November 09, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 76

(Damnit! This was supposed to post on 11/9, and I forgot to click "publish"; so it probably won't get delivered via email.)

I'm so excited I can wear this shirt! (It's a size XS, so I'm sure it's supposed to be big like that. Probably not wrinkled, though.) I've had it in my "sewing pile" for months.  The sides were split (intentionally) and the back of the shirt was longer than the front. I didn't like that, but the shirt was SO COZY and soft and I love the design, so I bought it (at Goodwill). Then it sat with other clothes that I needed to alter for the longest time. Finally, I removed the ribbed hem and cut the shirt so that it was symmetrical, then reattached the hem. It's the most comfortable shirt I own. Too bad I can't wear it anywhere because there will be black Duck fur all over it!

Well, I have Day 1 of 75 Hard under my belt (again). I went for a run this morning to kickstart my challenge; running gives me a big mental boost when I'm done. I wanted to work on the bathroom and I almost put off starting Day 1 until tomorrow, but I am just sick of overthinking *everything* about the stupid bathroom and I just want a break from it. I'm the worst when it comes to overthinking. It's a terrible habit (personality trait?) and it makes decision-making take forever.

I had a pretty good week, considering I was doing 75 Hard until I had to restart. I got in a ton of exercise, felt very hydrated, and I was still eating healthy vegan food. However, I did too much snacking after dinner--another bad habit--which inspired me to add a "rule" to my diet while doing 75 Hard. After dinner, I can have 300 calories in snacks. That way, I can eat what I'm craving, but I won't overdo it.

I was worried I'd gain weight again this week, but maybe the extra exercise canceled out a lot of the snacking, because I saw my weight was exactly the same as last week: 132.6.

So, that becomes my official starting weight for 75 Hard as well. The challenge isn't about weight loss, so my weight doesn't really matter, but I am curious to see what happens over the 75-day period. I took my body fat percentage as well. My body fat is considered normal (21.1%) so I'm not necessarily trying to lower it; but again, it will be interesting to watch it over the challenge. If my weight goes up and body fat goes down, that will show I'm building muscle. I should take a few body measurements, too--it's been a long time since I did that.

The non-fiction book I decided to read is 'Finding Ultra' by Rich Roll. I read it before, years ago, and I really liked it. I don't remember very much about it but I held onto the book because I liked it so much. It's a memoir, and not necessarily a "self-development" book, but I think this is acceptable for 75 Hard--written in the publisher's description is: 

"Finding Ultra is a beautifully written portrait of what willpower can accomplish. It challenges all of us to rethink what we're capable of, and urges us, implicitly and explicitly, to 'go for it.'"

I remember how inspired I felt when I read it before. And now that I feel excited about running again, I think reading this is good timing! (Edit: After reading my 10 pages today, I think I may have been referring to 'Ultramarathon Man' by Dean Karnazes. 'Finding Ultra' is starting very slowly, so I'm not sure I'll continue it. Gah!)

After my post yesterday where I mentioned missing my Kindle, Jeanie (my sister) told me that in a later interview, Andy Frisella said that Kindles/e-readers were okay. I still want to read 'Finding Ultra', and my library doesn't have the Kindle version, so I'm going to have to read the paperback after all!

Overall, I'd consider this week to be a win. Like I said before, I'm not sure how long I should do my Wednesday Weigh-Ins, because I'm not looking to drop more weight; but after having gained the last three weeks, I definitely don't feel like I want to quit the accountability yet. So my progress may be pretty boring from here forward, but I think of that as a good thing--I've never truly gotten the hang of weight maintenance--and my plan is to try to maintain my weight between 125 and 135. If I can do that, I'll be thrilled!

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  1. I can see how you might think Wednesday weigh-ins would be boring for us, but it's inspirational to see you maintaining. I get the thrill of losing weight, but maintenance is a real trick and I personally like reading about how you do that, and watching you succeed week after week!


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