June 15, 2013

Super productive day

Today was such a productive day in our household! I love those kind of days, where we just get all kinds of stuff done. The cats woke us up bright and early again. After I ate breakfast, I went to Lowe's to pick up a few things for around the house.

I got a shelf for our closet, because we have way too much crap in our room with nowhere to put it. Jerry wanted me to get a hose nozzle, so I picked up one of those. I bought a bunch of socket covers to replace the old ones. I also got a shelf to hang in front of my treadmill, so that I don't have to keep using the cat tree to hold my computer.

Remember this set-up?

It was a pain to have to move the cat tree back and forth  every time I wanted to use the treadmill. So I decided to turn the treadmill around and face the wall, but hang a shelf on the wall for my computer.

When I got home, I figured I would just leave all of that stuff for Jerry to do; but he was working really hard in the yard, so I started replacing the socket covers.

Then I got really ambitious and decided to hang the huge shelf in my closet. It's six feet long, and required my using a drill (for some reason, it seems more impressive that I used a drill). It took me about an hour, but I hung it and it looks good. I worked on organizing everything in the closet.

Then I hung the shelf for the treadmill. It's nothing special; just a little shelf big enough for my computer. It's much better looking than the cat tree, though. ;)

Not the greatest picture, but you get the point. Estelle is going to be so mad that she won't be able to sit on the cat tree and swat at me while I'm running now. I still have to have Jerry turn the treadmill around so it faces the shelf. I'm probably going to be using the treadmill quite a bit this summer--when the kids aren't in school, I can't go for a run anytime I'd like. I still haven't found a TV show that has me completely hooked (to keep me entertained for marathon training), so I hope I can find something soon!

While I was doing all this in the house, Jerry was cleaning out the gutters, washing the cars, and giving the kids some chores to do around the yard. At around four o'clock, the kids were begging to go swimming in our neighbors' pool that they had just opened a few days ago, so we all went swimming.

I really don't like to swim, but the kids guilted me into it, so I finally took the tags off of the bathing suit I bought in December. I knew if I felt the water beforehand, I wouldn't get in, so I just jumped in. It was freezing! We made a whirlpool, mainly so I could move around a lot and warm up. Jerry spent most of the time taking pictures of himself with my phone, hahaha.

The kids were having so much fun we ended up staying home tonight instead of going to Jerry's parents' house like we'd planned.

When I was in Illinois at my sister's house, she got me hooked on miniature York Peppermint Patties. I bought a big container of them and put them in the fridge, and I haven't eaten many of them... until today. Since I was so busy around the house, I was walking past the fridge constantly, and I would grab one when walking by. I probably had 10-12 of them, and I didn't even really feel like I got to enjoy them!

Since we didn't get to do Pizza Friday yesterday, we did that today--which means I used up the majority of my extra PointsPlus for the week in one day, between the peppermint patties and the pizza. The pizza was really good though, and totally worth it. I'll just have to be kind of stingy with my PointsPlus for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, my sister is going to be in town, so we're going to my parents' house to celebrate Noah's birthday. His birthday isn't until July 13th, but Jeanie won't be around then, and she wanted to be able to celebrate with him. I think my dad is going to be making his famous fried fish, so I'll probably either eat before I go, or bring something with me. If I hadn't eaten all those peppermint patties today, I could have planned for the fish! I ended up giving the rest of the container of peppermint patties to our neighbors, because I don't know if I can keep those in the house. Bummer.

The kids were way too excited to give Jerry his Father's Day gift, so we gave it to him today. We got him a charcoal grill, something he's been wanting for a long time. It was actually Noah's suggestion, and as soon as he said that, I knew it was the perfect gift. He was thrilled with it :)


  1. All of West Wing is on Netflix! It is the best. Also, there are something like 9 seasons of Scrubs on Netflix, and it is hilarious. Or you could watch 9 seasons of Frasier- my husband did and loved it! If you're into sci-fi, Lost is on Netflix, too, and it's good and has 7 seasons. Fringe is good, too, and I think they just finished the 5th season.

  2. Have you watched dexter? It takes a couple shows to get into but its awesome. promise. I would watch the first 2 or 3 before you start trying to watch it on the treadmill. sounds like you and jerry are into the same shows as Chris and I. the walking dead, sons of anarchy. all great!

    1. Love Dexter!! Unfortunately, I'm all caught up ;)

  3. Netflix has 7 seasons of Supernatural. I wasn't sure I would like it at first but I'm completely hooked.

  4. Katie, have you tried Scandal? There are only two seasons of it so far (one on Netflix, and the one that just finished airing on Hulu) so it probably wouldn't work for all of marathon training, but it is really good and super addictive.

  5. Katie: Scandal, Scandal, Scandal. As Tracy stated above, it is SUPER addictive. The show throws curveball after curveball and is never predictable, esp in season 2. I'm actually going thru withdrawals because it is summer and the show has ended for now LOL.

  6. I watch a lot of tv, so here are some suggestions!
    Banshee: there has only been one season, but it was really good (if you don't mind sex and violence)
    The Newsroom: again, only one season but it was good (the second one starts in July). Jeff Daniels is the star, and it can be a little wordy, but it's interesting (although the first episode wasn't the greatest.)
    Happy Endings: super quirky and funny
    HBO's Girls: interesting and provocative
    Revenge: great story with this one, if you haven't already watched it
    Everyone seems to be talking about Homeland and Game of Thrones, though I haven't watched either. Hopefully you find something you enjoy!

  7. Try -The good wife (Must watch), Suites,Downton Abbey (I disliked it first but hooked now), armywives, homeland, and if you would like some sissy ones -- the lying game, switched at birth.

  8. Have you watched Castle? It's equal parts funny and crime show-y.

  9. Did we see the new bathing suit?

  10. I am SO impressed that you used a drill and hung up that shelf!! You rock!!

    I'm also impressed about the peppermint things...you counted them instead of just saying "it was only a couple" and letting it go. Good for you!!

  11. You should give "Battlestar Galactica" a try! It seems super sci-fi, but it's more of a drama set in space. It's great, and quite addictive!

  12. AnonymousJune 16, 2013

    Love your honesty about the peppermint candy - thanks for being real & sharing your struggles!

  13. Wow--all that activity wore me out--just reading about it! Nice job. I'm all thumbs when it comes to hanging shelves and stuff like that, and there's no way I even know how to turn on a drill. "It's an electric drill--you 'get me,' you kill me!" As a Friends fan, I know you recognize that quote!

    Have you seen Breaking Bad yet? Love that show!!

  14. Once you finish "Pretty Little Liars," consider "Friday Night Lights" if you haven't seen it already. Best show ever!

  15. I've bought Yorks a few times when I was having major chocolate cravings. I could never keep anything like that in the house either.

  16. http://www.amazon.com/SurfShelf-Treadmill-Desk-Laptop-Holder/dp/B001M04RBK



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