June 14, 2013

Dinner date at home

Yesterday was a pretty tempting day for me (as far as food goes), but I managed to make it through. The kids had gotten coupons from school for a free meal at Wendy's, so I took them there before their baseball game last night. I didn't order anything there, and just had leftover General Tsao's Chicken for dinner instead. But their food smelled so good!

Then, after the baseball game, Jerry brought home fried pickles and boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, where his employer treated a bunch of the guys to dinner and drinks. The wings were Honey BBQ flavor, which was my favorite back in the day. Again, it smelled so good!

Today was my long run day, and it was also a step-back week, so I only had to do eight miles. Jerry had a doctor's appointment this morning, so I had to wait for him to get back before I could head out to run, and by the time I got out the door, it was around 10:45. I drove about 10 minutes before I realized I forgot my Garmin at home.

I was irritated with myself, and I kept trying to convince myself to just run without it; people do that all the time! I knew the route, and pace isn't a big issue right now. But I just couldn't bare the thought of running without my Garmin, so I turned around and went home to fetch it.

By that time, I really didn't want to do the route I had planned on doing. I was in a really irritated mood, and NO route sounded good to me. I think I just really didn't want to run. I ended up doing the "three cities path" (not what it's actually called--I just call it that because within a 10 mile run, you run in three cities).

By the time I started, it was around 11:15, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sun was hot, and I happened to pick a route without much shade. It was kind of discouraging to see my pace, because I felt like I was working hard (and according to my heart rate, I was), but my pace around a 9:30/mi the whole time. I think I need to just resort to the fact that this will be my "summer pace"; my 8:30/mi "winter pace" is long gone.

At around mile six, a thought popped into my head: I had parked near an A&W, and nothing sounded better at that moment than a Diet Root Beer from A&W. So strange, because I never crave pop, but a couple of weeks ago I had that Diet Coke from McD's craving during my long run, and then today was craving the root beer.

That thought actually helped me get through the next two miles, which seemed like forever. I was so glad when I got back to the car.

My overall pace ended up being 9:25/mi.

I couldn't get to the A&W fast enough! I ordered a large Diet Root Beer, and drank the entire thing on the way home.

Jerry and I were supposed to have a "date night" tonight, but we couldn't think of anywhere we wanted to go, so we decided just to stay home. First we went to the fruit/veggie market to get a watermelon, because they were on sale for $2--but when we got there, they were gross looking (lots of mushy spots), so we didn't end up getting one. Watermelon seems to have replaced my love affair with grapes over the past month or so. I've been eating a TON of it!

We stopped at Kroger and bought the stuff to make hamburgers on the grill for dinner, including asparagus and homemade "fries" (baked) on the side. It was such a yummy dinner! Much better than going out to eat, and a heck of a lot less PointsPlus. A burger sounded really good today.

After I took that picture, I promptly removed about half the bun. They were ENORMOUS Kaiser rolls--way too big for a 5 oz. burger patty. We ate outside on the deck and it was perfect weather for it. It was such a gorgeous day (when I wasn't running in this heat)!


  1. A date night at home is always fun! I know you've mentioned that you aren't always a big salad eater, but the new chicken, almond, berry salad they have at Wendy's (I forget the official name) is soo good! It comes with a raspberry viniagrette but I ask for the pomegranate instead. I am so excited that I get to run errands tomorrow because I will be driving by Wendy's and I've told myself I could stop for a salad when I finished. :D

  2. Good job getting your run done even when you didn't want to! After a 15 mile run I once went through the drive through at McDonald's and ordered two large Diet Cokes and drank them both before I got home. I was SO THIRSTY and neglected to bring water on my run (I'm not very bright).

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    I used to HATE running without music and GPS. Hated it so much I brought one of the other for many runs before going completely naked. I enjoy just running (and not looking at my wrist every three seconds) from time to time. You should practice! It took me three tries before actually completing a whole run without my STUFF!

  4. The same thoughts went through my mind this week about winter vs summer pace. I feel so slow but am doing the best I can. I would run in freezing cold temps over the heat any day. We live in the desert so my best option is to get up and going at 5am which means I am in bed so early.

  5. I just bought my first watermelon of the season. yummy!

  6. Sounds like you had such a wonderful dinner date! Casual ones at home are always the best!

  7. Sounds like a great date! Congrats on getting that run in! BTW--your pace sound GREAT to me!!

  8. I feel your pain at resisting all the good food you were tempted with yesterday. I feel like I am constantly so good, especially at restaurants. I never order the food I used to love, enchiladas, chicken fried steaks, onion rings, pizza, tacos, well you get the drift. I try not to eat much of the chips and salsa at Mexican places and I used to positively inhale them. And is there really a reward for all this? No! You just get to do it all again tomorrow. I guess there is a reward and I tend to forget how much I'm enjoying life normal sized. But still....

  9. I feel you on the lack of the Garmin...even if I don't look at it, I have to have it because I want to study the numbers afterwards, lol!

    I think your date night sounded great--and the burger sounds yummy right now! (I would've eaten the whole bun, though, lol!)

  10. I just wanted to say that I too love watermelon, it is one of my favorite summer fruits. Also, have you ever tried using english muffins as buns? I do that now because you can find some that aren't very many PP :) Just thought I'd throw it out there. I really enjoy your blog!

  11. I love reading "only 8 mile run". I felt like that when I was training for my half. Now that I haven't been running as much it is more like oh no an 8 mile run lol.


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