November 24, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 26

I'm losing track of the week numbers! I always have to go back and look at the previous week to see how long it's been. Now that I've hit 26 weeks, I've been working on losing the extra weight for half a year now. It does not feel that long at all! I think that because I'm being pretty relaxed about it, I don't feel like I'm "dieting" or "back on track". It just is what it is--just eating less food (a "normal" amount) by way of counting calories.

After such a large weight loss the last two weeks (because of my DietBet), I said that I was sure I was going to gain weight this week. I had been pretty strict about my calories for those two weeks and I just wanted to get back to "normal" (meaning eating a little more and not being so meticulous about my portions). Sure, I could have kept doing that to lose weight more quickly, but I'd rather relax a bit and lose the weight at a slower rate. There is no finish line, so it's not worth racing for!

Now, contradicting everything I just said (as well as my statement last week), I actually signed up for another four-week DietBet yesterday *groan*. I did it because I really want to continue to lose weight through the holidays. This time, however, I am not going to wait until the last two weeks, and then try to lose 4% of my weight in two weeks rather than four weeks.

If I eat normal-sized portions like I have been for the last six months, I think it's totally do-able to lose 4% in four weeks. So, I'm giving it a go. I did my first weigh-in yesterday, which is why I'm wearing what I'm wearing in that photo above. (I'm cringing at those tights--I bought them for running on the treadmill where no one would see them; so naturally, I'm posting a photo on the internet of me wearing them, hahaha.) Black is much more flattering than that blue. But when I do my DietBet photos, I never care how I look.

Ohmygosh, I nearly had a heart attack just now. I went to the DietBet website to see what my 4% goal is and it showed that my game is from Nov. 13-Dec. 10! I panicked, thinking that I had accidentally signed up for a game that started almost two weeks ago. Then I remembered that my sister needed help signing up for one, so she had me log into her account and I guess I never logged out. So I was looking at a game that she had joined for Nov. 13. Whew!

I have to get down to 152.4 by December 20th to win my game (that's weighing in with my clothes on--when I do my Wednesday Weigh-ins, I just wear my underwear). 

Last week, I was at 154.6; and today's weight...

I was at 155.8, so I gained 1.2 pounds. Not bad! I really thought it was going to be more, especially considering Thanksgiving dinner (we did that early with my family) and the leftover pie I ate the next day (I probably had four pieces of pie in two days). AND I'd made those pumpkin bars on Saturday. I definitely indulged this week, which is probably why I felt like I wanted to do another DietBet.

This was my Thanksgiving dinner plate... YUM. (Yes, I skipped the stuffing/dressing; I clearly was in the mood for mashed potatoes!) But my very favorite Thanksgiving item is my mom's sweet potato casserole. I could eat an entire plate of just that and be totally happy. (Here is her recipe)

So, even though my weight is up a tad, I'm happy with this weigh-in. I do hope to see a loss next week though ;)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! My hubby is in the kitchen bright and early starting on the food. It's only us three this time (him, me, and our rescue dog Ivy). He bought three cornish hens. Ivy gets her own. I'm so glad he likes to cook, because I don't.

  2. I think the blue tights look great on you!


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