June 23, 2014

Motivational Monday #66

Happy Motivational Monday! I hope that everyone's summer is off to a great start. I had such a great couple of days with Jerry, and it was the perfect way to kick off summer. I think that is actually what I am most proud of this week: Jerry and I had a couple of days without the kids, and we chose to use that time to do a race together. That NEVER would have happened five years ago!

What have you all done this week to make you feel proud?

Crystal made a New Year's Resolution to run a 5K--and she did it, on January 25th, as part of my Virtual 5K. She had finished in 41:41, and became hooked on running. She signed up for The Color Run as her first "real" 5K, and was very nervous about running it. Last weekend, she did it--and finished in 34:25! She really enjoys running now, and hopes to run her third 5K later this summer.

Sami just ran her first official 5K in Montana last weekend! It was a hilly course, with an elevation climb of 300 feet, but she rocked it out in 26:56! She just started running in late March of this year, after losing 43 pounds, and she's hooked.

After maintaining a 100-pound weight loss for two and a half years, Kelly regained 15 pounds due to an injury. She tried everything she knew to lose the weight, but nothing was working. In March, she was introduced to weight training, and has since lost not only the 15 pounds, but a total of 23 (and 14% body fat)! She is thrilled with her strength now, and on Friday, she reached three new weight lifting PR's--lifting heavier weights than she ever had before! (Kelly's blog)

Brittany has been running off and on since 2012, and has done twelve 5K's. She was able to run up to three miles during her training, but on race day, she always had a mental block, forcing her to take breaks during the race. Well, on Saturday, she ran an entire 5K (including hills) without any breaks! She had to dig deep for the last mile, but she was so proud when she crossed that finish line. She and her friend are currently training for their first half-marathon in February. (Brittany's race report)

Hanneke just ran her first half-marathon on Saturday! She did the Midnight Sun Half Marathon--named appropriately because she lives in Northern Norway where the sun doesn't set for TWO MONTHS of the summer. The half-marathon didn't start until 10:30, so this photo of Hanneke and her boyfriend was taken in the middle of the night! She finished in 2:33, and her boyfriend in 2:05. Hanneke changed her lifestyle about a year ago, and has lost 37 pounds. She didn't enjoy running, so she did a lot of walking--and eventually, was walking so fast that she naturally fell into a run. She ended up doing Jeff Galloway's run/walk method, and her pace was the same as when she tried to run without any walk breaks. She recommends the program, because she said it's great for mental strength--you can always talk yourself into "just one more" interval ;)

Congrats, ladies! Make sure you check out the Motivational Monday Facebook post as well, because there are some great stories today (and pictures). Feel free to share your own proud moment of the week!


  1. Thanks for the motivation. I have been slacking on my exercise in general and really need to get back at it...need to be checking in here more often to help with the motivation.--Mishka

  2. I should look into that run/walk method!


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