November 13, 2013

Post-Halloween weigh-in

Oh, boy. I really didn't want to post my weigh-in today! Last week, I didn't post one, and a few people asked about it. Thank you for that, by the way! It keeps me accountable even when I really don't want to be ;)

Having the kids' Halloween candy in the house threw me way off track, and it's been such a huge struggle to get back on. My kids were very generous with their candy, and I probably ate just as much as they did. Since then, my weight has been hovering around 140-142... which is up from 135 just over 3 weeks ago! Today's weigh-in:

I went the entire summer without seeing the 140's, so I'm bummed to see that again. But to be honest, I am surprised it's not much higher. After the amount of Halloween candy I ate, I felt like my weight should have been in the 150's or 160's. I do know how easily 5 pounds turns into 10, which turns into 20, and I don't want that to happen. So as badly as I didn't want to weigh-in today, I did. 140.5. And hopefully next week, I'll be safely back in the 130's.

The one year anniversary of reaching my goal weight of 133 is on December 12th--a month away. I would LOVE to see 133 again on that day, so I'm keeping that in mind. I don't really have any room for error, so I have to stay on track. Surprisingly, the holidays aren't a problem for me. I'm not a big Thanksgiving dinner person, and we only go to one or two holiday parties throughout the season. I don't bake, because that's way too dangerous for me. I usually don't have a problem losing weight over the holidays; so let's hope this year is the same!

I came down with a bit of a cold on Sunday after the half-marathon. Nothing serious, but I haven't been feeling my best the past couple of days. With the exception of my runs, I've been resting a lot. Yesterday and today, I spent most of the day reading a book under my electric blanket, sipping hot tea, with Estelle curled up on my lap.

She loves the electric blanket almost as much as I do. Every time I sit down, she jumps right up on my lap; if I have my computer on my lap, she gets annoyed that it's invading her space, and she plops herself right on the keyboard.

I didn't really have a plan to run today, but because I took Monday off (the day after the half-marathon), I decided to just go out and run three miles at an easy pace. I went out at 1:30 in the afternoon, and with the wind chill, it was in the low-30's. The wind was pretty brutal!

I did a three mile out-and-back, but when I was about a quarter mile from home, I decided to take a detour to my parents' house. My mom just received a whole bunch of fabric from a friend, and she told me I could take whatever I wanted, so I went over there to browse through it. There was a TON of it. Her friend, who was a quilter, passed away early this year. Her husband was just going to throw away everything, and my mom said she'd like it, so he gave it to her--a sewing machine, lots of notions, and boxes upon boxes of fabric.

It was fun going through the fabric, and I put together a good-sized bag to go back and pick up from her later (it would have been awkward to carry while I ran!). I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to make with it, but I love to sew, so I'm sure I'll come up with some projects.

I left my parents' house, and ran the rest of the way home, so my total ended up being a little over four miles, rather than three.

I noticed the past few times I've run outside, that there is a problem with my Garmin getting a little foggy spot in the center of it. That's never happened before (with any of my Garmins), and it makes me wonder if the seal is broken or something. Anyone else have that happen? I tried to get a picture, but the spot was almost gone by the time I grabbed my phone.

It's the little spot between the 09 and 09.
Speaking of my Garmin, I got a very exciting e-mail yesterday... my Garmin Forerunner 620 has been shipped!! I pre-ordered it a few months ago, and I've been super excited for it to be released. It'll be here just in time for my winter training plan. I'm really excited to try out all the new features!


  1. Hi Katie,

    I'm an avid reader of your blog but don't post too much. I have been wanting to ask though when you first started losing the weight, you said you did not do the whole salad thing and just did more potion sizes, but since you were not walking yet at the beginning and still losing were you cutting out carbs or were you still eating them? I hear so many people say they lost all this weight with just eating right and not exercising, but I just don't know how. I thought maybe it was a carb thing. I love working out but haven't lately, but even when I did religiously, I still was not losing the weight, and I believe it was my diet. I think I may try turning the tables and focusing more on diet and what I eat. I wanted to try Weight Watchers but I thought maybe I can just do it on my own for now. Anyway, I was just curious about the carb thing. Thanks! Lee

    1. Go for Weight Watchers! It'll work!

  2. My Garmin just started doing that (fogging up in the middle) this season as well! I hope someone has some insight :/

  3. Ditto on my Garmin fogging up. It's only a little over a year old, and while I really want the 620, I want it to last more than a year without issues like fogging/leaking.

  4. The crafter in me says way to go on your fabric haul! I have done some crazy things to get my hands on cheap crafting supplies, like asking an ex boyfriend to pick up a haul for me! I was actually looking on pinterest the other day for fun ways to display bibs or medals. What do you do with yours? I'd love to know!

  5. I am glad you did this post! It really helps a lot to know someone like you who has lost a lot of weight can have small set backs but then jump right back into it.I really want to beat myself up if I think everyday is not perfect. Ive lost 40 pounds and need to lose 50 more, so I need to get my head around life happens and everyday is not going to be just right on target but that does not mean the weight loss cant continue, were all a work in progress! thank you....Robin

  6. I've been DROOLING over the 620! Cannot wait to hear how you like it! :) I plan to get one soon!

  7. I hope you're all better soon! I can't run at all when I have a cold if I've got a cough, or it ends up getting so bad I have to go the doctor for a steroid. So, when I am sick I take a few days off. That is really cool about all the sewing stuff. I wish I knew how to sew. How did you first learn? I remember trying to years ago, in school, and it just didn't make sense to how the stuff comes together to actually make something. I'd love to be able to make things, but I just suck at it.

  8. My garmin did the same thing about a month ago. My first garmin died in less than 4 months so they sent me this new (refurbished) one and my first time out it got a perfect circle of condensation. It was so odd I thought it was a sticker that got left on or something. I haven't seen it since, so I don't know if it was just the perfect conditions or what. I have the 210 garmin and have not had the best luck with it so far.

  9. I'm so feeling your pain, Katie. I'm was up SEVEN pounds in sodium bloat from a binge last weekend. I'm just now getting it back down, and I'm still up a pound from what I'm considering my "true" weight. :( I know you can get to 133 by December. If anyone can do it, YOU can!!!

    Also, I just emailed you a picture of Estelle's twin sister. Haha! :)

  10. Katie, I do not have a Garmin and thought it sounded like a seal had gone bad allowing just enough moisture to cause condensate. I did, however, locate this:

    And I'm dying to know, what are you reading? I am an avid book reader and I always set the goal high. Last year I read 106 books and as of yesterday I just finished my 100th book for this year. I am always looking for a good read. Care to share any of your favorites? ~ Yvette

  11. You are such an inspiration! My hubby and I just started the couch 2 5K program yesterday and I can't wait to be the runner I used to be. What do you suggest using for cold weather?


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