September 07, 2011

And so it begins...

What a hectic morning! Today was my boys' first day of school. Noah is starting 2nd grade and Eli is starting kindergarten. Eli was SO EXCITED--not only for school, but mainly for riding the school bus. He was really wound up while they were getting ready. When I checked the bus stops in the newspaper, our bus stop is right in front of our house--awesome, right?! So we went outside at about 7:50, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At 8:15, my husband called the transportation office to find out what was going on. The bus had already gotten to the school, and she completely skipped our road! My mom was here to see the boys off as well, so she drove them to the school on her way to work. Eli was so disappointed that he didn't get to ride the bus! I felt really bad about it. The bus driver told the transportation office that nobody was outside when she drove by--but I know she didn't drive by. Our street is broken up into two sections, and our section is kind of out of the way (and easy to miss). So I think the bus driver went down the other section and assumed that nobody was there. I'm just hoping that my kids get HOME okay this afternoon!

After that, I went for my run--4.5 easy miles on the schedule today. It was pretty windy, but the temp is still perfect running weather. I'm dreading tomorrow's speed work though--9 x 400's. Came home and had eggs for breakfast, which is strange, because I NEVER eat eggs for breakfast. Normally, I eat carbs--the more the better!--but Renee gave me some peppers from her garden, so I decided to put them in some scrambled eggs. I also added some jalapeno cheese, and a veggie sausage patty. It was really good.

I've been on a roll with calorie counting. It's about time, right?! ;)  Seriously, whenever I start counting, it seems like there are tons of temptations almost immediately. In the past 10 days, I've been faced with the following:
1)  My parents invited me and the boys out for ice cream--their treat of course. I let the boys go, but I stayed home.
2)  Jerry, me, and the boys went to the Holidome for the night--encountering vending machines, pizza, and beer. I stuck to my plan while the boys had pizza and candy.
3)  My parents invited us over to their house for dinner a couple of days ago, with all kinds of yummy bad-for-you food. I turned down the invite.
4)  My mom took the boys to Pizza Hut after church on Sunday, and I had to pick them up there. Of course, I arrived right as their pizzas arrived to the table, so I sat there while they ate.
5)  I went to Renee's for a bonfire, and turned down wine and s'mores. The only thing I had was one marshmallow.
6)  The boys had an open house at their school yesterday to meet their teachers, and of course there was an ice cream social. I gave the boys their ice cream and watched them eat it.

These situations rarely come up when I'm not counting calories! I feel like I'm finally back to where I was when I was losing weight, where I had total control and didn't let anything get in the way. Right now, I'm super determined to be in the best shape possible for my tummy tuck (IF I get the tummy tuck--still haven't heard anything from the insurance company).

Have you been faced with temptations lately? How do you handle it?


  1. That bus mix-up is crazy. When my oldest started school, we had something like that happen, except it was on the way home. The bus got to the stop and let off the neighbor's kids, but Morrigan didn't get off. I asked the driver where he was at and he didn't even know who I was talking about. I got on the bus and looked around, but M wasn't there. I was freaking out!! Then one of the other kids who got off told me she thought M had gotten out with two other kids, ones that were the kids of our former babysitter in town. I drove into town immediately and sure enough Morrigan had gone to the babysitter's house, thinking that's what he was supposed to do. But until we found him, I was really freaking out. He was 4 years old at the time, in pre-k. Eek!

  2. There's always a temptation in the way, isn't there? I constantly deprive myself. We ordered Mexican food from my favorite restaurant Monday for lunch at home on the holiday. I got rellenos and enchiladas and guacamole with chips. YUM! But, I ordered myself a salad with grilled chicken and ranch. It was sort of a treat, though, cause it was REGULAR ranch, not low fat. AND...I had about 5 or 6 chips dipped in the guac. The salad was huge, so I ate the other half of it in my lunch at work yesterday (only this time I used low fat ranch), while I sent leftover enchiladas for hubby's lunch. He's so lucky! I also ate light at my anniversary dinner out Sunday night. Sometimes I get sick of avoiding that temptation, but when I can go out and run/walk for 2 miles, and wear size 8 pants (have them on today--finally got into single digits--WOOHOO!) I guess it's worth all of the deprivation!

  3. The kids are so cute! Mine started last week. My son is always so apprehensive, but my daughter is always ready! Never fails, the minute you want to watch what you're eating, there's food everywhere?

  4. Was it a new bus driver, or something? You would think the driver would remember your older son, unless you moved since last school year.

    I'm glad we live so close to school. My son and I walk as long as the weather is okay, otherwise I drive him. I always hated the bus as a kid, so I figure he's better off avoiding it!

    I completely know what you mean about facing temptation as soon as you start calorie counting. Happens to me, too. I'm wondering if those temptations are always there and I just don't notice them until I'm super focused on calories, though...

  5. This past weekend I knew that I was going out to lunch with a friend (who never watches what she eats) and did not want to eat anything really fattening. I had an egg white omelet before I left so I would not be too hungry and ordered veggie chili and a side salad when I went out. Later I did have some chocolate with her but it was OK because I had the calories for it.

  6. I love how determined you are! I am always faced with temptation as my husband and Nana have a sweet tooth...strike that..they have sweet TEETH! Of course nana's favorite sweet is fig newtons which is also my ALL TIME FAVE. She has Alzheimer's so she asks me if I want a cookie every five seconds and then when I say no (for the fiftieth time) she says I eat cookies whenever I want, and look I'm so skinny..LOL! It sucks, sometimes I just want to eat it because it'll shut her up! HAHA!

  7. There are always goodies around the office. Today one of my co-workers brought in homemade biscotti! I was able just pass it to the next person...none for me, thanks! :) It feels empowering when I can be disciplined.

  8. The bus thing is always a crap shoot. On the 1st day Chelsea's bus came at 7:38am. Yesterday we left a little later (7:20am) and it came at 7:23am! If I had waited until 7:25 we would have been screwed! And there's usually a new bus driver every year because they pick their routes and I guess the drivers like to change it up (or get away from problem children!).

    I think I create most of my own temptations, since I'm the baker and grocery shopper for the house! Sometimes I win and sometimes the food does.

  9. Wow, you have such discipline. Some days I am fine, some days I struggle with temptation. I am down to my last 15lbs to lose . . . seem to be the hardest. I just started following your blog and LOVE IT! I just started running this year back in May . . . I have always said I am not a runner, but I know it's great for burning fat. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your journey

  10. Great job, I need lessons from you on self control! Seems like it doesn't take much for me to go off track - like life! WTG!

    Your boys are such cutie pie's!


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