September 19, 2011

Death by treadmill

So I woke up this morning at 6:15, ready to pound out 9 miles for my long run. And it looked like this outside:
I went through my options--1) Wait until later to run; 2) Run in the rain; 3) Switch days on my schedule and run 3 miles today (on the dreadmill) and 9 tomorrow outside; or 4) Run 9 miles on the dreadmill. Okay, I really didn't even consider the last option an OPTION. The most miles I've ever done on the dreadmill is 5. Possibly 6, but I really think the most is 5.

So anyway, I decided to go with option 3--run 3 on the dreadmill, and then 9 tomorrow. I drank my coffee, and Jerry got the kids ready for school. And for some reason, I thought to myself, "Katie, how AWESOME would you be if you could survive 9 miles on the dreadmill?! If you didn't die of boredom, think how great you would feel for conquering that mental barrier!"  It was kind of appealing.

Oh yes, friends. Nine miles? No problem.

Jerry put on Halloween: H20 for me to occupy my mind, and I went slow (the only thing more torturous than running 9 on the dreadmill would be running 9 on the dreadmill FAST).  I set it at 5.8 mph for the majority of the run, and then the last couple of miles I kept increasing the speed until it was at 6.8 (incline was at 1% the whole time).

Jerry took this picture of me at mile 5ish, showing how bored I was:
A true treadMILF, no?
Yes, you can tell I'm wearing cotton shorts, because it looks like I peed myself from how badly I was sweating (despite the open windows and a fan). Lucky for you, you can't see my belly--all I had on was a sports bra, but I told Jerry that I'll kill him if my belly shows up in the picture.
Look! My calories burned has a COMMA in it!!

I can't believe I managed to do it, but I FINISHED the whole 9 miles on the dreadmill. I was seriously more proud of doing this than I was of running a half-marathon! I was so proud that I sent Renee a text that said, "I just ran 9 miles ON THE TREADMILL!"  and you know what she wrote back?

"How ironic, I just ran 12 on the treadmill!"

Are you fucking kidding me?!  BWAHAHA, I laughed hard when I read that. Here I was, feeling completely AWESOME for making it through 9 miles ON A TREADMILL, and Renee was kicking out 12--probably in the same amount of time I spent doing 9.

I had the weirdest nightmare last night. At around 11:30, I jumped out of bed screaming, and Jerry freaked out asking me what was wrong. I kept saying, "I have to get out of here" and I ran into the living room. I had looked up in the corner of my room, swearing that I saw a tape worm coming after me. After a couple of minutes, I started to realize it was a dream nightmare. And we laughed. But it was so strange! I've nightmares before, but I've never jumped out of bed from one.

Jerry and I went to Sam's Club today while the kids were in school. I was STARVING after my long run, so we ended up stopping at Panera on the way home. Even though I felt like I could eat my own arm, I ordered chicken noodle soup, 1/2 an Asian Sesame Chicken salad, and a baguette portion. It was SO delicious. I was probably really embarrassing Jerry by the way I moaned every time I took a bite. I can't remember the last time I was that ravenous.
After I had eaten half my salad, but that's what you get... I'm not a food blogger! I'd rather eat than take pretty pictures of my food.

Finally, the Google search of the day:
No... I'm certainly not!

What's the farthest you've ever run (or walked) on a treadmill?


  1. Wow! Good for you! I also share your hate for the treadmill. However, I just joined a new gym that has an indoor track. I figure on the bad days (I'm in the Pacific NW, so there will be a lot of them), I can run on the track. Then I saw that there are individual TVs on all the treadmills. I don't know...that almost makes the treadmill seem bearable...almost.

  2. Seven miles, and it was AWFUL! Especially because I was doing 11 minute miles and the treadmill at the gym would only let you run for 45 minutes, so I had to stop and reset it and then do a whole nother workout! I used to love the treadmill (when I was new to running and just loved moving in general!) but now I much prefer roads or trails.

  3. I hate the treadmill. I hate it so much I gave mine to my dad and got an elliptical instead, and have never regretted it!! Good job getting the 9 miles in!

