November 23, 2021

Requests (and a couple of cool deals)

This has been Jerry and me lately! I was going to post a Friends meme to start off today's post, but then I came across THIS Friends meme, and it seemed more appropriate, hahaha:

Sadly, I did not get any transformations to post today for Transformation Tuesday! Please please take 10 minutes this week to transform something--anything--and take before and after pictures. In August, I posted a few five-minute transformations I did, so there is always something that can be done to make a difference. Even if you think it's insignificant, you might inspire someone to clean out a closet or cut their hair, or organize their shoe rack. ;)

I also want to say that I really hope to get more people to participate in advertising your handmade items shops (like Etsy or otherwise). I only have two people participating so far, and in the past there were a lot more. This is an awesome opportunity to advertise your craft! (Especially during the holidays.) If you're interested, please check out this post for the details: Looking for Crafty Readers.

I also miss doing random "Reader Emails" posts--just fun news from readers (if you get married, buy a house, get a promotion, or anything else that you find exciting and want to share). Just send me an email and share your news (make sure to attach a picture as well).

Finally, I found a couple of cool secret deals (they're not really secret). I was super excited about them, though, and I wanted to share! You know I'm always raving about my Kindle Paperwhite. I cannot tell you enough just how much it has changed my reading life. I never used to read books, but I've already read over 20 books this year!

Here is what I love about it:

1) It is thinner and lighter than a paperback. It is much easier on my hands (which I now know have arthritis). It's much lighter than my iPad mini, too! I used to think that the Paperwhite was pretty much the same as a tablet, but it's not.

2) The screen looks just like a paperback page. I keep the backlight off (unless I'm reading in the dark) and without the backlight, it looks like a regular paper page.

3) There is no glare. I can read this in the sunlight outside (and I've done that lots of times!) and see it just fine.

4) I can get books instantly via my library for free, or if I reeeeeally want a book that my library doesn't have, I'll pay for it on Amazon and it's delivered instantly. 

5) If there is a word I don't know, I can just tap it and see the definition in the dictionary. Or if there is a person's name that I can't remember from the book, I can tap it and see all of the places where that person is mentioned, so I can be reminded who it is. I can also highlight things which are saved to a different file so you can go back to them later if you want.

6) It is small enough to fit in my purse and I take it with me when I know I'll be in a waiting room or in the car waiting for the kids, or whatever. It's so slim and light that I don't even notice it in my purse.

7) You can change the size of the font--I make it bigger so I can read on the treadmill, and then smaller when I'm just reading on the couch or in bed.

Before the Paperwhite, I was an old-fashioned book person--I needed to hold the book in my hands! But then I decided to try the Paperwhite and I was instantly hooked. I knew I could never go back to reading physical books again! And if you don't like it, Amazon's return policy is amazing--you just return it, no problem.

I'm not telling you this to get a commission for my review--I LOVE MY PAPERWHITE. I just have to share that! (That said, if you use my link, I may get a small commission.) I have even bought two of these with my own money as giveaway items for my blog readers--that's how much I love them. ETA: (I just looked it up, and my commission would be $3.39--so I am clearly not writing this for the commission! Haha)

Now, the not-so-secret deal that I was talking about... the 2018 Paperwhite (which is the one that I have) is now only $84.99! I actually have the 8 GB one, and it's the 32 GB one that is cheaper--which is an even better deal. You can hold literally thousands of books on the single tiny device. That's the cheapest I've seen it. There is a 2021 version, so I imagine they are trying to sell the rest of their stock of the 2018 version. I don't know if there is a difference in the new one, but it costs quite a bit more.

Okay, if you are convinced to buy one and give it a try, I'd be thrilled if you'd use this link (it doesn't cost you anything more): Kindle Paperwhite (2018) 32 GB

(I was confused about the "with ads" or "without ads" option (see below). If you get the "with ads" option, it just means that the screen saver if you leave the Kindle on for a long time will show ads. There are no ads shown while you're reading or anything like that. It's $20 cheaper, so I would definitely do that option.)

These are the options to select if you want to get it for that price:

ETA: I just looked again on--November 25--and the price is back up to $159.99!

One more item that I wanted to share about today is that Kohl's has a Black Friday sale for Muk Luks slipper boots (I call them my house shoes because I am always wearing them around the house) for only $8.49! (They're $9.99 and then with their coupon for 15% off, they end up being $8.49.)

I LOVE my Muk Luks; Becky bought me a pair for Christmas a few years ago and I was hooked ever since. But they're expensive! On Amazon, the kind I like are $30. When I saw they were only $8.49 today, I bought two pairs for myself and a few more as gifts. These are a perfect gift for pretty much any woman you know. (I do not get any sort of commission for these--but I was excited about the sale.)

Here is the link to my favorite models on the Kohl's website: Muk Luks Fawn Bootie SlippersMuk Luks Amira Slippers and Muk Luks Hazel Convertible Slippers.

I planned (and still am planning) to do a "favorite things" post this week. I like to share some of my favorite things--some of them make the list every year, like my Paperwhite! But it's a fun post to do. I'd better start working on it; the holidays have arrived. Yikes!


  1. Yesss to the slippers. So agree with you. I didn't realize how gross the inside of my current pair was until I broke out my new pair this week. I bought a couple more pairs today at this price, too!

  2. What’s the difference between the regular Kindle and the paper white?

    1. It's thinner, lighter, and has the anti-glare screen (all three things were important to me when I bought one, which is why I chose the Paperwhite).

  3. Absolutely LOVE my PaperWhite! I'm glad you shared the link cause I need a new one - maybe a good Christmas present. I'll have to drop some hints!

  4. I love my Paperwhite too! You're the one who actually inspired me to get one! You're right I do soooo much more reading now! And the Libby app is a godsend! I'm actually considering buying one for my mom for Christmas this year. And that's a great price! I'll use your link if I decide to do that!

  5. Any trouble with inappropriate ads of kids are using? Also, do you recommend the extended warranty or any of the accessories at bottom?

    1. I can't say for sure, because I bought mine without ads (knowing what I know now, I would have saved the $20! I never see the screensaver, so it doesn't matter). I can't imagine Amazon running inappropriate ads--and I think I read somewhere that the ads are for Amazon products. (Again, don't quote me on that!)

      I did not buy the extended warranty (I never do with electronics). The only accessory I bought was a cover, but I didn't buy the one that Amazon suggests. If you just search "Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation covers" you should find a ton of them that are compatible. I think mine was only $10 and I love it--it has cats on it :)

    2. I just asked Noah about the ads, and at first he didn't know what I was talking about (because the ads aren't obvious). He said that it just shows an ad for a Kindle book, and he's never seen something inappropriate on it. Hopefully that helps!

  6. I have a Kindle Fire with ads. As stated, they are mostly for Amazon stuff: deals on Amazon products, ads for new shows/movies, ads for apps, etc. Nothing inappropriate, but possibly things kids would want to spend money on. For the Kindle Fire, the ads are only on the screensaver, when I open it up and it turns on.

  7. Okay. Okay. I'm getting the paperwhite!! I have hip hoppers (bootie slippers) I love so I'll pass on those, but thanks for the tip. When mine wear out, I'll try some of those. And thanks for the reminder about Transformation Tuesday. We just replaced our badly scratched, pitted GIANT living room window and it's amazing. Huge expense. We probably could have saved money by going with a different company, but it's the main thing we see every day. It's not completely finished. They need to finish it out. But when it's done, I'll send photos. Although, I'm not sure it counts since we didn't do it!!! I was at the library pounding out words on book deadline while they worked. :-)


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