July 04, 2020

Fireworks, Noah's Birthday, and Independence Day Walk

Last night, we went to my brother Brian's house to watch his fireworks display. The cities aren't doing fireworks displays this year, but even if they were, they don't compare to Brian's. He puts work into his all year, and as a bit of a perfectionist, he makes sure that it's amazing. The house that he and Becky have been building is done, and their whole property is just awesome. Perfect for a fireworks show!

Here is a short clip (about 15 seconds); but the whole show was probably about 10 minutes long.

My sister and Shawn came in from Illinois (they both had COVID tests the day before) so it was really good to see them. I hadn't seen Shawn in three years. I've always been close with Shawn--I actually have more in common with him than I do my own siblings!

We also celebrated Noah's birthday (just my family at my parents' house) because that way Jeanie and Shawn could celebrate with us, too. Noah is going to be 16 years old in nine days!!! I can't believe it.

Noah wanted a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields. When we get cookie cakes, we always try to get the most frosting on it by extending the typical "Happy Birthday"--so "Happy 16th Birthday Noah Benjamin" would yield more frosting. Haha! (Usually, they write much bigger than they did on this one--it would have covered the whole cake)

Riley definitely approved of the frosting :)

Today, the scheduled walk for my Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge was the Independence Day Walk--walk four miles (for the 4th of July) while wearing red, white, and blue. This proved harder than I thought--practically NONE of my running shirts fit me. And I didn't have any that were red, white, and blue.

So, I settled for wearing my American flag compression socks.

Unfortunately, it was HOT today. I wore capris for the walk, but my socks came up to where my capris ended, so it looked ridiculous. But like I said, I'm determined to complete the list!

Jerry came with me and we brought Joey. About a mile in, we stopped to let Joey jump in the lake and cool off. Then we ended up walking him home because it was just too hot for him to be walking with us. We dropped him off at home and then walked a couple more miles on our own.

It was nice to go for a long, relaxing walk together without any real agenda!


  1. Lovely fireworks! We actually did a 6 hour race to celebrate. I walked nearly 16 miles and my husband ran 32!

  2. Is Noah getting his driver's license like this week? I couldn't wait until my kids turned 16, they can do their own driving. Especially since you've said many times that it stresses you out to have to run your kids all over the place.

  3. That looks like it was quite the fireworks show! How fun!!


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