Blog List

I used to accept any and all blogs to this list, but it got to be REALLY time-consuming to keep up with. If you are a regular reader/commenter on my blog, I'd be happy to add your blog to my list. Just send me an email with the blog title, a link, and a one-sentence description of your blog, and I'll add it here. My only requirement is that your blog must be at least 90 days old with regular postings. Once a month, I go through the list and delete the ones that haven't been up dated for 30 days. 

Blog Lists

Weight Loss Blogs

Success Along the Weigh--A couple who are losing weight together and have lost 400 lbs combined.
Carly Shrinks--A blog detailing my weight loss and half marathon training.
From Pennies to Yennies--A 20 something Seattle-ite trying to make a life for herself in Japan, and lose 50 lbs in the process via running!
The Singing Bird--My blog is mostly about weight loss (I've lost 130 pounds) but I also discuss my kids/family and just life in general.
Goal of Losing--A 20-something's journey through weight-loss while incorporating personal, yet public challenges that keep my readers and myself motivated to continue reaching for our goals!
From Ashley to Awesome--Just a girl, starting out on a journey to lose a lot of weight, craft a little more, and enjoy a healthier life!
Can I Borrow That?--An almost 40 yr. old working mom trying to lose 75 pounds, keep up with my 4yr old and borrow my 18 yr old fashionista daughters awesome clothes.
Poonapalooza--My journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle through following the Dr. Poon Metabolic Diet and my recent obsession with running.
Dieting to be a Skinny Bitch--A 27-year old mother of three challenging herself to lose 100+ lbs in one year.
Got2Tri--Weight loss journey of an aspiring triathlete.
Operation Skinny Jeans--Two bloggers, two different plans, one mission- skinny jeans :)
The Misc Mom--A single, 28 year old mom starting the crazy journey from 340+lbs to 150 :)
A Step in the Right Direction--A new mom and wife trying to lose the extra weight.
Thirty Three and Counting--The Ramblings of My Life
Tamara Shazam!--Using my super powers to lose weight and live an active, healthy lifestyle!
24 to 30--Working mom of 3 running my way to losing over 100 pounds by age 30. 
Downsizing--One law student's journey to reach a healthy weight and stay there!
This Time I Mean Business!--My journey from fad diets to doing it the right way...exercise and eating right for 94lbs and counting!
In It To Lose It!--A young female nerd-asaurus navigating my way through 100+ pounds of weight loss!
Finding The Skinny Geek Within--Chronicling my journey to shed the pounds while being a wife, mom, and nerd!
How We Fit--Diet and exercise blog of an engaged couple with a "His and Hers" perspective--how we get fit, stay fit, and fit together.
The Weight Watching Redhead--On a quest to change my life by losing 100 pounds and becoming healthy and fit. My plan involves counting calories and tracking nutrients with My Fitness Pal and exercise.
My Countdown to Sixty!--I am 59 years old with a goal of dropping 60 pounds before reaching an important milestone... the big 6-0.
Just a Mom Giving It a "TRI"--I am a Weight Watchers Leader, Weight Watchers coach, triathlete, mom, wife, and future marathoner. Follow my journey as I "tri" to do it all and create balance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Modestly Slim--Liveable and Loveable, losing weight and finding a healthy lifestyle amidst Life's chaos.

Weight Maintenance Blogs

183 Pounds Gone Forever!--The on-going saga of a 60-something year old woman who finally got healthy and is trying to keep those 180 pounds off forever.
Finding Radiance--Living maintenance after a large weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.
Fat Girl Wearing Thin--Writing about life while trying to maintain a 100+ pound weight loss.
Lealah on a Mission--I'm just trying to find a balance between losing weight and living life!

Food/Diet Blogs

meals & moves--Janetha specializes in making up healthy recipes and maintaining her weight loss through regular exercise--with a little wiggle room for ice cream!
Season It Already!--Learning how to live healthy while dining out.
Daisy's Bites--Vegetarian and Weight Watchers friendly recipes. 

Running Blogs
From Fat to Finish Line--My sometimes humorous, tough, exciting weight loss/running journey (and maintenance) of 100 pounds and beyond
Frickin' Fabulous at 40--My story of how I went from fat, inactive, unhappy and fed-up to losing 75 pounds, running and enjoying life, finally, at 40!
Runs for Red Velvet--My name is Stacey and this is my journey of losing weight, running races, and finding happiness in all aspects of my life--all while trying to avoid the delicious food in the South!
Hello Fitness...We Meet Again--Follows my journey at working to become healthy and fit, like I once was
This & That--A fun mash up of a beginner runner educating herself on running advice, recipes, silly stories and all while combining fashion tid-bits and unique ideas :) weight and training for the Boston Marathon.
Perpetually Moving Target--From fattie and depressed to happy triathlete mother of two teenage boys.
Girl Goes Running--I Love to Run and blog about Running, Racing, Training and Eating.
From Bassett to Boston & From 13.1 to 26.2--Our journey: his from running local races and qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and hers from running half marathons to running full marathons
Running for Donuts--A recovering binge eater who runs to continue her weight loss journey.
Thomas' Blog--Just your ordinary, everyday runner trying to get faster. Marathon finisher and Boston dreamer.

Recipes Blogs

Kelly the Culinarian--I'm a girl in the Chicago suburbs who loves to eat, and runs to eat more!
Lovely In Pink--My blog is where I share the recipes that I make for my family - I love to cook!

Other Blogs

Miss Madison's Charmed Life--My blog is a mesh of everything, weight loss, running, home decor, and just living life!
Miles Muscles & Mommyhood--Fat to Fit-literally Queen of the Couch Potatoes to Endurance Junkie!
Pyjammy's Triplets--Running, weight loss, photography, my kids.
Living the Dream (a Convoluted and Crazy Dream)--The narrations that get stuck in my head while running, mostly about my running right now (which I'm newer at), but I can't guarantee that other things won't sneak in, such as family, life, etc.
Babbling Bridge--Rambling observations from a (wannabe) bibliophile, runner, foodie, and writer.
Sublurban Mama--105 LBS gone, a BAMF SAHM living the dream (and loving acronyms)
Thoughts and Ramblings on Life, Love, and Health--It is a blog discussing different issues in life including relationships, health, exercise, weight loss, illness, and love.
Red Lipstick and Sneakers--Viewpoints from a girl who feels fancy at times, but a hot mess most others. Constantly working towards a new goal weight and a new Coach purse.
The Running Nurse--a mom, a nurse, a wife, a runner to be.
The Dale Road Cat Project--Ben and Nicole began capturing feral cats in their neighborhood in order to spay/neuter and either release or adopt them out. This blog details the story on the cats!
Whatever Floats Your Oats--My adventures as a new runner and a (mostly) healthy eater.