September 04, 2011


I totally hit the jackpot at a garage sale yesterday. I wasn't planning on going to any garage sales (actually, I was looking forward to my only "rest day" of the week and wanted to sleep in). My mom called me the night before and asked if I needed school clothes for the boys (I definitely did) and she said there was a sale that started at 9 AM on Saturday morning, advertising boys clothes to size 8 (my boys are a 7 and 8). So yesterday morning, I decided just to go and check it out.

SO GLAD I did! I got there at 8:30 while she was still setting up (remember I said you should get there early?) She had a ton of clothes, and 95% of them were sizes 7 and 8. They were all in like-new condition, and most of them were name brands--Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Nike, etc. She was asking 50 cents for short sleeved shirts, $1 for long sleeve shirts, and $1 for pants and shorts. I had brought $55 with me, and I just started throwing clothes over my arm and bought most of what she had.

For $47, I got all this:
13 pairs of pants; 3 pairs of shorts; 35 shirts; 1 fall jacket; 1 hat for Eli; and 2 shirts for me.

The only thing I wished she had more of were jeans. But other than that, my boys are completely set as far as school clothes go!  Perfect way to end the garage sale season. Sleeping in on a Saturday is overrated anyway ;)

I had a really great week as far as diet and exercise go.  I counted calories all week without fail:

My sodium wasn't so great, but I don't worry about that much because my blood pressure is so low--even my doctor told me to eat a little more sodium.

And my exercise for the week went as scheduled:

My kids start school on Wednesday! It's going to feel so strange having them both in school all day. Big week ahead.


  1. We don't get a lot of garage sales here because of the heat in the summer, and because you have to get a permit from the city if you want to have a sale. It's a hassle and I think you have to pay for the license. Twice a year, though, we have a neighborhood wide garage sale and I don't think you have to get a permit to sell in that, just register with the neighborhood. So that weekend Jason and I will walk around and see what's available, but it's sort of hit or miss.

  2. Guess you had quite a bit of laundry to do after that find! I got jeans for my son at Old Navy for $10 and then I had a 15% coupon off of a $75 or more purchase. He's in a 16, so I can still get away with the children's clothes prices! Thankfully my kids aren't into the name brand craze like everyone else. It's hard, since they're 13 and 15. People spend ridiculous amounts of money for clothes, shoes, BAGS!!! I love Tanger Outlets so I can get them a few things.

  3. Wow! What a steal! 35 shirts! So jealous! And from what I can see the clothes look like they are in excellent condition! I wish I could have that much success at garage sales!

  4. I am impressed with your garage sale findings, however I am even more impressed with your fiber intake! How do you get so much fiber? I hit 20 most days and I get really excited when I get 25, but I have never ever hit 30. I try to eat foods high in fiber too.

  5. It was a score on all accounts! Awesome job, Katie! I look forward to the days when I can get to the garage sales and thrift stores and find clothes that I can wear. Best wishes to your sons and their first day of school. What are you going to do, Mama Bear, with all that "free" time?

  6. Score is did awesome!!!!!!

    I still have some shopping left to do for my little one.

  7. Awesome on the garage sale finds!

  8. Hey - I just wanted to say hi since I always read your blog and never have before. I love all your posts and food ideas. I made Smore pies for dessert tonight and my husband and son loved them :) I just started up my blog again and hope to one day post after pics like you.

  9. Oh Katie, BIG woo hoo for your garage sale scores!!! My mom and I went garage sale-ing this weekend too....great scores for us well. Wish we lived in the same city, 'cause I could so see you and I sharing garage sale success stories together. All the best for the rest of the weekend.

  10. What a shopper you are. Does Jerry know how lucky he was when he got you? I'd have bought all that stuff new when my boys were getting ready to go back to school and spent 10X or more over what you spent. I was so stupid. You're also doing great on the calories and exercise. I haven't been journaling my food very religiously, just sometimes. Gotta get back on it, cause I've also been doing too much snacking and I have a feeling it's all adding up. So far the scale hasn't shown a scale and I ate pretty conservatively at my anniversary dinner out, but I know eventually all those snacks will have an adverse attack. It's just a nibble here and a bite there, but pretty soon, it's TOO MUCH!
    I have a feeling there'll be some tears shed in the morning when both little boys leave for school ALL DAY LONG! Enjoy your free time--I know how busy you are and how many great things you find to do to fill any free time you might have. But I remember sending my youngest off to school, made me a little sad. Before you know it, they'll be BIG boys, driving cars and bringing home girlfriends. Believe'll happen in the blink of an eye. So enjoy them now, cause it goes so fast!


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