May 22, 2016

A visit to the Lego store

Yesterday, Jerry and I decided to surprise the kids by taking them to the Lego store. Eli has been really into building things with Legos lately, and he's been working to earn as much money as possible for Lego sets (he cuts the grass at my parents' house, and they pay him for it). The Lego store is pretty far away, at Somerset Collection (a "fancy" mall), so we let the kids withdraw $100 each from their savings accounts and then we made the hour-long drive to the store.

We stopped and had self-serve frozen yogurt on the way there, too. We hadn't done that in nearly a year, and the kids were totally thrilled. Yesterday was my high-calorie day--and thank goodness for that, because I can't seem to just get a tiny portion of fro-yo with fruit toppings or something when I go to places like that, haha. This place even had mini buckeyes for toppings! It was delicious.

I had never been to Somerset before, and I was kind of stunned at how nice (and huge) it was. We had no idea where the Lego store was inside the mall, so we just parked and hoped we'd be able to find it. Luckily, we found it right away, and we were pretty close to it. Eli's eyes were like saucers and his jaw dropped when he saw all the Lego sets. He said, "The frozen yogurt and Lego store makes this the best day of my life!" Hahaha.

I wish Legos weren't so damn expensive, though. There was a really awesome Ghostbusters Firehouse set that even *I* wanted to buy. I love puzzles, which I've mentioned on the blog several times, but I also happen to love putting other things together, including Legos. I don't really like using my imagination, though--I just like to follow along in an instruction booklet and piece it together. Getting a 4,600-piece Lego set sounds like so much fun to me! But I can't even imagine spending $350 on it. 

Eli has a really tough time making decisions on anything, but asking him to choose a Lego set was like asking him to cut off his hand--he just couldn't do it! But eventually, the boys picked out what they wanted, and they couldn't wait to get home to start putting them together. I love seeing them get excited to do something creative. 

The kids spent the night at my parents' house last night (bringing their new Legos with them) and Jerry and I went out for drinks with Renee and her husband, Dave. We just walked to the local bar, and it was super nice outside! We sat outside and chatted for a long time. Renee and I are going to be coaching cross country again this year, so we wanted to go over some plans for that. I had so much fun coaching last year, I'm really looking forward to doing it again. It was a nice evening, and I think Dave and Renee may be coming with Jerry and me to Cadillac for the race next month! I hope so. Going with another couple will will make for a very fun weekend :)

I was SO tired this morning, and the last thing I wanted to do was a run. Technically, it was my long run, but it was only five miles, so it wasn't that bad. I headed out first thing after I woke up, because otherwise, I could see myself procrastinating all day. The birds are starting to get territorial now, and my heart rate kept shooting up for a few seconds when I thought a bird was going to come at me. No dive bombs today, though!

It got up to 80 degrees today--just four more weeks until it's "officially" summer. This year is flying by way too fast!


  1. My 7.5 year old is into Legos too! They have a club that you can join for free and you earn points that turn into money to use in the Lego store. Also, some communities and schools have Lego clubs and they do swaps. My daughter belonged to the Lego club at her school in kindergarten but in our new school district, they don't have a Lego club.

  2. Hi there! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I find you very inspiring.

    I (and my husband) also happen to be AFOL's, adult fans of lego. Target clearances out some of the old sets at the beginning of each season to make room for the new sets. While you aren't going to find things like th ghostbusters head quarters, I have found some excellent deals in the past. Walmart also usually has a few sets on clearance you have to dig through the clearance aisle, they are usually buried between some random as seen on tv item and old food in weird favors no one wanted to try, lol.

    Also, Lego hold a pretty high resale value, so if you hold on to the box and the instructions you can always sell an old set for money towards a new one, usually on eBay or a website called brickset.

    Hope that helps feed your family's Lego addiction!

  3. Hi Katie, I have started to follow you blog when I was looking for some running tips&tricks.
    As a mother of two boys (nearly 4 and 7) I know how is it to have Lego bricks everywhere. Luckily I was able to create a Lego storage system that works and even my husband appreciated the idea :) If you are interested you can get an insipration on my blog:
    Lego storage idea

    Good luck with next runs!
    Greetings from Switzerland (from a Czech gal currently living here)

  4. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

    I'd have to agree with Eli....Legos and Fro Yo sounds like heaven!

  5. Katie have you tried knitting? It sounds like something you might like, because a) browsing for patterns is like shopping except cheaper, and 2) making the piece is like building a puzzle while following the pattern instructions! It also occupies the hands, so now I mindlessly knit instead of mindlessly eat while watching Netflix :)

  6. I have an 8 year old son. I'll be honest and say that sometimes when he's picking out Legos I think about the clicking sound they make in the vacuum lol. I'm glad he enjoyed the day.

  7. My kids are totally into legos, too! You can check garage sales and/or craigs list for deals on used sets or blocks!

  8. I'm dying to know, what Lego sets did they end up choosing? I bought some for my nephews a couple of years back and I took forever to pick them, too many awesome options.

    I've seen YouTube clips of the Death Star Lego set, that's the ultimate I reckon! Looks like an utter mission to put together, fun as though.


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