November 02, 2013

Damn candy!

I don't have much to say today, so this will be a super short post. I almost didn't write at all, but when I've done that before, my e-mail was flooded with questions if I was okay, because I didn't write my daily post, haha ;)

I did SO well avoiding the Halloween candy yesterday, and I really hoped I could keep it up. But I caved today. Shortly after breakfast, I started thinking about the kids' candy, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I read a book for a little while to take my mind off of it, but I couldn't even focus on that. It's crazy how my mind was so focused on that one little thing.

Even though today was a rest day, I finally decided to go out for a short, easy three-mile run. Running almost always makes me feel better and helps me to stay on track. It was raining outside, but I headed out anyway. I ran around the neighborhood for three miles, and felt a lot better when I got back.

I'm not sure why, but my heart rate has been up higher ever since the marathon. I've been burning almost 100 calories per mile rather than my typical 80. Interesting!

Anyway, I showered and dressed in some comfy sweats... and then started thinking of the stupid candy again. And finally, I caved, and bummed some candy from the kids. My reasoning (which, when I'm thinking rationally, I realize how dumb it is) was that I could eat it, get sick of it or realize that it's really no big deal, and then be done with it and stop obsessing over it.

So I ate too much candy today, and I definitely don't feel like I want any more tomorrow. I'm going to get right back on track like it never even happened.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing up a training schedule for this winter, to work on my running goals for the spring.

I made a pretty tough schedule (lots of speed work). It's going to be fun training hard for a shorter-distance race, like a 5K and 10K. I'm so used to marathon and half-marathon training! This time the focus will be more on speed for shorter distances, so it'll be a nice change. I used the Jack Daniels' formula as a base for my schedule, so I'm interested to see how it goes. I like that I can base my training by heart rate, so I am going to start focusing on that again, too.

Well, Jerry and I are going to watch Sons of Anarchy (we're midway through Season 5, which was just released on Netflix). Have a good night!


  1. Jack Daniels formula?? Hahaha, you might not be able to walk straight much less run after that!! Lol, just kidding.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about the candy...I bummed some from my kids too! We will do better tomorrow! :)

  3. I've used the Jack Daniels formula but it it is usually with a Coke and I have a headache and embarrassing text messages the next day ;)

  4. You were supposed to tell your kids to hide their candy and not give you any no matter how much you begged for some!!!

  5. Ahaha at all the Jack Daniels comments, I thought the same thing. Glad you hammered out your training schedule and are reaching for new goals! I've sort of switched from longer distances to speed too and the change will be nice and reinvigorating!

  6. UGH ..... Halloween candy and anything else that hasn't moved has been fair game for the entire week! But tomorrow is a new day and I'll keep trying with you Katie !

    I like the Jack Daniels formula idea : )

  7. Hubby bought a HUGE bag of peanut M&Ms for a scout campout and brought it back home after it wasn't touched. It wasn't even open, so I figured I was safe ... but then he opened it. So I have that temptation in addition to all the kids candy (of which there is still plenty). I think I've tried to overdose before ... but I haven't ever been able to create an aversion yet!


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