July 26, 2020

An Adrenaline Rush

Tomorrow, I'll write a summary of my first week of 75 Hard. Today is Day 7--I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! You can see how much I've walked this week by looking at all the loose change I picked up ;)  This is quite a haul--28 cents! Haha.

Speaking of... has anyone else heard about a coin shortage? I thought it was so odd! Instead of giving back coins for cash-paying customers at Kroger, they credit their Kroger card with the coins they were supposed to get back. And at Lowe's there was a sign about the coin shortage as well. Apparently, because the banks were closed due to quarantine (along with other places to turn in coins), the banks are short on coins. Interesting!

Yesterday was a crazy day--I'd posted about what happened with my parents' bikes and then I went out on my walk for 45 minutes. Then I worked in the garage until about 2:00 (I primed the ledge that I attached to the 2x4 sills--hopefully I'll get them painted today. My carpal tunnel has been bad, so my progress is slow). Then I came inside to change clothes and go for a second walk.

I'd like to ride my bike, but I need another day or two for my butt bones to stop hurting! (I'm sure there is a real name for them, but I keep calling them butt bones because that's the best way to describe them.) My shin splints are better. The only pain issue I have when walking is my left ankle.

This is the ankle that I injured when I fell off the ladder at Nathan's. It hasn't been the same since I fell--I think that was in February? Maybe March. I can walk (and even treadmill run) on it just fine, but whenever I supinate my left foot, I have a sharp pain. And since walking on the side of the road against traffic makes my left foot supinate a little, it causes the pain.

It's not stopping me from walking, though! In the spots where there is dirt or gravel on the side of the road, I like to walk on that. It's softer and doesn't slope like the road does. Also, I've been trying to walk on the righthand side of the road (where it's safe) so it's my right foot that supinates a bit rather than my left.

Anyway, I haven't missed any of my 45-minute workouts this week. It's always a little hard to motivate myself to do a second one each day, but the fact that I'm walking instead of running helps a lot. It's not super strenuous and I find it more enjoyable. I would love to start running again someday, but during this 75 Hard challenge, I prefer to do exercises that aren't as strenuous so that I don't get burnt out and quit. (Or injured)

Just before I was heading out for my walk yesterday, I saw a text message from a reader/friend who said to check my Runs for Cookies Facebook page because someone found my parents' bikes. My adrenaline shot sky high! I wasn't sure of the circumstances, but I wanted to make sure to claim them  before someone else did.

My hands were shaking from the adrenaline, and I hurriedly got the computer to look at Facebook. I saw that I had tons of notifications from people tagging me to let me know about the bikes. I was SO SHOCKED when I realized that they had been found--and that through social media, people connected the dots and linked the found bikes with my parents' lost bikes.

I want to give a shout out to George (manager) and Kevin (owner) from Straight Line Paint & Body (an auto body shop) in Port Huron, MI--I spoke with George on the phone last night and he said that yesterday morning, he noticed two bikes behind the dumpsters at work.

Rather than ignore them and leave them there for someone else to deal with, he took photos of them and posted them to a Port Huron Facebook page as a "found" item. Some people commented, "Hey, I saw these bikes in a post about a couple who had their bikes stolen". Then people tagged me in that post, and tagged Kevin and George in my post, and that's how we got connected.

Kevin called my mom right away and they made arrangements for my parents to drive up there and get their bikes back.

I was in so much shock that my post had actually helped (I knew it was a long shot) and I was so excited! Like I said, my adrenaline was sky high, so I headed out for my walk after messaging George and Kevin.

I was walking faster than I usually do, and I asked Jerry if he would pick me up if I just walked straight out for 45 minutes--I really wanted a change of scenery and I miss my old running routes (when I was running 6+ miles at a time).

It was a great walk. A great day altogether! :)

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  1. Once again, I commend you on taking action about your parents' bikes. So happy they were found. Go all of you!


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