October 03, 2016

My running buddy

This head cold is so frustrating. I've been getting a little better each day, but I still can't hear very well out of my right ear, and I'm still having to blow my nose frequently. I debated going to the doctor for an antibiotic, because I'm pretty sure I developed a sinus infection, but hopefully it'll go away on its own soon. Like I said, it's been getting better, but just so slowly!

It's finally feeling like fall here, and I'm loving it. I took Joey for a run today. I was feeling bad because I neglected our walks last week when my cold was at its worst, and Joey LOVES running with me. It's been easier since I got the hands-free leash, but it's not typically a very "relaxing" run when I go with him ;)

Where most dogs would probably take off after a squirrel, Joey does the exact opposite--when he sees as squirrel or rabbit, he just stops dead in his tracks, staring at it. Occasionally, he'll then take off full-speed after it, but as long as I get him out of his little trance immediately, I can avoid being dragged! Whenever I see a squirrel, I tell him to "leave it" before it even catches his attention.

Anyway, it was super nice running weather this morning--55 degrees and overcast. Like I wrote a couple of days ago, I am going to start following the 10K training plan I wrote, using the sub-60 pace goals as a target, so that I can pace Stephanie in November. I have to start on Week 6 to time it correctly.

The plan is written for time rather than distance, but I didn't take the time to set up my Garmin for today's workout, so I just translated it to distance. Three miles at easy pace, and one mile at tempo pace (which is 9:45-10:00). I couldn't remember what the tempo pace guidelines were for a sub-60 10K, so I just guessed it was around 9:40. Close enough.

I had originally planned to take Joey for three miles, then drop him off and run the last mile on my own, but Joey was doing so well that I changed up my route and let him come with me for the whole run. Even though I didn't feel very good physically (my head felt stuffed up), I absolutely loved my run today. The weather makes a world of difference in my attitude toward running! If I wasn't sick, I probably would have turned it into a long run today.

There was a lot of fog over the lake this morning, so I stopped to get a quick picture. Joey was focused on some geese ;)

I finished the run with splits of 11:05, 11:09, 11:08, and 9:36.

Speaking of Joey, October 1st was National Black Dog Day. I didn't know it until after we adopted him, but apparently, black dogs and cats aren't as desired as other colors, and they don't get adopted as frequently from shelters. That makes me feel so bad! I think black cats are gorgeous; and I honestly didn't care what color dog we got, as long as his personality was a good fit for my family. Eli requested a black dog, so he was happy ;)

Anyway, yesterday, Jerry was going through some old photos on his phone, and he came across a couple of pictures he took of Joey on our way home from the shelter the day we got him. We'd stopped at PetSmart so that I could run in and get the things we needed for him, and while I was in there, Jerry took a couple of pictures of Joey, who was lying in the back seat. I gasped out loud when I saw the picture--he looked terrible!
Winter 2015 (adoption day) vs Summer 2015
I had to add a comparison photo underneath, because it's amazing what a difference there is. (The yellow rope in the top picture was just a makeshift leash that the shelter gave us to get him home.) I hadn't realized it then, but his spirit wasn't as lively or happy when we first adopted him. Looking through pictures, you can see that he just got happier and healthier very quickly.

I'm looking forward to cross country tonight... the kids have been so used to running in heat and humidity, today will feel like a cake walk!


  1. Hope you keep feeling better! Trying to go through the motions of everyday life (let alone getting a run or two in) is ten times tougher.

    It doesn't even look like the same pup in the first and second pictures! Thank you for adopting! I can tell Joey is a very happy doggy.
    We just got our adoptee, Chewie, back in the beginning of August, and I still see new aspects of her personality coming out every day.

  2. I am so in love with your dog it might be getting a little out of hand. LOL He is absolute perfection.

    He doesn't even look like the same dog in that picture.

  3. Now that we've had some fall weather, it makes me realize just how absolutely miserable I was with running this summer. I stuck to it, but I can't stand humidity. I hate when my fingers swell when running. I was taking more walk breaks than ever before. Suddenly fall weather arrived and it's like my body took this big sigh of relief. I'm so thrilled because I was starting to worry I was losing all my running mojo.

    That photo of Joey is so sad, but isn't it amazing what their eyes and body language can tell us. He had no idea he was going to a family with 2 great boys to love on him. He had no idea his world was about to change for the best. He looks like such a happy dog in every photo you take of him.

  4. Wow Joey's transformation is just amazing. Just goes to show you that all shelter dogs need are a little love! I'm so glad Joey found your family!! He's just so cute and looks so happy now!

  5. Check into teaching Joey commands used for dogsledding! I used those commands for my dogs in harness (dog sledding, carting, skijoring, biking...) and they work AWESOME for walking & running & every day life too! Turns - Gee & Haw, Whoa, Hike, and the one that came in the handiest in every day life is On By - meaning don't stop moving- keep going.

    1. I love reading comments cuz I get the greatest advice lol Dog sledding commands...I've never heard of that for training a dog but I'm definitely going to do some research. I have a 5 1/2yr Cavachon (Calvalier King Charles spaniel and Bichon mix breed) and she is just the sweetest but her training seems to be going backward lately and her anxiety level seems to be getting worse. I need something to help both and this may be a good thing to try. Thank you!

  6. Awww sweet! I ran with my dog for awhile but he's scared of things so it makes it an extra work out lol.

  7. It's so neat to see how far Joey's come since you got him. We had a similar situation when we adopted our mastiff. It's so great to see them become happy, healthy family members.

  8. Thats so awesome with the pics. I have similar ones of my rescue pup - he was abused and starved beforehand so the difference in pictures is staggering. But it reminds me of how far he's come!


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