June 02, 2013

Tough tempo

I have another small cold. A few days ago, Jerry woke up extremely congested out of nowhere; last night, the same thing happened to me. I woke up all congested and snotty this morning. Awesome. This time it's a real cold, and not just a minor symptom.

I took two days off after my long run on Thursday, so I didn't want to skip today's run, even though I really wanted to. On the schedule today was a three-mile tempo run at 8:02-8:18/mi pace. The weather was pretty decent this morning--about 65 degrees and overcast. Much better than Thursday's run!

It's been a while since I've done a proper tempo run outside, so I wasn't sure how it was going to feel. But 8:02-8:18/mi is a pretty fast pace for me, so I knew it would be a tough run. Normally, I would have tacked on a warm-up, but because I wasn't feeling good, I just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Just about a quarter mile into the run, I was already wondering if I'd be able to do it. I was breathing pretty hard. Why is it that a three mile run feels like forever even though it's the shortest distance I run?! During the second mile, my breathing was really loud. I'm pretty sure I sounded like I was dying. I kept coming up with reasons to stop and walk instead of finishing it out, but I knew my body was capable of finishing. Tempo runs are tough!

Instead of going right home, I ran past my street until I reached three miles, and then I walked a half-mile until I was home. The weather was SO nice, and it felt good to cool down with a slow walk. I did really well with keeping my pace where it needed to be for a tempo run:

I was really excited that I managed to do so well at keeping a pretty consistent pace. And running hard like that always makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I forgot to put my heart rate monitor on before running, and I was disappointed that I couldn't see the data from that.

After I showered, I made some breakfast. I very rarely crave eggs for breakfast, but today I wanted them in the worst way. I made scrambled eggs with shredded potatoes and pepper jack cheese folded in. It was so good! I've eaten a lot of junk this week, so I was in the mood for something less processed.

But speaking of processed food, check out the deal I got on my favorite flavor of Clif Bar yesterday!

A box of 7 bars for $3.50; I bought all 7 boxes that they had. See how the box is a little bent in the corners? That's why they were marked down. The expiration date is December 2013, which is good, because I now have 49 bars to eat ;)


  1. I love it when I can get a great deal! I probably would have bought all the boxes too.

  2. I absolutely LOVE anything that is white chocolate macadamia nut, and I never find that flavor here. Sorry you're sick. My throat started feeling scratchy earlier, and I am really hoping it's not a cold coming on. I recently ran my fastest mile ever in just over 9 minutes and I felt like I was dying! The fact that you're that much faster, and for 3 miles...it just amazes me!

  3. Great job on the run! I've been running for 5 months and haven't started speed work yet, but I admire the work you put into your runs.


  4. I love that flavor too. My favorite is the Peanut Toffee Buzz though. Great job on your tempo run. Those three mile speed runs are the worst, but you are right, afterwards you feel great!

  5. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    what a coincidence, I bought those exact same Clif Bars today as well!! but at $5 a box, you def got a better deal! I love them but I don't love that they are 7 PP a bar!!! :(


  6. You are always getting great deals! I love it when I can combine a sale with a store AND manufacturer's coupon! Spending frugally is how we were able to have me home with the kids so many years.

  7. Great find on the Clif bars! I've been eating those a lot lately. My favorite is the black cherry almond.

  8. What a great deal! I love carrying granola bars around as snacks!


  9. This cold yucky thing going around is horrible! My boys have had it, and it seems to have hit me starting today. I hope tonight's run isn't too bad. But being able to breath without phelgm in my throat would be nice.

    I always seem to buy the Chocolate Nut brownie Luna bars - decent and they are chocolatey!


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