September 28, 2016

Huge news!

You know how when someone tells you a secret, and then they say not to tell anyone, and it nearly kills you because you're dying to spill the beans? Yeah, that's how I've been feeling for two months now.

I have been SO SO SO excited to share this on my blog ever since I found out about it in July (on Noah's birthday, actually). I had to wait until I had permission to share it on my blog, and it's been killing me ;)

I'm going to be an AUNT!!

My older brother, Brian, and his wife, Becky, are expecting a baby in March. I never thought this day would come--with three siblings, I thought that I'd probably be an aunt one day, but I had kind of given up hope of it actually happening.

Brian and Becky have some crazy adventures together, and this one is the most exciting yet :) I'm so excited that they live in Michigan now, because I don't know if I could handle being an aunt and rarely seeing my niece or nephew.

One of their crazy adventures: climbing up a mountain to stay the night in a
little pod that is attached to the cliff, and then zip lining down the next day.

Speaking of niece or nephew, I'm not sure what I'm hoping for--of course I love boys, having two of my own; but having a little girl in the family would be fun, too.

In 2004, when I was pregnant with Noah, I would go to Babies R Us pretty often to get supplies for the new baby. One day when I was there, I saw a bib that said "Pilot Bear" and had a bear flying an airplane. Well, Brian is a pilot and loves airplanes, so I thought it would be perfect if he ever had a kid. I bought the bib, and tucked it away in my closet.

Fast forward 12 years to Noah's birthday. I was at Noah's baseball game, and Brian and Becky came to watch the game, too. Becky asked me how I would feel about being an aunt, and I totally flipped out with excitement. After the game, we went out for ice cream, where they told my parents and Noah and Eli. We went out to dinner for Noah's birthday a few days later, where Nathan and Kendall could join us. I brought the bib with me so that I could finally give it to Brian!

These days, the bib means nothing. You could use the internet to find all sorts of "pilot" themed baby stuff, I'm sure, and have it delivered the following day. And if not, then surely Pinterest has a bazillion ideas. But, back in 2004, online shopping wasn't even a thing. So, when I saw the Pilot Bear bib at the store, I just had to buy it.

Ironically, just after I learned about Brian and Becky expecting a baby, I was driving and saw this sign at a reception hall (there are wedding receptions held at the hall, so there is usually a "Congrats" to the bride and groom on the sign out front). I just had to pull into the parking lot to get a picture:

Anyway, I am so happy I get to finally share this news with everyone!


  1. This is such fun news! Congrats to you and your family. I love my kids more than life but I have the context bond with my 6yo niece and 9yo nephew.It's just my sister and O so these are the only biological nieces/nephews I'll have and no matter how much I said I wouldn't, I still spoil them like crazy!

    So excited for you and your family :)

    1. Wow, thanks autocorrect lol
      I have the *coolest bond....
      It's just my sister and *I...

  2. Yea! That is awesome for Brian and Becky. Your brother is going to be a great dad - you've written about the things he's done with your boys so I'm sure he'll be just as great a dad as he is an uncle.

  3. Being an auntie is the best! They are always excited to see you. They always think you are way cooler than anyone else and you get to spoil them rotten and no one says anything about it! I am an auntie x8 without children of my own so I have a great time! Also I do things with each of them instead of buying gifts. I'm collecting pictures and will do a picture book for them for their hs graduation.

    1. Oh I love,love, love the idea of doing a book for my niece and nephew core high school graduation! They are still young, 6 and 9 and I already have a ton of pics. This actually made me a little "misty" when i read your comment because my own kids are both graduating this year (my daughter from college with her BS in Nursing and my son from high school)and i think I may do that that for my own kids for their graduations. This is why i love to read comments...i get great ideas! ~Bridgette

  4. Hooray! I'm so happy for Brian and Becky! And of course, the proud aunt. :)

    I don't know which made me laugh more, the incredible coincidence of that sign, or Brian's face while wearing that bib! ;) I love that you saved it for 12 years!

  5. Omg, I freaking LOVE that you saved that bib for 12 years!! Hilarious! I'm so excited for you Katie!! I've been reading your blog for awhile and I remember you saying on occasion that you didn't think you'd ever be an aunt so I can only imagine how ecstatic you must be!! Congrats to your entire family!!

  6. Katie! How exciting! I'm so happy you are going to be an aunt and they are getting the adventure of their life! I love coincidences. I call them God-incidences...I'm going to be a grandma for the first time and I have to show you the picture I got from my son and his fiance for their gender reveal...They are big adventurers as well...I'll send pic to your email. Again, CONGRATS to all!!!

  7. How exciting! When my sister was pregnant, she wouldn't let us say anything for the first couple of months either - so hard!

  8. Wonderful News Katie! Thanks for sharing, I bet your Mom & Dad (whom I can identify with, since they are close to my age), are "over the moon," at the thought of getting more grandchildren finally. I know how much they love your boys!! Congrats to the whole family!

  9. Yeah! Being an aunt is fun, although I had to resort to bribing my nieces to come talk to be because they were more interested in my girls and my husband lol. (and it worked ;))

  10. Congratulations!! Very exciting :)

  11. Being an Aunt is the best!! So happy for you and your family!


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