November 12, 2013

November 12

We actually got snow last night! The kids and I were in the living room with the blinds shut during the evening, and when I was locking up the house before bed, I noticed that the ground was covered in snow. I love cold weather, but I really don't like snow. It stuck around all night and half of the day today. It just feels too early for snow!

This morning, I woke up again at 4:50. I'm so tired of waking up before 5:00! There is no need for me to get up before 7:00, but I can't sleep in for the life of me. I laid in bed this morning, trying to fall back asleep, before I finally decided to get out of bed at 6:00 and run on the treadmill. If I was going to be up that early, might as well be productive!

I'm not following a particular running schedule until my winter training starts on the 25th, but I've actually been using last year's runs as a mock-schedule. I just look at what I did on this day last year, and do the same run. These are last November's runs. When I tap on the particular day, I can see my pace and map of where I ran, and all that.

Since someone is sure to ask, this app is called
"LogMyTraining Pro"; I like it because I can sync
it with my Garmin.
So on this particular Tuesday last year (the 13th), I ran 3 miles in 26:59. So today, I decided to run 3 miles in 26:59 or less. There is no real purpose for copying last year's runs! I just needed some direction until the 25th.

I set the treadmill at an 8:45ish pace to start, and then during the last mile, I kept increasing the speed just to get done faster. I really picked it up for the last half mile or so, and ran at a 6:58 pace for the last two-tenths of a mile, just to see if I would have a heart attack ;)

After showering, and getting the kids off to school, I made breakfast. I got this box of Breakfast On the Go! from Kroger for one of their Free Friday coupon downloads (they have a coupon every Friday for a free item). I figured that since today is Taste Test Tuesday, might as well give it a try. I chose to get the Apples & Cinnamon flavor.

I peeled and chopped an apple, sprinkled it with cinnamon, and then microwaved it for a couple of minutes until it was soft. Then I topped it with the Breakfast On the Go! packet and a drizzle of almond butter.

The whole thing was 7 PointsPlus, and it was very satisfying. The Breakfast On the Go! is really just like a granola--oat clusters with dried fruit and nuts (in this case, it was apple pieces, raisins and almonds). It's very crunchy, which goes good with the soft apple.

The packet was 5 PointsPlus, which seems like a lot for such a small amount, but granola is always high in calories. I rarely eat just a bowl of granola and milk, like I would cereal, because of the small serving size; but when bulked up with an apple and some almond butter, it went a long way.

I don't know why I feel like this is worth mentioning, but today is the three year anniversary of when I broke my jaw. It was a very significant event in my life--I tend to think of everything in terms of "before I broke my jaw" and "after I broke my jaw".

The whole jaw incident was just so strange! I'd never broken a bone in my entire life; nor had I ever fainted. And then November 12, 2010 happened. The whole long story is here, but basically, I put Noah to bed and then became extremely nauseous and dizzy. I started to walk to the bathroom, thinking I was going to throw up. Next thing I knew, I woke up face-down on his floor, my face in a puddle of blood. There was a hole in my lower lip and in my chin (where the bone had punctured through) and my jaw was horribly misaligned in several spots.

My mom took me to the hospital, where I spent six days, having two surgeries. I'd broken my jaw completely through in five places. The doctors were never able to tell me why I fainted, but they believe it was because of my low blood pressure. Strangely enough, I don't associate my jaw incident with bad memories; I actually have really good memories from that time!

I learned just how much my family loves me. I've had depression ever since I was a kid, and I always kind of felt like a misfit in my family, like I wasn't good enough to belong. They never gave me any reason to feel that way; I think a lot of it had to do with my weight (I was the only overweight one).

But when I broke my jaw, my whole family immediately pulled together to do whatever I needed, without my having to ask for anything. I wrote about it all in detail here, but to put it simply, they were fantastic! I still can't even think (or write) about this without crying. I just feel like it made my family so much closer.

My friends were amazing during that time, too: picking up my kids from school, chauffeuring them around (I couldn't drive), making dinner for my family, coming to visit me to keep me company, etc. They didn't wait for me to ask for help; they just took charge and said did it, which was such a relief to me.

So, I think the reason November 12th is such a significant day for me is because I was finally able to open my eyes and see how much everyone really cares for me. In the peaks of my depression, I used to think that nobody would even bat an eye if something happened to me. The whole incident with my jaw made me realize how wrong I was.

