September 06, 2011

40 degrees

That's the temperature difference over two days in Michigan! On Saturday, it was 97 degrees and extremely humid. Yesterday, the high was 56 and overcast all day. It was AWESOME! I wore jeans and a hoodie, drank hot tea, wrapped in a blanket to watch a movie, had split pea soup from the slow cooker for dinner, roasted marshmallows over a fire, and went out for frozen yogurt because I totally deserved it after doing my long run on the perfect morning

Let me start at the beginning...  I got up uber early (well, it FELT that early) at 6:15 to go for my long run (7 miles on the schedule). I mapped out a new route the night before, and it was on some busier roads (and it was dark outside), so I decided to wear my reflective gear from the Ragnar. It was a chilly 50ish degrees in my shorts and  t-shirt, but PERFECT for doing a long run.
Think the cars could see me?
The run went by pretty fast and uneventful--I didn't get hit by a car this time, or bitten by a dog, or anything like that. I even brought my pepper spray, like I was expecting something to happen. At one point, two dogs came running at me--unleashed, of course, because people around here seem to think that's perfectly acceptable--but thankfully they were friendly. One was a basset hound, and I am not scared of bassets.

When I got home, Eli wanted to go outside and paint one of his fishing lures. He's really "into" collecting fishing lures right now, thanks to my dad. I'm just waiting for the day that I step on a fish hook. He painted his lure outside and just looked really cute, so I took his picture:

I prepped the stuff for split pea soup and threw it into the slow cooker, because it was the perfect day for soup.  I did a little housework throughout the day, but not much. Mostly, I curled up on the couch with my new 25-cent quilt, and watched Lifetime Movie Network and read blogs.

Before dinner, I really did go get frozen yogurt. When I was losing weight, I would get a special treat on my long run days--I allowed myself to spend as many calories as I burned during the run. If I burned 700 calories, I'd spend 700 calories on something I reeeally wanted (cookies! ice cream!).  It made my long runs much more tolerable ;)  I've been craving soft serve frozen yogurt all summer, but I didn't think anyone sold it around here. I discovered that the frozen custard place sells frozen yogurt (just chocolate and vanilla)--so yesterday, I got a large vanilla with sprinkles. It was delicious! And I totally forgot to take a picture, so just imagine me smiling ear-to-ear with sprinkles and vanilla fro-yo all over my face.

Renee asked if we (my family) wanted to go to her house for a bonfire. We went over there for a couple of hours. I had one (huge) marshmallow, and I told Jerry he could drink and I would drive. So I only consumed 100 calories total. I find that when I'm counting calories, I always volunteer to be the driver.

It was the perfect ending to summer vacation. The kids have to go to bed early tonight for school tomorrow.


  1. It's miserable here today! It was raining and cold for our wait at the busstop at 7:15am. Definitely felt like back to school time and fall, so I had a huge cup of chai tea and a pumpkin one minute muffin for breakfast! I made the s'mores pies last night as a special unofficial end of summer dessert for the family. Delicious! I think soup will be on the menu for dinner tonight! Hope this weather clears up for our 5k this weekend!

    What's your plans for your free time today?

  2. I love those giant marshmallows that they came out with for bbq season!

  3. We finally had our first cool front. It got down to 61 degrees last night. That's the first time we've seen less than 75 degrees since the first week of May! I was definitely out walking/jogging in it!!

    Fish hooks terrify me.

  4. Nice job on the long run! You sure did earn some frozen yogurt!

    Your reflective gear looks pretty neat. Is that a vest?

    Eli is a cutie pie!

  5. Eli is too cute!!

  6. Love the reflectors!!!! and yay you for the long run. Eli is adorable. Awww. Have a great week Katie.

  7. We had the same here today--cold and rainy, and I was thrilled (finally time to start crafting again)! Any plans to post some of the how-to's on some of your knitting/sewing projects?

  8. Yum sprinkles!!! I love your reflective gear, it looks like your wearing a shield "stay away from me cars, and dogs!"

  9. I live in Michigan too and the temperature change is awesome!!

  10. Loved the temp change....nothing better than wearing a hoodie and jeans and being comfortable......

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day Katie. It sure is dark later in the morning now. I came to work half an hour early today and kept hoping there would be no one out on our road walking, as it was still pretty dark. You're smart to wear that reflective clothing! I LOVE this weather for walking, and even doing the little bit of running I have started. Even in 50 degree temps, though I come home literally dripping sweat.
    I had some frozen strawberry sorbet last night. I went out on a 2.2 mile run/walk and treated myself too. It was probably around 120 calories-- which is probably about how many calories I burned. I didn't measure, but I think it was about half a cup left in the small container. I have been trying to find some sorbet sweetened with Splenda. I know you don't like the stuff, but I find it tolerable and since sorbet is supposed to be just frozen fruit, I would think if it wasn't sweetened with sugar, it wouldn't be very high caloried. I know they have frozen strawberries now, sweetened with Splenda, maybe I should try eating that like sorbet.
    Your little guys are so adorable, I particularly like Eli's hair, blonde on the sides, but turning dark in the middle as he grows up. Like I told you, it goes so fast--enjoy them now even when they drive you crazy! Since you get to stay home with them--you will have ample opportunity to enjoy the crap out of them!!!


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