September 20, 2011

Afternoon wining

What a great afternoon!  As you know, my youngest started kindergarten this year, so I have the house to myself all day... and Renee's youngest started kindergarten this year too! So what would be the natural thing for us to do when we get together? Drink wine in the afternoon, of course! After all, we totally deserved it for the collective 21 miles we ran on the dreadmill yesterday--even if she DID one-up me!

I had bought three bottles of wine yesterday when I went to Sam's Club. I let Renee choose what one to open and she chose a Malbec. At first, I wasn't crazy about it--it tasted a little musty or something--but after a few ounces, it was smooth and yummy. Along with some great conversation, it made for a perfect afternoon!
We drank the Neu Direction Malbec

Oh, and I got a little something in the mail from Heather at Diaries of a Fat Girl. She sent me a Bondiband!! And not just ANY Bondiband. It says "one tough cookie" on it ;)
Cute, huh?!

This is my "tough" look... BWAHAHA
How thoughtful of her was that?! I can't wait to wear it on my 5.5 mile run tomorrow.

Tonight we're going to my parents house for my dad's birthday. I made a pecan pie to bring over there (his favorite, and the one thing I'm actually really good at baking!)  I feel kind of bad, because my dad is turning 60 tomorrow, and he doesn't think we're really doing anything to celebrate--but my mom planned a surprise party for him, which is on Saturday. There are going to be a lot of people there, and my dad has NO clue. My mom said that my dad only had one birthday party in his life, when he was a kid--and he spent weeks worrying that nobody was going to show up! So I hope he enjoys his party on Saturday ;)

While Renee was here, we talked a little about me possibly running a full marathon next year. I turn *gulp* 30 in January, and I think running a marathon in my 30th year would be pretty cool! But I'm terrified. Renee has run a marathon before, and she thinks I can do it. It's not that I don't think I CAN, but I'm more afraid that I'm going to get injured and never be able to run again or something.

I'm going to wait and see what happens with my possible surgery coming up (Friday will be 4 weeks since my consult--so I should hear from the insurance soon!) and then I'll decide. If I do a marathon, it'll probably be the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October. It's the only dual-country marathon in the world (I think?)--pretty awesome, right?!

Do you think I look more "tough" or more "cookie"? I'd have to go with cookie. But I try. ;)


  1. You definitely look more "cookie," cause that bondiband is so darned cute on you. I want one. I guess I'll have to click on her link and order one. I'm pretty sure I've read her blog, cause I remember seeing those bondibands before.
    IT is so cool that you're having a surprise party for your dad's 60th. My family, of course did nothing special for mine which was in January. That's what happens when you have all boys--oh well--I love them dearly!
    I'm so jealous of your winey afternoon with Renee, it sounds just so comfy and cozy and luxurious all at the same time and I don't even like wine. should totally go for the marathon celebrate your 30th and being at the peak of your life. Cause you are!

  2. Hi Katie, sure seems like the perfect afternoon to me!!! I think you're definately more cookie than tough! :) And gee, I hope your Dad doesn't read this blog.... :) Have a wonderful Tuesday. cheers to Malbec!

  3. I need to pick up some wine for my Tastefully Simple party on Friday night. I think I'll get white zinfandel and maybe I'll make sangria with a merlot. My sister got me a really cute Lolita Girl 'Birthday Girl' wine glass and I have YET to christen it!

    How did homework time go after the wine afternoon? ;)

  4. Cute headband! I love getting surprises in the mail - how thoughtful! And sorry, but your face is just too cute to look bad-ass. You just needed to add a little snarl to your mouth and you would have had the look perfect!

  5. I'm totally getting the one that has a shark saying "Om,nom, nom."

  6. That is the greatest head band ever! It's weird how you feel more empowered wearing certain things. Whenever I wear my "5k Run-A-Muk" shirt I feel like an athlete lol!

  7. So jealous of your afternoon - sounds amazing.

    And thanks for mentioning the marathon in Detroit - I grew up there and have been thinking about a marathon (well half for me) as a good excuse for a visit home.


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