November 08, 2013


Jerry was off work today, so we spent a nice morning together after we got the kids off to school. Since we canceled cable, we haven't been able to watch the fourth season of The Walking Dead; so this morning, we decided to huddle around my computer and watch it on the computer. It ended up being pretty comfy, actually! We laid on the bed and watch the first episode.

Because Jerry was off work, he decided to surprise the kids by picking them up from school at lunchtime and taking them to the movies. They went to see Thor, which didn't interest me in the slightest, so I decided to go for my run while they were gone. I originally planned to run seven miles today, but since I'm running a half-marathon on Sunday, I realized it probably wouldn't be too smart to do that. I settled on five miles.

I was praying I'd have a good run today. I haven't had a run that I felt really GOOD about since the Chicago Marathon, and it was getting really discouraging. I wanted to feel confident in pacing Stephanie for her half-marathon on Sunday, and it didn't help that I've been struggling through my runs lately.

Jerry told me it was "freezing cold and windy" outside, so I dressed for freezing cold and windy. I don't know why I ask him, because he's way too dramatic! ;)  I wore a long sleeved tech shirt and a fleece over it, with gloves. When I stepped outside, I thought maybe I would be a little warm, but didn't want to go change, so I just started running.

I planned to run an easy pace, so that I could save my energy for the race. I felt like I was running at about a 9:30 pace (which has been a struggle lately). About a tenth of a mile in, I looked at my Garmin to make sure I started it and it was working (one time I ran a whole mile before I realized I forgot to start my Garmin). I saw my pace was in the mid-7:00's!

I thought, "Okay, there's something wrong. That can't be right..." and then I stopped running and stopped my Garmin. I turned it off and turned it back on, so it could relocate satellites. When I started running again, I made sure that I was running at what felt to be a 9:15-9:30ish pace. When I looked at my Garmin, I saw I was actually running a pace in the low-8:00's.

The distance on my Garmin was exactly what I expected it to be, so the pace was correct--I was shocked at how good I felt running at that pace! When I finished the first mile in 8:16, I forced myself to slow down. I kind of wanted to run hard to get that "runner's high" feeling when I was finished, but the last thing I wanted to do was wear myself out for Sunday.

With the exception of feeling way too hot and overdressed, I felt SO great the rest of the run! It was exactly the mental boost that I needed.

My kids have been begging me to get these little rubber bands that they can use to make bracelets. I guess they are very popular at their school, and "all the kids" have them ;)  I'm all for them doing something creative rather than watching TV or something, so this afternoon after my run, I went to the craft store to get the rubber bands.

There was a HUGE display of them, with a sign that says, "As seen on YouTube!", so apparently they are pretty popular.

They're just a bunch of little rubber bands that you loop together to make bracelets. The kids were super excited, and spent the whole afternoon making bracelet after bracelet.

Noah made me a girly one with his pink and purple bands, and I think it's actually pretty cute! I will wear it proudly. Jerry was lucky enough to get an all-pink one, haha.

I can remember making friendship bracelets when I was in elementary school out of embroidery thread. We would have dozens of them on our arms, and trade them with friends. I can't believe I'm now old enough to have two kids that are in the bracelet-making age!

Speaking of my age, I've gotten a few questions about my Virtual 5K for my birthday. A virtual race is basically a race that you do on your own, anywhere, and report back afterward. The date for mine will be on my 32nd birthday--Saturday, January 25th. (It's free, of course.)

Jerry and Stephanie designed the logo :)
On that day, you can run or walk 5K (3.11 miles) anywhere you like, at whatever time you'd like. You can even use the treadmill! I'll even have a bib that you can print and wear while you run, or just for a picture afterward. When you're done, I'll have a form that you can fill out with your name, where you're from, and your finish time, and I'll post a list of the results once I get them them all in. You can also post pictures on my Facebook page, with a short recap of your race (I love to read about what the weather was like in your neck of the woods, how you felt, if it was your first race, how you're celebrating, anything you'd like to share!).

I'm going to have a prize (or two or three), which will be given at random to a few finishers. I don't know the details of the prizes yet, but I think I'd like to put together a box of a few of my favorite things to give away.

There was an awesome turnout last year, with nearly 500 finishers! Here is a link to the results page that has some fun stats on the bottom. But you can see, you can walk or run, fast or slow, in a group or by yourself, whatever you'd like--it's just supposed to be fun! I'll put up an "official" sign-up soon, but I wanted to explain a little in case you may be interested :)


  1. I'm going to be about 38 weeks pregnant for your virtual 5K this year, but I just joined a gym that has treadmills in the water so I can keep jogging as long as my little guy can handle it. Depending on how things go, I'm gonna try to make it again this year! Can't wait!

