I wrote about it before, but it's an app where you record a short video every day and upload just a second of it (or 1.5 seconds, in my case--you can choose to do that if you like) to a calendar. Then the app "stitches" the videos together to give you a glimpse of your month (or year or whatever you like).

Here is my video for January:

There are a couple of days where I wished I'd gotten better videos, but I forgot to do it until shortly before bed, so I had to come up with something on the fly. Anyway, I love this app! It's super fun to see a flashback of my month.

As far as my other long term goals:
  • I read one book this month, which was my goal (I'm a slow, easily-distracted reader). The book was actually for reviewing on my blog, and you can read the review here if you'd like. I am now starting "Run!" by Dean Karnazes for February. 
  • I have been spending more quality time with the kids, and it's been fun! My favorite family time is actually a simple walk around the neighborhood with the kids, Jerry, and Joey. It only takes about 20 minutes, but we don't bring phones or other distractions, and it's nice :)
So, even though I'm still having issues with depression, I'm doing my best to work through them--or at least around them!


  1. I like the video. I feel like mine wouldn't be very exciting though.
    With the medication, it can unfortunately take forever to find one that works well. I think it took me 5 years and about 20 meds before I found the right combo. But, it also might be working, and the weekend was just a bad weekend. Hope you figure it out, whatever that ends up meaning.

  2. I used to love sweet things for breakfast. Now, though, I can't stand them. My favorite breakfast is an egg on whole grain toast with sauteed greens on the side. I usually have a pan fried egg and just saute the greens in the same pan. They take 90 seconds or so to cook up and taste great with the egg.

  3. Depression and mental health issues are seriously the worst. It can take so incredibly long to find the right concoction. I'm still working on mine! And mine caused me to gain 60 pounds in a matter of months! But you know that. I just want to encourage you that you will get through this. Things come in seasons and this one will pass (eventually). If you ever need a friend or encouragement, I'm your girl. I've been there.

  4. It's rough to find the best regime of anti-depressants. Mine decided to stop working (right around election time, NOT opportune) and now I'm anxious about the same battle to find something new. Thinking happy thoughts for you!

  5. I suggest you research thyroid issues. It turned out to be my number 1 issue that i was having. if your thyroid levels are out it can give you many side effects, weight gain, depression, aches and pains. After years and year i finally got the help i needed. http://hypothyroidmom.com/300-hypothyroidism-symptoms-yes-really/

  6. I bought the app after I saw it on your blog and I love it. It's so great to just see a little glimpse of the day for the past however long. Thank you! Depression is a toughie and sometimes (as you know) it can be tough to find the right meds to help. I'm so glad you aren't afraid to share because we all have our little tough spots in life too! =)

  7. Thank you for sharing your challenges. Love the app and video. I think you February challenge is fantastic. All the nutrition from those healthy veggies are probably going to make a difference in your body and more!

  8. Fabulous video! It does show that you have certainly had moments of happiness. Your video made me smile!!!

  9. Can you have your iron & ferritin levels checked? I was having terrible panic & anxiety for months to the point that I needed Xanax to cope. Next came heart palpitations. My doctor checked my ferritin (iron storage) and found it to be very low. After a few weeks of taking elemental iron 2x daily I was like a new woman. Now, I feel great. Good luck!

  10. I'm sorry you're having a rough time again :( I hope things get better for you. That has to be so tough but I admire you so much for still writing about it. So many people appreciate your honesty!! I love your idea of a new challenge. I have such an issue with veggies. I've been thinking about doing more salads during the week for lunch but it's just the prep time that's behind them is what turns me off. I can't wait to see how yours goes, maybe I can get some ideas!

    1. Also, I meant to add, I can totally relate with you being upset over your scale. I've cried over many things that other people would say are "stupid". For example, when my first car died, I cried like a baby. It was just a crusty old Dodge Neon but it was my first car ever and I loved it. My husband (boyfriend at the time) tried to console me but I could tell he was trying not to laugh at me lol. It's hard not to get attached to things!

  11. That app is so cool! Love the video! By the way Katie, have you seen the organic oil sprays that Pompeian has on the market? I spray the EVOO one on my salad with a splash of basalmic or red wine vinegar and toss. It's delicious and zero calories!

  12. I love your video. Very cute! I'm sorry you had a rough spot this weekend. I hope things are looking up now. Good luck with the salad for lunch! If I don't have salad for lunch, my day includes...no?...veggies. I know it's something I need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Love the video- I downloaded that app after you last posted about it, but I haven't used it yet. That makes me want to!

  14. Love the video !! I want to try... February maybe? I feel for you on the depression thing - Don't forget to check thyroid! And keep trying different meds til you find one that works! It's so worth it - FEEL BETTER!!

  15. The video is AMAZING, Katie! I love it!

  16. I know what you mean about being sad to throw away that old scale, the one that saw you through fat days, through the journey to lose weight, through years of maintenance, regain, re-loss, etc. It's like an old friend, one you sometimes love to hate of course. My old scale quit a while back, but it's still sitting in my bathroom closet behind the new one, I'm a bit of a hoarder, and can't bear to throw it away. I need to get better about that stuff, but the old scale does bring me joy, as I remember those good days when I was at my goal weight. I loved your video too. I'm going to download it now, and give it a try in Feb. I'm afraid my video might be a little heavy on pet videos, as there are days when I never leave the house and don't see anybody else, but that's okay, as I love my Bulldog and tabby cat.

  17. For sure have your thyroid levels checked - it can do so many wacky things to your body. Years ago my TSH level was so low that it affected my heart and I went into A-Fib. I was referred down to U of M and they killed off part of my thyroid with radioactive iodine. Now, I'm good to go!

  18. I use the app too (newbie for 2017) and OMG I love it. I loved seeing yours. Please share every month!!!

  19. Love your video! I'm gonna download that app now :) My 13 year old daughter is dealing with depression & anxiety now, so it helps to read about your experiences, and any ideas you have that seem to help! She is seeing a therapist now, and she suggested vitamin D, along with a multi-vitamin. I have thyroid issues that have also contributed to anxiety, and it is definitely a struggle to figure out what works best for you! Here's one of my favorite salads (except I use olive oil/pepper/garlic in place of the red wine vinegar) http://www.thegardengrazer.com/2014/04/quinoa-avocado-spinach-power-salad.html

  20. That video is super cool but I could never remember to put that all together. ;-)

  21. what about veggies for breakfast? I love roasted veggies with an egg and hot sauce on top.

  22. I havent had a salad in ages, I think I should start having them again, too. Easy and quick to fix. I love your video... now I wanna do that, too. lol. "Baaaaaaaaa"

  23. Has anyone ever recommended you see an endocrinologist? Maybe your depression is linked to wacked out hormone levels? Love the video :)

  24. maybe if you
    have a 'before'
    photo of your scale
    you can frame it
    and hang it
    in your bathroom ;)

  25. Ha ha, just now as I read through the comments (after reading about your scale on your blog lately), it just dawned on me that I am keeping my old scale too. It has little rubber feet on the bottom and one broke off, so it is not level, but it still works. My husband bought a used professional (Doctor-type) scale several years ago that I have finally started using, but my old one is tucked away for sentimental reasons. How silly!

  26. What a fun video idea!

    Katie, thanks for being real about your depression. Having been through some rough times I have learned lots about how it really isnokay to be real and honest about our pain. You're not whiny in the least...just real. You appear to keep your head up and do your best, but you are also allowing yourself to work through it all and I think that's great. ((Hug))

    By the way.. it was fun to hear your voice in the videos. :) I hadn't heard it before.

  27. I love your video! Please create and post more!


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