November 17, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 25

wednesday weigh-in

Today was the big day! I was dreading this weigh-in because it was the final weigh-in for my four-week DietBet. If I had been doing well with my weight loss, it wouldn't have been a big deal. In fact, with the three DietBets I've done this year, this was the first weigh-in that I was super nervous about.

Two weeks ago, my Wednesday Weigh-In was 162.8. In order to not lose my DietBet (a $100 bet!) I had to get down to 157.9. That meant 5 pounds in 2 weeks--and I hadn't lost anything in a month. I decided to buckle down and do my very best for the next couple of weeks and try to win my DietBet. It felt impossible, but I at least wanted to know I did my best.

I quit messing around--I had been taking a few days a week where I just didn't track calories and I knew I was eating too much, so I cut that out. I ate smaller portions to reduce the calories a bit. Instead of averaging about 1600 a day, I was averaging about 1400. I knew this wasn't going to be a permanent thing--I just wanted to do it for two weeks to see if I could hit 157.9 for my DietBet final weigh-in.

(This is one of the reasons I don't care much for DietBet--it can make you feel rushed when you have a deadline. It kind of goes against the advice I give people all the time: Don't make any changes you're not WILLING to do for the rest of your life.)

But anyway, I didn't do anything super drastic; I just really stuck with my plan 100%. And I really hoped that my weigh-in would go my way today. I put on the lightest clothes I could find and weighed in at 5:00 this morning. And guess what...?


(Well, this was my naked weight; I obviously put on clothes for my verification photo!)

I was at 154.6--and in shock. That meant I lost 8.2 pounds since I really buckled down on my calorie counting two weeks ago. (Last week, I was at 158.8, so I lost 4.2 pounds this week.) After being at a stand-still for a month, it felt really good to see that hard work really does pay off!

I've lost a total of 42.4 pounds since I started this in May. Back then, I thought I'd never see the 150's again. Just for a fun comparison photo, here are my "official" DietBet pictures--the first one is from May 24th and the second one is from today.

weight loss comparison

I never smile for these photos--it feels awkward to me for some reason! But I can't believe the difference in the photos. Twenty-five weeks does not feel very long. I feel like I just started doing this a couple of months ago.

So, where I'm going from here... I'm not going to do another DietBet. I really didn't like having to be so strict with my calories the last couple of weeks. I'd rather lose weight more slowly and not be so rigid. (Of course, it wouldn't have been so hard if I had worked on it for four weeks instead of cramming it into two!)

Today felt like such a relief! I didn't pig out or anything--I counted my calories and ate "normally", but just the fact that my weigh-in wasn't on my mind was a relief. I may end up gaining a little this week and I'm totally okay with that.

It's kind of unbelievable to me that I'm *actually doing it*. (Losing the weight, I mean.) I literally thought it was impossible for me to drop the weight I'd gained back. I kept thinking that I was "too far gone" to be able to get back to a healthy weight and healthier habits. And now I'm only five pounds away from the 140's and that just blows my mind.

Well, that's it! My weigh-in was verified and I officially won my $100 back. Instead of putting it right back in the bank like I've done with the other DietBets, I think I might use it for something fun. Like a new tool! Hahaha.

If you haven't seen this post (looking for readers who sell handmade items) please check it out!


  1. Wow! Congrats!! What a transformation!!

  2. Congratulations! I might need to try DietBet to get myself kicked in gear.

  3. Nice work!!! I can see it most in your face!!!

  4. You are an inspiration!! You look fantastic.

  5. You are so inspiring. I have gained back the 60 lbs I lost in 2011 and added almost 40 lb more. I feel SO FAR GONE. But I do see how just getting back into some consistent healthier eating and exercise has made such a difference for you. Makes me mad I haven't started yet. But life has just been kicking my butt lately. Kudos and thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Congratulations 👏. Those side by side photos are such a transformation already 👏! And it isn't even Tuesday 😀. Way to go for determination and success. And yes, you deserve a new tool. So you just get back the same amount you bet though? Nothing more even though you "won". How does that work when some people don't win it back? Where does the extra $ go?

    1. You actually do win a *little* more, but it's pretty insignificant (less than $10 or so) because DietBet takes such a large cut of the pot--20%! My last $100 bet, I ended up with $108 at the end. I'm hoping the six-month one will be more!

  7. Do you feel like you are in someone else’s body? I’m struggling with that a little bit. I’ve been working out consistently for 2 years, and my body has pretty much stayed the same… until about 6months ago. All of a sudden my body is letting go of the fat. (I know that it is healthy, and there is no bad reason for it happening) Don’t get me wrong, I feel great, and I am happy, and proud of the work I’ve put in. But I look at myself in the mirror all the time, because it’s hard to believe that THIS is MY body.

  8. You look fantastic and what an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing with us.


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