September 05, 2015

Piles of jeans

Yesterday was a rest day, so I spent some time in the morning going through the jeans in my closet and trying them on. Earlier this year, I only had a couple of pairs of jeans that actually fit, and I felt hopeless about ever fitting into all my old favorites again--especially this fall. One of the things I love about fall weather is wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

When I was losing weight in 2009-2010, I had a pile of jeans that fit me, and then I always had at least one pair, in a size too small, on hand as well. I would try the too-small jeans on once a week until they finally fit; then I would buy another pair that was too small, and do the same thing. It was motivating to see them get closer and closer to fitting each week, and watching the sizes drop.

As my weight has fluctuated over the past several years, I maintain three stacks of jeans in my closet: those that fit and I can wear comfortably in public; those that I can button and zip, but they are too tight to wear; and those that don't fit at all. In 2013, I remember being thrilled that I could fit into and comfortably wear every single pair of jeans in my closet. Throughout 2014, they slowly migrated into the "too tight" pile, and then into the "can't even wear" pile. I bought a few pairs of jeans in bigger sizes (going from 4's to 8's and 10's), which is what I've been wearing this year.

Since I've dropped about 10 pounds since spring, I decided to try on the piles of jeans. I was thrilled to discover that there were several pairs that were actually too big to wear:

Those are the size 10's and the loose-fitting 8's. After losing about five more pounds, I'll try the smaller jeans on again. There were several pairs that were borderline wearable, so I look forward to those feeling comfortable next time.

When I was looking through pictures to try and find a "goal" outfit (something that I can look forward to wearing comfortably again), I found this picture from May 2013:

There was nothing special about that outfit--just jeans and a long-sleeved stretchy shirt--but I think I looked good there, and I would be happy to wear that again and look as good as I did then. I tried on those jeans and that shirt yesterday, and I was surprised that I can button and zip the jeans. Jerry said that they look good, and I could definitely wear them now, but they felt too tight to wear comfortably. I think in about five more pounds I'll feel better about wearing them.

One thing that has changed for the better over the past year or year and a half, is that I am not upset about the size that I am now. I think I look pretty good now, and if I stayed this size forever, I'd be okay with that. I do remember looking and feeling better about 15 pounds less than I am now, though, so I'd still like to get back there. I just don't want this post to sound like I'm complaining about wearing a size 6 or 8, because I think that I look healthy and "normal" at this size.

Also, less weight = faster running pace. Since I'm not going to be doing any long distance running in the foreseeable future, I think it would be fun to try and get faster at shorter distances once I'm injury-free and running again. I'm really enjoying cross-training now, so I'd be happy to do 2-3 short, faster runs each week than trying to get in a lot of distance. Maybe I'll even be able to PR my 5K and/or 10K next year.

But I'm thinking too far ahead! Right now, I'd like to focus on the present, and do what I can to look and feel my best. The calorie counting is going really well, and I like the cross training, so I'll see where that gets me!

I was hoping to do my long walk today, rather than tomorrow, but it was thunder storming this morning. Instead, I decided to do the mini stair stepper while reading my book. Again, I was super impressed with how tough of a workout it ends up being!

I'd only stepped for 32 minutes, and burned 321 calories. When I was done, I was sweating more than I would have been from running!

Last week, I asked on Facebook for some book suggestions, and so many people responded... my book queue grew to be about a mile long. I was looking for a fast, easy read, and something that would suck me in quickly. I loved The Hunger Games series, and someone suggested that I try the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.

I can't say that I liked the actual storyline as much as The Hunger Games, but it definitely sucked me in! I read Uglies and then immediately started on the next book, Pretties. I finished Pretties this morning, and immediately downloaded the third book, Specials. It's been great, because I haven't even touched Netflix or anything else on TV since I started reading these books (on the other hand, I have gotten behind on email and laundry, haha).

Anyway, there are a TON of great book suggestions on the Facebook thread, so if you're looking for something to read, you can check it out here. I added a couple dozen books to my queue just from skimming through the suggestions, but I want to go through the thread again and read it more closely. Regardless, I'll have enough books to keep me busy for a while! ;)


  1. I read Uglies and Pretties, but just didn't feel compelled to continue on that trilogy. As so many of the popular books are being made into movies, I wondered if this one could, because who would be able to create the look of "pretty" as we all have different ideas of what is beautiful (and there are so many different beautiful looks). Maybe this one is just better left to our imaginations! ;)

  2. It sounds like you're doing great and moving forward! I have followed your blog for a long time. I know you had a tummy tuck at one point and I'm wondering if you feel like that has made a difference in preventing weight gain in the tummy area. At 150 there is no way I could fit into size 6 jeans, so I'm curious if you feel like the surgery made a difference in the sizes you can wear.

    1. Honestly, I don't think it's the surgery. I was wearing size 4 before the surgery, and was still a size 4 afterward... I just didn't have loose skin hanging over the sides of my jeans ;) When I was 152 before my wedding (at the time, it was my lowest adult weight ever!) I was in a size 12. I think the biggest difference has been from running. From running, I can wear a size 6 at the same weight as when I wore a 12! It's interesting to see the body changes.

    2. I'm 5'6" and when I weighed 150 I wore a size 6. My mom is the same height as me and at 145 pounds she wears a size 8, but prefers size 10. Different people carry their weight differently.

    3. At 5'5'' and 150 I usually wear a size 6, at 137-140 a size 4, and at 125-130 a size 2. When I got under 125 the 2's were getting loose. These are current sizes. I sometimes find jeans from Goodwill that are older and I always need a larger size than what I would buy in the store right now. I think they are making all the sizes larger these days.

  3. That's a big pile of "too big" jeans! Yay!!

  4. Katie, I just have to say I've been so frustrated on my own journey lately (sloooow going over here). I'm determined and have no intention of quitting; however, it does get the better of me some days. Reading your posts really remind me that it can be done and on the days that I can't envision myself looking or feeling any different, seeing how far you've come gives me hope. Thanks for sharing it really does help people.


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