September 12, 2011

I might as well be dead

I really hoped it wasn't true. I read about it first on Krista's blog, and then after my heart quit racing with fear, I hauled my ass to the grocery store to check it out for myself. Found the aisle I was looking for, and taped to the shelf was the note:
"Due to a peanut shortage, we will not be carrying the store brand of peanut butter until further notice. Also, JIF has stopped making the reduced-fat peanut butter and the honey peanut butter until the shortage is solved."
Now, my heart lies with Smucker's natural peanut butter, but it doesn't matter in this case. THERE IS A PEANUT SHORTAGE, due to all the rain this year.  No peanuts=no peanut butter.

And I die.

I did buy a few nine jars--and one of them was the size of my head. I might go buy some more. After all, there is no such thing as too MUCH peanut butter, right?
Laugh all you want, but don't come crawling to me when you're dying for a PB&J next year, and you have no peanut butter stocked!

Anyway... I think it's hilarious that you all thought I'd have a high-pitched voice! I've always disliked my voice because I think it's too deep and manly--and I want it to sound pretty and feminine. But your comments made me think maybe it's not so bad.

And my accent? Of course I grew up thinking that I was the one without the accent, and everyone else "talks funny". But when I listen to myself on video, I definitely hear a northern hillbilly-like accent. In Michigan, we definitely stress the vowels.

I'm not sure if the video I submitted will even be used, but I'll let you know when I hear anything. I was told to send a close up video and a full-body shot. I liked the close-up ones better, but I don't know what they'll use (or IF they'll use one).

I fucked up my binge-free streak this weekend  :(  It started so innocently, with a pan of Hungry Girl's Chocolate PB Fudge (brownie mix+pumpkin+peanut butter). You put it in an 8x8 pan, and then cut it into 36 pieces--36!! Who is going to eat just 1/36th of the pan? Not I.

Then I topped that off with a Reese cup flurry. But I justified that because the Reese cup flurry has Reese cups in it (duh) and those have peanut butter in them. With a peanut shortage looming overheard, the Reese cups probably won't be around long, and then I won't be able to have a Reese cup flurry for a whole year! So it was perfectly okay that I got a small medium one, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, back on plan today. After the kids went to school, I did my long run (8 miles) and went grocery shopping. The day is going by waaay too fast.

What is one food that you would rather die than not eat for a year? Mine is DEFINITELY nut butter. Peanut butter, to be specific.


  1. This post actually stressed me out a bit about the peanut situation. I eat PB every day. Thanks for bringing this to my attention to I can go get some more :)

    I also live in Michigan and I don't think you have an accent...

  2. Chocolate, especially when it is ToM, it is a necessity, my boyfriend will run to the store during those times so I eat that instead of biting his head off.

  3. Um what??? My kids eat PBJ every single day!!!!

  4. WHAT?!?! I need to stock up on PB, too! Smucker's is also my favorite, and I go through tons of it. YUM. :)

    Nice job on the long run!

  5. PB can't have a shortage, I will die!!! Off to go by more PB!!!

  6. I better stock up on Teddy's PB! We eat a lot of nut butter around here.

    I totally stock up on canned pumpkin. I hoard it after there was a shortage a couple years ago. I will eat pumpkin all year round!

    I will be hoarding again this year when the shelves are restocked. I have 1 can left.

  7. Good thing I'm headed to the store tomorrow. My son wouldn't last a day without his peanut butter!

    The one thing I couldn't live without is tea. Not really a food, but I drink it every single day. Hot. Cold. Doesn't matter. I need me some tea!

  8. This is the first time I got sad while reading your post. Peanut butter is a staple. Makes eating celery manageable. Will be hitting the grocery store tomorrow after work. Too upset to drive to a 24 hour store right now (haha) -Pat

  9. Peanut Butter shortage? Is the world coming to an end? A world without peanut butter just isn't right. I eat it at least once a day. My daughter at least twice. The girl loves peanut butter. One food I could not live without would be peanut butter. I will stock up tomorrow on my natural peanut butter and regular. Nobody else in the family likes natural.

  10. I read this blog post to my husband before I left for an appointment tonight. I came home about 10pm and found 6 jars of PB on the counter from Sam's club. LOL Poor guy would freak if he had to do without. I like the natural but just bought a jar of it so I think I'm good. I don't eat it that often as it's so high in calories for such a small amount.
    I'm from Michigan goo so I don't think you have an accent either :)

  11. OMG I need to go get PEANUT butter tomorrow! I have some now, but CANNOT run out!!!! UGH!!!

    I totally heard the MI accent too but didn't say it cuz I wasn't sure if you mentioned ur from there or not and didn't wanna let the cat outta the bag! :)

  12. Interesting. We haven't seen any shortage signs here. Ironically, peanuts actually grow pretty well in Texas (I know the Mormon church grows them at their farm just south of where I live), and we're having the drought from hell right now. It hasn't rained more than once or twice in over a year and we're so short on water they've already started rationing it...

    I would die without milk. I don't drink as much of it right now while I'm purposely trying to restrict calories, but when I'm not, I can easily drink three gallons of milk a week. The longest I've ever been without it is when I lived in France for six weeks. That was miserable. I actually have journal entries about how it was going to be the first thing I had when I got back to the states.

  13. I had no idea...I will have to check out my grocer today and buy a little son may have to find another food group if there is no pb.

  14. Peanut Butter shortage doesn't affect my house. Kids are grown and gone and DH doesn't like it. I'm the only one that eats it at all, but a single 18 oz. jar will last me 6 months because of how rarely I eat it.

    Now if you said there was going to be a shortage of chocolate....THEN I'd be stocking up!

  15. Yes. you do have a slight Michigan accent but I've heard a lot stronger. (Think "Fargo"- lol) Also, it's not high pitched or too low and manly. It's just right. Cute video.

  16. Hi Katie
    I'm a big fan of Private Practice, and I think you sound just like Violet, and I love the richness and husky tones to her voice - who wants high pitched and squeaky?

  17. Not the peanuts!!!! I LOVE Jiff Natural, none other compares to it : (

    BTW I think you have a lovely voice, I on the other hand sound like a cartoon character.

  18. Peanut butter is a staple in our house too! My husband eats it on toast almost every morning because the protein and fat stays with him so he doesn't get the low blood sugar shakes. But I was thinking today, is it really a shortage or are peanut farmers getting hit due to the peanut-free classes and schools that have become the norm since nut allergies are so common now??? Is this just a ploy to boost sales? I'll be stock-piling, just in case!!

  19. OK so ever since you posted this I've been hooked on PB. I don't eat it often (maybe 2x a month) but I've had it with my oatmeal every day now. I schmear 2 Tbsp in a bowl and freeze it then pour my hot oatmeal over the top. I'm burning thru my PB stash! LOL

  20. So THAT's why meijer has been out of their self-branded 5 lbs jars for a month and have little 1/2 pound FoodClub jars instead.

    I'll have to switch to tunafish salad. :-|

    Who'd've thunk peanuts are so finicky about their growing conditions. Not enough water; too much water... Grilled Cheesus - what little wussnuts.

    Anybody ever tried making a soybean butter? Maybe whip in a little nutiva hemp oil (cheaper than their virgin coconut oil) for creaminess, and some honey if it's not sweet (or sticky) enough. Guess I'm gonna have to make a quick sortie/foray into the field up the road a bit to grab a few handsfull and try it in my blender.


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