November 30, 2013

Renee's surprise party

Renee's surprise party turned out so great last night! I honestly didn't think she'd be surprised, because the location of the party was a place where you couldn't bring someone without that person getting suspicious. I figured her husband, Dave, would have to tell her just before the party (at least) to get her in there.

When I got there, I asked Rachael (a friend who did a lot of the planning) what the story was. She said that Renee thought she was going to a benefit concert given by a close family friend. And knowing Renee, this was a PERFECT way to get her in there! I got there a little before 6:30, and a bunch of our mutual friends were there. I had a small glass of wine and tried to avoid the snacks.

Dave, Renee, and their three boys arrived at 7:00. John, the man whose concert Renee thought she was attending, was playing some music and instructed us to sing Happy Birthday as Renee walked in.  As soon as she walked in the room, and we started singing, Renee started crying and she was SO shocked. I think we all had tears when we saw her reaction. It was great!

She doesn't look anywhere NEAR 40!
I chatted with Jessica and Tammy for a while. I hadn't planned to have any cake, but when I saw how good it looked, my intentions went out the window. I took a piece, which wasn't a huge piece, but it was the corner piece, which was loaded with frosting. It was probably a 4:1 ratio of frosting to cake! I know a lot of people don't like that, but the frosting is my favorite part of cake, so I was in heaven.

After I ate that, I started feeling really guilty. If I had planned on eating it, and worked it into my budget for the week, then I wouldn't feel guilty about it at all. But I spent a huge chunk of my weekly PointsPlus on it, which left me very little until Wednesday, when my PointsPlus reset for a new week.  I know I shouldn't feel guilty, because what's done is done, but it bothered me that I was so impulsive in eating it.

Anyway, I stayed until about 9:00. I was glad that Renee opened her gifts before I left, because I was excited about what I got her! She loves heels, and after a race sometimes, she'll even buy a pair of heels to celebrate. She also loves wine (our wine club was her idea), and we get together for wine and chit chat sometimes. So when I saw this wine bottle holder, I just had to buy it for her!

Isn't it cute? They had a few different colors, but this was the flashiest ;)

Yesterday, Jerry asked me to make him some Cookie Dough Hummus to take to work. The chocolate chips were already locked up in the Kitchen Safe, so I had to go buy another bag to make the hummus. I doubled the recipe, but still only used 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. I should have dumped them out in the trash, but I put them away in the pantry without even thinking about it.

You can see where this is leading...

Today, I was feeling stressed out and binge-y, and the chocolate chips popped into my head. Grr! The Kitchen Safe has truly been a lifesaver for me, because my trouble foods are locked up for most of the day. But once I thought of those leftover chocolate chips, I couldn't stop thinking about them. And then when the kids started driving me crazy after dinner, I took "just a tablespoon". Which led to another. And then another. I finally ended up dumping the rest out, but not before I'd eaten most of the bag!

I'm going to try REALLY hard to get right back on track. Rather than depleting all of my weekly PointsPlus and starving for the next few days, I'm just going to write it off as if it didn't happen, and still maintain the same weekly PP I would have had if I hadn't binged on the chocolate chips. I need to just forget about the cake and the chocolate chips and go right back into my usual routine.

I had a fantastic run this morning! I only had three miles on the schedule at an easy pace, which I was actually looking forward to. It was a little windy, but not terrible. My easy pace is 9:15, so I tried to stay close to that pace.

Today was one of those runs where I really enjoyed it. It felt nice to be outside in the cold air and getting in some exercise!


  1. That wine rack is adorable!

  2. Yep....did the same exact thing with 1/2 bag of mini chips here today! I need to realize that I just can't keep them in the house.

  3. That is such a cute wine holder! Hope today is better for you with food. The holidays are so challenging.

  4. Love your honesty. I'm afraid I did way worse than a piece of cake and a few chocolate chips. I ate almond bark pretzels til I got sick of them! I had a lot of Chex Mix and a piece of pumpkin pie. I got STUFFED at Thanksgiving dinner, and I wish it bothered me more. Once it stops bothering us (as it did you), that's when trouble starts.

    In my past, I used to quit "dieting," and then decide it didn't matter what I ate. I haven't been that way this time, I still try every single day to be good, but more and more I find myself slipping, eating too many snacks and even ordering the wrong things at a restaurant (onion rings?).....YIKES!

    I keep thinking after the first of the year I will get back on my plan more diligently and lose this extra 15 pounds. But, I sure don't want it to be any more than those 15 pounds, so I have to be diligent from now until then to make sure it's not! I wish us both luck!

  5. I have an entire month I need to forget.

  6. I think you did a good thing by moving on. For me - if I dwell too much on the guilt then I decide that I have ruined my week and I'll start again on Monday (not sure why I always pick Monday's). Between my binge and Monday I end up eating everything in sight!

  7. My husband bought me one of those wine holders for my birthday, with a red shoe. I love it! (And you have yours pictured with one of my favorite wines.) :-)


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