It was also my jaw surgery that led to my skin removal surgery. Prior to breaking my jaw, I was terrified of anesthesia, and wouldn't even consider skin removal surgery. After my jaw surgeries, which weren't exactly optional, I was over my fear and I started the process of finding a surgeon. Almost a year to the day after my first jaw surgery was when I had my lower body lift, which has been life changing (in a good way) as well!


  1. I so understand what you mean about your broken jaw and life before and after. For me that incident was a helicopter crash. It took a moment that dramatic for me to wake up about some things! I also think about life before it and after it.
    Your breakfast looks good!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love how you were able to find the silver lining in breaking your jaw! Nothing in life is better than the love and support of family and friends. We all need to be reminded of that sometimes in our "busy" lives.

  3. You're so strong, Katie! How amazing you are able to associate such a traumatic moment with feelings of love and belonging. Congrats for all you've overcome!

  4. Katie, I teared up a bit myself reading about your "anniversary" and can completely relate. I didn't have an accident but had a very significant health issue back in 2006 that lasted several years-I'll never be completely healthy but I'm pretty damn close. My point is, my family and friends also didn't bat an eyelash and I couldn't have gone through all the things I did (50+ surgeries from 2006-present including a kidney transplant) without the help from everyone. I also always felt like the "black sheep" in my family, and still do to an extent today, but can honestly understand what you mean about not feeling like you fit in with the rest of your family. While I'm not glad you had this horrible accident, I am glad you were able to feel that unconditional love from your family and friends. I'm also glad you've healed an hope you never experience anything like that again!

    You're a super strong woman, for many reasons, and are most definitely an incredible role model-not only all your readers here, but to your family, friends and most especially, your boys.


  5. Katie,

    I also had a life changing event on 11-12-10. My jaw just dropped when I realized you broke your jaw on this date. I was 23 weeks pregnant and went into premature labor on 11-11-10. Our little angel, Elliana, was born on 11-12-10. She didn't make it and was stillborn. She would have been 3 today. She changed my life. I took control of my life and lost 95 pounds in one year. We now have a healthy 10 month old little girl named Lydia. She has also changed my life and is an absolute blessing to us!

    You are such an inspiration to so many! I feel like I know you :)


  6. Wowzer, snow in November - you're right, that's a tad too early. Awesome post though, and I think you're attitude towards your broken jaw and your family becoming closer is so nice, very positive too :)

  7. So glad you realize just how important and moved you are! Thinking of my kids without a mom is what spurred my weight-loss. Although I never suffered from depression, I AM happier now.

  8. It's funny how an incident like this can make you see what was really there all along. I too had always felt like I was inferior to everyone else, because of my weight. It was the overriding aspect about me, to me and I felt, to everybody I knew. I know your family would have been there for you even if you had still been heavy when you broke your jaw--they love you--no matter what size you are. I think we need to remember that, even now, after losing weight. We have value and we ARE loved at any weight, because of who we are inside. And now that you are beautiful on the outside too, it simply matches the inside that was always there and that your family and friends knew and loved.

  9. I still remember reading those updates, when it happened, and thinking that your family was pretty amazing! What a wonderful outcome of a scary situation!

  10. Happy jaw-a-versary! That is awesome you are able to see the positive in what was a really trying time.

  11. Katie - It's so funny how things happen. In July my daughter was scheduled to have her jaw broken (to correct an issue that she was born with). I scoured the Internet for someone to help us get through it, I had so many questions. What could you possibly feed someone on an 8 week liquid diet, how would she feel not being able to open her jaw, how long was recovery, how would we deal with sadness, frustration, on and on. And then thank heavens we found you!

    I read your recipe ideas and actually found peace in understanding that you look back on the event with affection. My daughter pulled through like a champ and I really attribute part of that to you. I've always wanted to tell you thank you but felt so random and today it just feels right with it being your 3 year anniversary!

    I've continued following your blog because you are simply amazing - you are real and honest and you crack me up most days. I am a mom of 4, three boys and a girl. I have a daily struggle with my weight. To be completely honest with you it feels out of control right now. I am having problems just getting started and motivating myself to do something about it. I like your blog about determination vs will power.

    Anyways - thank you for being there in more ways than you know. I hope you blog for a long time to come! You are a blessing. :)

  12. Just got that app and I LOVE it. I love that I was able to go back and get all of my runs from 2010 - present. VERY cool!

    Thank you for sharing!


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