June 13, 2013


Phoebe is one smart little kitty. She's been waking me up every day at 6:00 on the nose, in the most annoying way possible. She knows that I scold her when she claws the carpet, and usually, she's very good about scratching her scratch pad instead of my carpet.

Recently, though, I wake up to the sound of her clawing the carpet in my room. When I yell, "Phoebe!" she runs out of the room. Then I start to drift back to sleep, and she does it again. When I lift my head up to look at her, she gives me this look that says, "I dare you to get out of bed and stop me!"

Since I don't want my carpet turning into shreds, I get out of bed and feed the cats.  If I close my door, all of the cats go nuts and try to get inside, so I can't lock her out. She has me trained very well. ;)

The boys had their third and final day of football day camp today (just a couple of hours each morning). I put on my running clothes before I took them to the football field. After I dropped them off, I decided to run an out-and-back route from my car.

I had four miles at easy run pace (8:55-9:53) on the schedule today. Out-and-back routes are easy to do on the fly, because you don't have to worry about making the run too long or too short. You just run out for half the distance you're going to cover, and then turn around and run back.

My legs felt very heavy today, and it was discouraging to see my pace. A couple of miles in, I switched my watch over to see my heart rate, and my heart rate was in the high part of Zone 3, so I knew I was working at the right intensity. It wasn't super hot or anything, so I don't know why my pace was sluggish. I guess it was just an "off" day for me, which happens sometimes.

When I got to the turn-around point, I thought that if I kept going, I could do a big loop that I estimated would be about four miles. So I nixed the out-and-back idea in favor of exploring uncharted territory (at least as far as running goes).

Around three miles in, my legs finally started warming up and feeling a little better. It turned out that I had estimated the loop route distance very well! When I reached the car, my watch showed 4.06 miles.

Yesterday, I had my food all planned out. After dinner, I had used 26 PP, and then I planned to have a glass of wine and a Dove Promise--like I do every night. I was reading my book, and couldn't put it down. I kept telling myself (and Jerry) "One more chapter!" We usually watch a show together after the kids are in bed, and that's when I drink my wine.

Well, I was so into the book that I skipped my wine completely last night! That never happens. It looks like Lisa Gardner is going to be my best friend this summer ;) I went to the library's website last night to request the first book in the series (I'd read the fourth book, because I didn't realize it was a series), and it wasn't available! It's an old book, so naturally, I assumed it wouldn't be checked out. But it's not due back until the 26th. So I just requested the second book for now. I don't think it matters much if I don't read them in order. Just as long as I am engrossed enough to stop focusing on food!


  1. I have 3 kitties and they are getting up earlier and earlier now that it's light out so early. They meow and rattle around the house, hoping I'll get up.

  2. My cat does the same thing. It drives me crazy ;)

    I have several books that I have read where I forget to eat or do anything productive for that matter.

  3. You guys have such patience! Here's what we ended up doing - purchased one of these "cat traps" as I call them:


    and putting it outside our bedroom door for a few nights. It's motion activated, and makes a noise and sprays air. Cats hate it so after a while, the cats were trained that - when the door is closed - they shouldn't bother us. :)

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    What book are you reading, Katie?

  5. I have a HUGE mirror that I keep meaning to hang but never get around to, and my cat often wakes me by 'attacking' the other cat in the mirror...or trying to free her, I've never figured it out. Either way, it's annoying, and she knows it, but her curiosity outweighs the fact that I may or may not throw a stuffed animal at her.

  6. I love Lisa Gardner! "Alone" and "Hide" were really good. I could not put "Hide" down when reading it. The good thing about her books are that, even though she has a couple series, they are all stand alone books so you don't have to read them in order.

  7. Your kitty looks like mine! Freaky, except mine is a boy. I do the same thing, pick up a book and read so I won't go crazy on food.

  8. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    LOVE Lisa Gardner!! Those books were sooooo good!

  9. We have 2 kitties (Maeby and Schmidt). Schmidt is in what I consider his pain in the ass "teenager phase" (he's about 9 months old, but I really have no idea how that equates to "human years"). He is such a hand full. Maeby (4 years old) never got into the shenanigans that Schmitty is. Last week while my husband and I were gone on vacation, our friend that was coming over to feed them for us texted me that Schmitten (yes, he has many names) had "opened 5 cabinets and 3 drawers and had managed to tear open 4 of the treat bags. And he somehow locked Maeby in the basement." He's such a Schmithead! (I know, the nickname thing is ridiculous, but oh so fitting) And directly related to your story, this morning he decided to jump up onto the bed DIRECTLY ONTO MY FACE! Ooooo I was so mad! Thought I'd share his latest escapades so you don't feel all alone =)

  10. I've read several of her books they are great but get into your head a lot.

  11. hi - i'm a new reader to your blog, and i'm also new to WW. i'm sorry that this is so grossly off topic from what you blogged about, but i've been lurking for a bit. when you mention going over your Points Plus for the week - are you referring to your daily points + the flex points for the week? do you count your exercise points (since you're clearly working out hard!) towards food, or do you not allow yourself to touch that bank of points? thanks for any info - your blog is a nice anchor for me as i try out WW for the first time!

    1. Hi there, and thanks so much for reading! I eat all of my daily, all of my weekly, and all of my activity PointsPlus every week. So if I go over THAT, then it puts me in the negative, and that's what I'm referring to when I say that I went over. Hope that clears it up for you! :)

  12. My cat is the same way, cats are much smarter than a lot of people give them credit for! ;)

    I just downloaded Lisa Gardner's book Alone--is that the series you're reading? I haven't read any of her books before but it sounds like my thing! I just got through with another one you might like called Delusion in Death by JD Robb. Another mystery and really really good!

    P.S. I think this is my first time commenting on your blog but I'm a longtime reader, I love it! I joined WW last Jan (2012) and lost 50 lbs and am struggling to lose about 15 more...it's funny that it only took me 6 months to lose 50 lbs but has taken me over a year to lose 10!

  13. My cat eats like a dog, in that any food you put in front of her is instantly gone, doesn't matter how much it is. Well, I decided I would switch to feeding her twice a day, instead of once a day, so she wasn't starving again come evening. I was feeding her at 6am and 6pm. It worked great until she got so used to the schedule that on weekends she'd do ANYTHING to get me out of bed at 6am!! It started to drive my BF bonkers, so I had to switch her back to once a day. I felt bad at first, but she doesn't wake us up anymore!! I bet that's what Pheobe's deal is (if I remember correctly, you put them on a similar schedule awhile back?). Good luck trying to get her to stop, not even a water bottle worked on mine!


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