July 05, 2020

Fun progress with the garage!!

I know I've been writing about this a lot lately, but there isn't much more to write about. This garage has taken over all of my free time!

Like I wrote before, I bought the paint for the garage. Since we have so much random "stuff" in the garage, I've chosen to work on it in sections. Even with painting, I decided to do one wall at a time--with both primer and paint.

Today, I sanded one wall--I used sandpaper for the tougher spots and a damp sponge for the spots that looked pretty smooth as it was. Surprisingly, it was mostly smooth! There are a few spots that I am not happy with, but I did the best I could with what I had to work with--and because the studs gave me problems in certain areas, the drywall gave me problems. And since I'm not a professional, I had to just try my best.

Basically: It's not perfect. Nowhere near perfect. But I still like it much more than before!

Anyway, I wish I'd gotten a better "before" photo of this particular wall, but here are some progression photos:

The very beginning:

After adding insulation:

Adding the drywall:

Taping and mudding:

Finally... painting!

The last two photos are nearly identical, only without/with paint (and Jerry, who had just woken up and come outside to see what I was up to). I sent the photos to my brother...

Hahaha! I wanted a color that was light enough to keep the garage from looking dark, but not SO light to show all of the scuffs that are sure to happen from moving things around in there.

From here, I still have to prime and paint the ceiling and the other three walls. Once I get all the painting done, I plan to put some sort of bead board or something to cover the concrete on the bottom part of the walls. And I will hang trim around the doorways, windows, and even the little ledges above the concrete wall.

I can't even describe how excited I am to get it done and have my garage back! There are a few projects I really want to work on, but I don't have access to my tools. I am hoping to be done within a week or so :)


  1. What a big difference!

  2. Wow, that's amazing. I would never have the patience to empty out our entire garage and do that work inside.

  3. WOW! this is amazing! you SHOULD be very proud of yourself!

  4. Looks great! You should definitely be proud of the job you have done!

  5. Your garage looks awesome!! I need to do the same thing :)

  6. I am so impressed with the work you do around your house. I wish I had that drive. Looks GREAT!!!!!!

  7. Inspiring. Do you know the color's you chose? I am rehabbing my garage and need to replace some drywall and feel that is overwhelming. I'll check out your posts for inspiration. This is the perfect time to be doing projects. I love color but shy away from using it.

    1. Yes, it's called Argos by Sherwin Williams. I used the same color that I did in my house, actually! I love the color.


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