November 03, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 23

Good grief, my mirror is dirty! I need to clean my mirror and my scale--I always notice when there is dust on them when I post my pictures for Wednesday Weigh-In, haha. Naturally, Duck wanted to be in my photo.

And just now, as I sit under my electric blanket with my computer while prepping the photos for this post, Duck just plopped himself down on my lap ;)

After last week's very small 0.4-pound weight loss, I vowed that I'd do really well with counting my calories and I wouldn't overeat comfort foods when I was feeling overwhelmed. (I've realized that it's my number one trigger--when I feel like I have way too much to do or catch up on, eating is a way to just put it all off for a little while and "worry about it later".

When my anxiety is bad, I always feel this constant nag in the background telling me that there is something I should be doing but I just can't put my finger on what it is. I hate that feeling! It's almost as bad as having a very long "to do" list and not having enough time to breathe in between tasks.

October was a very busy month. And looking at my weight record, it shows just how busy! On October 3rd, exactly a month ago, I weighed in at 162.8. And today?

Yup, 162.8. Ugh! That means I'm up 2.2 pounds from last week, and I'm not at all surprised. A whole month has passed and I haven't made any progress. Despite all my good intentions last week, it just didn't happen. I only tracked my calories on three days. I didn't completely pig out on the other days, but I know I ate too much (especially over the last few days because of Halloween candy!). Jerry took the rest of the Halloween candy to work (at my request). 

I had a really great day today, though, and I'm feeling super determined to have a great week. I'm already two weeks into my four-week DietBet and I *really* don't want to lose my DietBet. If I am going to win my money back, I have to be meticulous for the next two weeks and I'll have a chance at it.

One of the things I really want to do is to plan out meals ahead of time, and try to utilize my slow cooker as much as possible. If I can get dinner in the cooker in the morning and have it ready before Jerry goes to work, it will relieve a lot of stress.

I know cooking dinner may not sound stressful to most people, but I hate cooking. Then I have to try to work around everyones schedules and choose meals that everybody likes. We have to eat dinner early (before Jerry leaves) so I have to start cooking in the mid-afternoon. Today, I made Southwest Chicken and Beans in the slow cooker and it was SO NICE not to have to think about cooking until we were ready to eat!

So here's a question for you... what are your favorite slow cooker meals? Do you have a favorite recipe? A few of my favorites are: Split Pea Soup, Chicken Taco Soup, Copycat Wendy's Chili, and French Onion Meatballs. The Southwest Chicken and Beans I made today was good, too--I used to make that all the time and hadn't made it in a few years until today. I also make a lemon garlic chicken that's really good--I'll have to post the recipe for that soon (it's super easy).


  1. Katie, have you heard of Gaby Dalkin? Her instagram is @whatsgabycooking. She has 15 recipes this week alone for soups and stews. Her recipes are generally healthy, some are vegan or veg, others are protein based. She has several cookbooks and a podcast. I think that you'll like them!

  2. I feel like we are in the same exact boat. Ive barely made progress in months. Ill do good half the week then ugh.. xoxo

  3. I really need to utilize my crockpot more too! I would love to see a post of slow cooker inspired meals! Especially if your readers submitted some of their favorite recipes too! One of my favorite recipes is shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches. The recipe if anyone is interested!:

    3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce
    1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce.

    To Serve:
    Hamburger buns (for serving)
    Coleslaw (optional, for serving)

    Mix all the ingredients except for the chicken together. (I like to mix it in in the crock pot right away to save a dish!) And then place chicken in crockpot, submerged in your BBQ mixture. Cook on low 6-8 hours or high 3-4 hours. Remove chicken and shred. Return back to crock pot and give everything a good stir. This is delicious served on buns with a good healthy dollop of coleslaw right on top!

  4. Shredded buffalo chicken. You put chicken breast in the crock pot with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing powder. Cook until you can shred the chicken in the sauce, and serve on buns. Delish.

    We also do this with barbeque sauce and a drained can of pineapple tidbits. We put it on Hawaiian rolls and add a little dollop of extra barbeque sauce.

  5. I have learned meal planning is important but I hate doing it. I also found batch cooking helpful. The 3 dishes I make in the crock pot is chilli & chicken and dumplings. I make a really good veggie stew in the instant pot. It also makes the best baked potatoes.

  6. Bbq pork/chicken on hawaiian buns, lemon pepper chicken over microwaved frozen rice, pasta or potatoes. Use Lawry’s zesty lemon pepper 🙂

  7. I TOTALLY understand the stress of dinner time! I use our crock-pot to hold taco meat after I've cooked it. I like to cook it at lunch time in a skillet on the stove. Then leave it in the crock-pot to simmer until it is time to eat. I also like to put meatballs and sauce in the crock-pot for meatball subs or pasta. I feel like these are 2 easier meals that everyone likes most everyday! Good luck over the next 2 weeks! You've got this!

  8. I love Skinnytastes blog, she has her recipes categorized and has a good crockpot section. It always helps me when I get in a rut. Everything I have made from her website is delicious.

    I too get in cooking slumps. I find prepping and planning out meals helps. I also make double batches of chili, meatballs, enchiladas etc. Then freeze half. If I am not in the mood to cook or have been busy I just defrost a few portions and dinner is ready!

  9. Here's a link to my favorite, unstuffed cabbage rolls!


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