November 02, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 75

This photo is from Halloween night, but I just wanted to show my costume to *someone*--I usually don't dress up for Halloween because we don't go anywhere. This year, we still stayed home and passed out candy, but Jerry has been a huge Ghostbusters nerd for the last couple of years and I figured I'd join in on his fun. (By "fun", I mean he actually thinks he's a Ghostbuster when he wears his costume, haha.)

Anyway, my weigh-in today was mildly alarming (is that an oxymoron?) but I feel okay with it because I'm still within my goal weight range (125-135 pounds), and I started 75 Hard yesterday, which I'm sure will help keep me from gaining more. Still, this is the third week in a row that I've gained, so I want to keep that in check.

I got out of my routine of eating an afternoon snack and a late dinner--the late dinner helped keep me from snacking at night--and I know it's the reason my weight has gone up again. I've been eating dinner early (at around 4:00) and then snacking too much at night. Pretzels and hummus isn't the worst thing to snack on, but it could be better (red peppers and hummus sounds delicious, actually!).

I'm going to make it a point to eat a late dinner when I can, and if I have to eat early, then my back-up plan will be a healthier, lower-calorie snack. I also need to go to bed earlier. I don't think I'll ever "cure" my insomnia, but if I read before bed instead of watch TV or play a game on my phone or something else, I can usually fall asleep earlier.

Today was a lot rougher than yesterday as far as 75 Hard goes! I woke up with a bad headache, and I put off going for a walk with Joey until late morning. I told Becky I would babysit Luke and Riley while she and Brian went to parent-teacher conferences at Luke's school, so I had to get my first workout done before I went to their house.

When I put on my shoes, it felt like something was pressing really hard on my left heel. I took off my shoe and there was nothing wrong with it. Then I looked at my heel, so noticed this nasty bruise. 

When I was doing the Wii Fit yesterday, I was kicking my heels back behind me and I was a little too close to the coffee table. I hit the coffee table with the back of my heel *really* hard. It was blindingly painful for a few minutes, but I forgot about it until I put on my shoes this morning. I wondered what I should do--I couldn't walk without limping--but again, I thought of David Goggins' book and I knew I could make myself do the walk. So, I walked with Joey, doing the same route as yesterday, and after a few minutes I forgot about the pain in my heel. It doesn't hurt unless I'm wearing shoes, but I got used to the pain.

Luke and Riley--being 5 years old and 4 years old respectively--are, well, exhausting. I had so much fun with them today, but I was wiped out when I left. My head was still throbbing on the way home, but I knew I had to make dinner and do my second workout. I was so relieved when I got home and remembered that there were leftovers in the fridge from yesterday!

And as for my second workout, I was just so tired that I decided to go for another 45-minute walk. Jerry had about 50 minutes before he had to leave for work, so I asked him if he'd want to go with me. He did, and it went by so fast! It was fun; we had a good conversation about maintaining friendships. In the car on the way to and from babysitting Luke and Riley, I'd listened to a great podcast episode called "Why Is Adult Friendship So Hard? 5 Lies You Tell Yourself & the Truth You Need to Hear" by The Mel Robbins Podcast. It rang so true for me and it really made me want to get in touch with people that I want to maintain friendships with but just haven't been putting in the effort.

When Jerry and I got home I still had a few minutes left to go for my workout, so I did the hula hoop. My legs are really sore from the squat machine yesterday, so I didn't even want to attempt that again today. The walk, followed by a few minutes with the hula hoop, was just what I needed.

Eli and I are going to watch an episode of Dexter and then I'm going to read a little before going to bed. Tomorrow I have to get a few things from Lowe's so that I can (hopefully) finish up the bathroom soon!

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  1. Ouch! That bruise looks gnarly. Please take care of it (and you). We have a saying in our running group: Be a bad a$$, not a dumb a$$. Hugs too.


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