July 10, 2020

Happy National Kitten Day!

Today is National Kitten Day! And I am so excited that this is the first time (and likely, only time) that we'll be able to celebrate it with actual kittens :) Next year, they'll be all grown up!

It's so hard to believe we've have them for two months already. They've grown SO much. Here is a comparison photo with a two-month difference:

We had been thinking for months about getting two male siblings from a shelter or rescue. I've always been a big proponent of adopting older cats rather than kittens because the older cats are much less likely to be adopted (everybody wants kittens).

We found a couple of tuxedo cats at a rescue, but they didn't work out (you can read about it here). However, they had several solid black kittens that were going to be ready in a month or so to adopt. My family wanted kittens so badly, and because the woman at the rescue said that black kittens are very hard to adopt out, I decided to compromise and get kittens, as long as they were black. (Eli also requested a long-haired one.)

We ended up getting a long-haired one and a short-haired one (from the same litter). We agonized over what to name them--we wanted to stick with the Friends theme, but nothing sounded right.

Ultimately, we decided to go with Chick and Duck. If you don't remember from the show, Joey and Chandler got a baby chick and duck as pets, and they named them "Chick" and "Duck". At first I wasn't crazy about the names, but I have grown to LOVE them. I affectionally call them "Little Duck" or "Duckling" and "Chicklet" or "Little Chick"

The kittens are the perfect combination of playful and cuddly. They tear around the house like crazy, wrestling with each other and chasing after toys; and then when they nap, they curl right up against my chest or face. Duck likes to sleep ON MY HEAD. Literally. Chick usually sleeps near Jerry.

We are SO SO SO glad that we adopted them! Having kittens is so much fun. They've kept us so entertained during the quarantine. If you are thinking of getting kittens, please adopt from a shelter or rescue! And I highly recommend getting two--they keep each other super busy and they love to cuddle together for naps.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last two months. I had to narrow it down from hundreds, hahaha. But let me say, it's nearly impossible to get good photos of them, because they are constantly moving. ;)

Chick has excellent balance. He likes to show it off all the time.

Duck always gets into everyone else's business, including Joey's. Duck is a little piggy and ALWAYS wants to eat!

This is how Chicklet usually sleeps :)

Blogging with kittens is tough sometimes!

Duck's regular sleeping spot on my head.

Estelle tolerated this situation for about 15 seconds. Then she hissed and ran away. But look how Little Duck seems to be smiling at her with admiration! haha

Here, Duck saw a fly and was tracking it very carefully. He eventually caught it!

Chick has two light-colored tufts of hair that stick out from behind his ears. It's so funny looking, especially from the back!

I hope the pictures warmed your heart on this National Kitten Day! :)  Remember... adopt, don't shop! And I always try not to get preachy on my blog, but I beg you--please don't ever get a cat declawed. I just feel the need to mention it when I talk about adopting cats.

Anyone have cats with fun quirks? Please share! I love reading about different personalities of cats.


  1. For almost 6 months, one of my cats had me convinced we had a ghost (which I don't even believe in!) because each night he does for HOURS and stares at the corner of our front door. We have looked for ants, mice, etc. and found nothing. The dog and other cat find no interest in the area, so a ghost just made the most sense, LOL.

    We JUST found out last week that a family of chipmunks have been living under our cement front steps. They must sleep there at night and the cat must hear them and be mesmerised by them :) My husband plans to evict them soon and deal up their entrance... we don't talk about it :( I will have to break it to the cst that his friends are moving :/

  2. They are so adorable!!!

  3. Cuter than snot!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. The kittens are so cute!

    @Sonja, one of our three cats likes to stop eating to stare at our front door, and sometimes she gets so paranoid that she walks away from her food. But the other two cats don't notice what she does. I hope we don't have some kind of critter like you!

  5. I got my 2 babies as kittens from the same litter and they are obsessed with each other and still snuggle together every single day. And yes so glad you are promoting adoption on your page! I found my 2 babies playing by a dumpster outside and they were too cute not to adopt! One is a tortie (the other calico) so I have a soft spot for Estelle, she’s my favorite foster pet :)

  6. My mom and I just turned in paperwork to see about adopting a 9 year old black dog from the shelter.


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