September 27, 2011

Running partner

Today I had an "easy 3 miles" on the schedule.  My friend Andrea asked me if I wanted to meet her at the State Park to run with her, so I said sure. I've only run with someone once before--I'm definitely a solo runner--but I thought it would be fun.

We met at the park, and did the 5-K loop. I was running faster than I normally would have (especially considering the 10 miles I ran yesterday!) but I wanted to let Andrea set the pace because the last time she ran was early springtime, and she knew it was going to be rough on her. We chatted for about the first mile and a half, but she was struggling a little after that, so we didn't talk much. We finished the 5-K loop in 30:02, which I thought was fantastic for her not having run in months (and that included two walk breaks)!

Having someone to run with actually made the time go by much faster. And I wasn't a paranoid freak the entire time about getting attacked in the middle of the woods (when I run alone, my imagination gets a little wild). We might go again on Thursday; I'll have to do an extra loop before she gets there to get in my 6 miles.

I counted calories yesterday, and so far I'm doing well today. Lately, it seems like I only make it a few days before I quit counting. I've been bouncing around the upper 140's for MONTHS now. I was really hoping to get into the 130's for Sarah's wedding, but that isn't going to happen. Thankfully, I've been running a lot lately, which is keeping the food damage to a minimum.

I have to quit relying on my running, though, because once I get my tummy tuck, I'm not going to be able to run for weeks--and I think you know how much damage I can do in several days, let alone weeks! ;)  I don't have anything else going on until the wedding, so I have no excuse to get off track! I'm actually looking forward to the ice cream shop closing for the season, because Reese Cup Flurries are going to be the death of me.

My kids are spending the night at my parents' house tonight... so that means date night with my husband! I doubt we'll go anywhere, though. Usually, date nights consist of watching one of "our" shows (The Biggest Loser tonight) with a drink or two.


  1. I can run alone or with my husband. I feel bad running with him because I KNOW I slow him down. I told him I'm going to look for a "men's only" 5k and sign him up so he can see what he would do without me holding him back. I love that we have something to do together, because I do not share his love for video games nor does he relish in my desire to see the same movie night after night after night.

    I think date night for us would consist of the same thing (plus some nookie).

  2. I wish my husband would watch the biggest loser with me!! I really want to pick up running but I've always SUCKED at it. I'm going to give it a try but maybe it's more an attitude change that needs to happen?

    On an unrelated note, I just had your whole wheat pizza dough recipe for a flatbread sandwich and it was so good! :) I love that recipe!

  3. I am just like you with my mind racing! I always think of the worst scenarios and I freak myself out in the worst ways. I do it allll the time. I'm sure that when I have kids it's going to be ten times worse :S So don't're not alone!

  4. I laughed when I read about your paranoia. I do that same thing if I run in the dark...which is why I don't! LOL!

    Running with someone else makes for a nice change. Hubby is actually going with me today (or is supposed to, anyway). It's hard running with him because he's naturally so much faster than me, but it pushes me to run faster/harder than I typically would by myself.


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