July 16, 2020

A Full Night's Sleep (and feeling the need for a routine)

I don't have any photos for today's post, so I'll just share a cute photo that Jerry took of Joey and Duck...

Duck really likes Joey and cuddles with him--he rubs his face over Joey's and he'll groom Joeys face and ears. It's so cute! He also likes to play with him. When Joey turns is back, Duck will jump all over him try to grab Joey's ever-wagging tail.

Last night, I took an over-the-counter sleeping pill because I could feel that I was in desperate need of sleep. I told myself that at 10:30, I'd read a book on my Kindle Paperwhite while in bed, and then I would turn the light out at 11:00.

I slept (mostly) through the night (the kittens wake me when they come cuddle next to my head) but I got up at 6:30, so that was much longer than I normally sleep. The problem was, I was SO TIRED when I woke up. Not tired enough to go back to sleep, but I had no energy at all. It could be residual from the sleeping pill, but my energy level was super low all day today.

It's frustrating! I need to create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Maybe after several weeks, it'll become habit and my body will start getting tired at certain times. I have always thrived when I have a routine, and whenever it gets disrupted (like with this COVID quarantine), I have a very hard time feeling "normal". I think it affects my mood a lot, too.

Being that I was so tired today, I didn't get much done. I worked on the garage in the morning, but I didn't accomplish much. I hung a ceiling fan and then started working on framing the windows. I thought that part would be pretty fast, but considering the studs aren't completely perfect, I have to make sure everything is perfectly square and level. I didn't get far. I even went back out there in the evening to work on it, but was just feeling tired and unmotivated so I quit after only an hour or so.

I did make dinner for the fam--fried chicken thighs. I will not eat them, which is why I never buy them, but I instead ate leftover pulled pork that I made yesterday. I get really grossed out when looking at and trimming raw chicken; if someone else made it for me, though, I'd probably eat it.

Today, I fasted until 3:00 when we ate an early dinner, and I was full when we were done eating. After that, I had a LaCroix flavored water (which you're not supposed to have during intermittent fasting unless it's in your "eating window". I made the decision to close my eating window at 8:00. This should be good if I can just get to bed at a decent hour!

Speaking of which, I'm going to end this post now so that I can read my book for a little bit before turning off the lights at 11:00. G'night!


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  2. The La Croix is fine during IF!


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