July 01, 2020

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day Walk/Run

After working so hard on the drywall in the garage on Monday, I was SO sore. When I woke up on Tuesday, I declared that it was going to be a total rest day.

So I literally didn't do much of anything yesterday. I set up a cozy spot on the couch, watched a couple of documentaries and played Best Fiends on my phone. I should have been replying to emails or something, but I truly just didn't want to do anything productive.

And you know what? It felt great! I felt a little guilty at first but I got over it and enjoyed the day.

Today, I woke up sore again and I was tempted to do another "nothing" day; but I couldn't do that. I really am looking forward to finishing up the garage. I went out there late-morning and worked into the mid-afternoon. I am SO happy that I finished getting all of the drywall tape over the seams and put the first coat of mud on them. Just a little left to go!

To totally finish the mudding and sanding, I probably have about four hours of work left. Then, I'll be ready to prime and paint!! I can't even tell you how exciting that will be. By the end of next week, I should be ready to add trim to the windows and attach the light fixtures.

Anyway, today is one of those odd made-up holidays... Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. Fun, right?

When making my checklist for the Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge this year, I added a run/walk on this day... basically, do your run or walk and then follow up with an ice cream (preferably a creative one!) and share it to the Facebook page.

After working in the garage again today, I was hot and tired and I really didn't want to go for a walk. However, I really want to complete the challenge this year, and today's walk wasn't optional if I want to complete the entire list.

I decided to go for a "stroll". If I hadn't taken Joey with me, I probably would have liked to walk a few miles; but I had Joey, so I just did a few blocks of my neighborhood (a little over a mile) and called it quits. Joey just pulls on the leash and then starts jumping when he sees another dog (he never barks--but he gets crazy excited). It's a workout just to walk him, and I just wanted a relaxing stroll while listening to an audiobook.

I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I actually haven't been into ice cream lately. Like, I can't even remember the last time I ate it! I haven't even been eating many sweets--I've been all about potato chips this year (dill pickle Lay's are the BEST). And the thought of ice cream just didn't sound very good, but I figured I could just have a little to count it toward my ice cream walk.

I let the kids pick some out at the corner store (they chose chocolate chip cookie dough). Since that didn't seem creative, I put a couple of small spoonfuls in a bowl and then added some toppings. I decided to make it a "monster cookie" flavor--I added dry oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut, raisins, and peanut butter.

I didn't really expect to like it, but it was surprisingly good! Hopefully it won't start me down an ice cream path again ;)

I'll recap my June "To Do" list tomorrow and write a new one for July. Today went by so fast!


  1. I love peanut butter on ice cream....usually with chocolate syrup! Delish!!!!

  2. I'm really sore(obliques)still from doing a new workout on Tuesday (yoga/pilates fusion)instead of lifting weights or spinning. I so wish I could lay on the couch all day, but I had to work. Good for you!


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