  2. I think kids are using these.,default,pd.html

  3. So happy to hear you had a great run! And awesome pace!! I hope that once I'm able to run and with the cooler temps now in Texas ill have some faster times and good runs. Although for me chicago was the best run I've ever had as far as how I felt and fun factor! Loved it so I'm happy that I have that memory in my head!!
    I too made the friendship bracelets as a kid out of the embroidery thread...I made tons of them. Trends (though they're different kinds of bracelets) always make their way back it seems!

  4. Just want to say thanks again for blogging. Your virtual 5k was my first race. I was excited scared and so proud. My bib is stikk on my refrigerator! I did it on the treadmill. 43 minutes. Ive since done 3 5ks, 1 10k, and hoping for a half finish in mid Dec. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Kellyp from sc. 93 pounds gone!!

  5. Just a few ideas: start a cafe press shop so folks who want to could get a shirt & how about some of your homemade headbands & boys' bracelets as prizes?

  6. I'm too excited! Last year was a huge feat for me, because I was just getting back into running. I've ran a half marathon and done a relay run since then. It will be fun to compete with my last year's time. I think it's so awesome you're doing one again for your birthday.

  7. That's so funny that your boys like to make those braelets too. I finally bought one of those looms with the bands (a knock-off of the Rainbow Loom) with a coupon last weekend and my 8-year-old son literally spent the entire day Sunday making them. I was not sure if that is just a trend where we live (NE) but it is fun to see your boys making them too!

    Just have to say that after reading your blog for almost a year and have been very interested in reading about your running, I have been run/walking for the past few weeks consistently. That is MAJOR for me! I have trained and competed with weights for years, but running has always seemed impossible for me. Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. Congrats on the awesome run! I remember making about a million friendship bracelets as a kid, and I am so glad stuff like that is still popular :) I'm so excited that you are doing the virtual 5k again! When I first found your blog, I was reading about last year's and thinking how cool that was - I can't wait to be part of this year's!

  9. my daughter's friend here in the UK is making those bracelets too and selling them to her friends, my daughter bought 2 of them off her :) I think I'm going to get her some of those rubber bands etc for xmas so she can make her own :)

  10. I am eagerly waiting for the run! And its good timing too since I am training for a 8k already :)

  11. there is a loom you need to get so you can make all the different ones ;)

  12. Suffering through a back injury...awful, but would love to run your birthday 5k! If im healthy. You definitely need to put one of those adorable bracelets in the prize pack!
    Cathy in florida

  13. Your boys need the loom! Also, you should put a Roku on your xmas list if you aren't turning cable back on. Then you can watch shows on your tv instead of your laptop. You can get hulu plus on the Roku for about $8 a month! Way cheaper than cable.

  14. I've seen the bracelets on the web. So far my 10 year old hasn't said anything about them but I've noticed that trends seem to take a bit longer to get to CA lol.

    The virtual run is so fun! I'm going to be 40 in Feb, would be fun to get some people to run with me.

  15. hey^^
    when i tried to lose weight i learned a lot that surprised me. it´s actually quite easy when you avoid addictive foods and of course i felt the need to write about it ;) would mean a lot when you would read it, you won´t be disappointed! :)

  16. Oh, those bracelets are a hit for my kids too! Maybe everyone really does have them! Love your blog. You are very inspirational!

  17. Hi Katie! I realize as you're talking about your virtual 5K that I started following your blog the day you held it last year. Thanks for almost a YEAR (for me) of daily inspiration and encouragement! I am awed by you- thank you for all you've done for me!

    If you're willing to set up a PayPal account, I'd happily donate an entry fee for the 5K to help cover shipping costs for prize winners. Or just as a way to give back for all you've done for me this past year. :) -Emma

    1. Emma, that is SO very generous of you to offer! I wouldn't feel right accepting money for that, though. It makes me happy to help get people moving! :) But thank you so much for thinking of me.

  18. The only reason I would go see Thor is to see Chris Hemsworth!

  19. Katie, are you going to make the logo available for download so we can iron transfer them onto shirts?

  20. My daughter is a little young for the bracelets, but I wanted to do something special with her last Tuesday when she didn't have school. We made that same purple and pink bracelet. :)
    For the second one we added a couple beads that we found. It took me back to the days of friendship bracelets too.

  21. Rainbow Loom bracelets are all the rage here too. There is a very cool plastic holder that helps hold the rubber bands in place. It's being sold on Amazon. The bracelets are called "Rainbow Loom"...

  22. The bracelets are a HUGE thing here, with kids in HS doing them, too.

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