  4. WTG for kicking the shit out of that mental barrier you had! Even if your friend had to one up you. lol. I think the longest I've been on a treadmill was like 1 mile. I've only really ever been on someone else's and didnt have much time. I can't wait til tomorrow though because my friend is taking me to her gym and paying my way in so we can workout together and we'll definitely be getting to use the treadmill then! I so want one for my birthday this year!!!! I keep hinting to my parents. lol.

  5. Yay! Good for you, girl - 9 miles is amazing! Your dream sounded funny to me - I wake up now and again (but not really awake!) and think there is something climbing through a black hole in my ceiling and I always wake up my fiance to tell him somethings coming through the ceiling! He just ignores me now! lol


  6. Bravo! I have done 6 miles on the treadmill and that is about it. With good music it isn't so bad, but the scenery gets boring :D

  7. I am not even going to answer that question because it would simply be embarrassing. However, I have hiked on rough terrain for 12 miles. We were in the Smoky Mountains and I think the scenery was the only reason I got through it! lol

  8. LoveAnAnimalSeptember 19, 2011

    You frickin crack me up!!! Hilarious!!! Thank you! I so totally needed a laugh today. - Wow! I'm impressed with you running the nine miles on your dreadmill! I don't run, though the idea sounds romantic in a sense and I have hopes of being able to have a love affair with running/jogging one day while my knees are still somewhat healthy. Nonetheless, as embarrassing it is for me to admit, the longest walk I have ever done on the treadmill was a measly three miles. I know, I know. Anyway, I find it very boring, even with my favorite songs blaring in my head from my iPod. - And your pic of the tapeworm scared the hell out of me!

  9. Wow, I can't imagine nine miles on a treadmill!! Good for you for getting in your miles for the day.

    I haven't gone far on a treadmill at all. Just over a year ago, my gym closed and I switched over to outdoor runs 100% of the time, and I haven't looked back. I've run in freezing rain, through blizzard conditions, in several inches of snow, on ice, in extreme heat, through tornado warnings (I head home when the weather sirens sound, but that can take a good hour), in lightening, and through torrential downpours. Weather makes life more interesting. :)

  10. P.S. - DAAAANG, look at your leg muscles! NICE!

  11. 6 miles is the most I've done on a treadmill. That's just because I haven't trained to run farther, yet. I still kinda like the treadmill more, but that run on Saturday was very pleasant, so I might take it to the streets a little more. I know my husband would appreciate that.

    My recurring nightmare is that I left school with 3 semesters to go and if I want to finish I have to go back up to Hamilton, leaving my husband and kids behind.

  12. WAY TO GO...I woke up to rain this morning too and I am so bummed...I am only suppose to do 4 today but that seems like torture. (I call it the treadmill now too...oops MAC self corrected the "d" to a "t"..ha! I guess the computer God's want to keep me positive this morning)

  13. I don't have a treadmill, but if I did, it would probably sit in the spare bedroom, unused, like my stationary bike, which I bought, used for a week or so, then never got on again. I did walk/run 5.5 miles outside yesterday. Hate to brag, but the weather was beautiful in Nebraska. Like you, I was feeling pretty good about that accomplishment, then I read about you going 9 miles ON A DREADMILL, and Renee doing 12 miles ON A DREADMILL. You guys are killing me. Seriously 1,111 calories burned?! That is amazing. PIG OUT girl, you earned it!

  14. I find 9 miles impressive no matter where you do it! I used to have a treadmill, but it was a super cheap one and it died almost 2 years ago. I've been running outside, but I've never done more than 3.5 miles. My max on the treadmill was probably closer to 2. I'm hoping to get a nice treadmill this winter. NE Ohio is not a fun place in the winter!

  15. 12 miles is as far as I've ever gone on a treadmill. I lived in Ohio at the time, was training for the Disney Princess Half, and there was snow butt high outside. I had no choice. Have I mentioned I am beyond thankful we moved to Washington state where it really doesn't snow all that much in the southern part of the state??? lol I am SOOOOO not a treadmill gal. Not at all. I will run in the pouring rain, and have done so many times, before I run on the TM. True story.

  16. What kind of treadmil do you have & where did you buy it from? We are finally going to get one but I have no idea where to start. We went to a fitness shop today & the guy basically said if I didnt get at least the $1600.00 one that he was selling that it would be a peice of garbage. Ugh, I hate sales people! BTW, I love your blog & I love how honest you are about your life & struggles. You are very inspiring!
    Deb N.


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