November 16, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 77

These are my "work clothes" for when I do things where I'm going to get messy. I've accidentally ruined so many clothes! The pants in this picture are from Lululemon (although I got them at Salvation Army) and I *loved* them. They were so comfy and quality was the best of any yoga pants I've owned. Then I got white silicone caulk on them and that doesn't come out of ANYTHING. Since they were already ruined, I cut the hems so that I wouldn't fall while climbing the ladder (that's happened before--I've stepped on my pant leg and slip off the rung). Now they are covered in wood glue, caulk, and paint. I'm grateful that drywall mud is water soluble! Otherwise I'd have no clothes left.

What a week! My thoughts, plans, and goals have been all over the place this week. And unfortunately, I didn't do very well with minimizing snacking at night, which was one of the things I wanted to focus on. I don't know when or why it became an issue, but it's been so hard trying to get it under control!

I actually wasn't at all surprised that the scale was up today:

I'm still within my maintenance range, which I chose to be 125-135, so I'm cool with my actual weight. I just don't want it to keep climbing; I'm afraid that it won't stop. I'm thinking that I probably need a smaller range--like five or six pounds--because the difference between 125 and 135 is a whole clothing size. At around 130, my jean size changes. It's so odd to have discovered that! 

I'm not sure if the gain is related to this at all, but I tried changing up my breakfast and lunch this week. All year, I'd eaten the same things for breakfast and lunch--I like them, they're very filling, they're convenient, and they're super healthy. I was really cold one morning and decided to make hot oatmeal instead of eating my usual Grape Nuts cereal. And after that, I just started eating all sorts of different things though the week. 

Nothing has been as satisfying (physically or mentally) as my usual meals. When trying different foods I was hungrier throughout the day, so I ate more snacks; but I still never really felt satisfied. My stomach has been feeling like a bottomless pit! So today, I went back to my usual foods and I'm feeling better. It's only early evening, though, so I'll have to see if I can stave off the snacking tonight.

I think I only ran once this week. Once I quit 75 Hard, I started focusing on getting the bathroom done. Finishing up the drywall mudding around the shower, cutting the molding, framing the little cat door/hole at the ceiling, and some other stuff. I'm excited to hang the cat shelves, but I need to paint first and I still haven't decided on a paint color.

Tomorrow, I'd like to prime the walls, but I'll have to see how my carpal tunnel is feeling in the morning. Remember how bad my carpal tunnel was a few years ago? I still have problems with it on and off since then, but usually only for a few days at a time when I overdo working with my hands. Since starting on the bathroom, it's been getting worse and worse. Last night, I woke up during the night because the pain was really bad; I'm going to have to start wearing my wrist braces again. It's super frustrating! Everything I do involves my hands, so there really isn't a way to rest them.

Anyway, the past week has been a challenge in several aspects. I feel really good about the progress I've made on the bathroom, though, and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as that goes. This week, I (once again) want to try to stop the excess snacking. Why does it seem so hard?!


  1. So excited to see the progress on the bathroom and more importantly to hear you sound excited (and more relaxed) too. I'm taking a writing class (yes, even writing teachers and published authors need teachers) and the main thing they are stressing is to NOT CHANGE ALL THE THINGS! Is it possible that in trying to do 75 Hard that you changed too many things? Supposedly, that's a guaranteed recipe for disaster. I honor all your decisions and especially enjoy it when you show your process of trying a thing, figuring out it works or doesn't, and regrouping when needed. Isn't that just life? More hugs.

  2. Whenever I'm really snacky at night, that usual means I didn't eat enough earlier in the day. Sometimes I'll just have another serving of a meal if I think of it, instead of snack after snack, that way I know it's a good mix of macros, fat/protein/carb instead of all carb which my usual snacks are.

  3. You might ask your sister or rheumatologist for advice about stretches for your hands, or daytime braces. I have boxes of tricks that I pull out to help my chronic pain. (Ice, heat, meds, stretching, massage, tens unit, braces, tape, creams, etc.) Some help more than others, but the cumulative effect is much better than any piece individually. Now that you know diet helps a ton, maybe you can still add a few things to your chronic pain arsenal.

  4. I wanted to ask you about your favorite running tights, but I think you answered my question. Lululemon? I couldn't find the pair I bought a few years ago: UA in medium. I've worn them out. So I ordered Nike black tights. I didn't see they are "Tight fit", so the medium had to be exchanged for large. Nike was nice to work with for exchanges, fast, and friendly.


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