June 29, 2013

A long car ride

I feel like I spent the entire day in the car today. My kids went camping overnight with my parents, and they wanted me and Jerry to go up and see them. They'd been fishing and swimming, and they were excited to show us the campground. My mom said it was about an hour away, so Jerry and I decided to go up there and see them before our date night.

On the way up to the campground, I got a text from my sister. She was in the Upper Peninsula, and she saw these cookies at a bakery: two peanut butter cookies with peanut butter frosting sandwiched in between, drizzled with chocolate.  My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw the pic.

She offered to ship one to me, and while I was totally tempted, I figured it probably wouldn't taste very good by the time it got here.

The drive ended up being an hour and a half--if we hadn't gotten lost. But by the time we finally found it, we had been in the car for two hours. The kids were really excited to show us the campground, though, so it was worth it. Eli is all boy, catching tadpoles, toads, turtles, and fish.

Noah wanted to rent a paddle boat, so I made him a deal--if he let me pull his (super loose) tooth, we'd rent the boat. It took some convincing, but finally I pulled his tooth (seeing it dangle there was driving me crazy--it was beyond ready to come out). Then Jerry took the paddle boat out with the kids.

When we headed home, we drove a little over an hour and then stopped at La Pita for dinner. I got the chicken tawook sandwich again, and we shared some hummus. I wanted to save enough of my activity PointsPlus that I earned yesterday for dessert today. We're going to see a movie tonight, so I'm going to get a peanut butter dream bar from Mrs. Fields while we're at the mall. After dinner at La Pita, I have just enough PointsPlus left for the dream bar.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but we took the kids to see Monsters University last week, and during the movie, the film just shut off. It took a long time for it to come back on, and then when it did, it was way ahead of where it left off. They finally got everything back to normal, but it took about 20 minutes. So while we were leaving after the show, we were given four free tickets to use whenever we'd like. Jerry's been really excited to see World War Z, so that's what we're going to see tonight.

I'm going to keep this short, so we can make it to the movie on time. I wore my hair curly today, for the first time since getting it cut, and I think the shorter cut works well with my curls. I kind of like it!


  1. Katie, I LOVE your curly hair at that length, it looks so good :) Enjoy the movie, I hear it's scary! eeeek...

  2. Your hair looks great!!

    Also, those cookies look like heaven. :)

  3. What did you think of the movie? I liked it. Well, Brad Pitt, how could you not?

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2013

    We saw World War Z today and loved it! I hate scary movies, but it was more thriller than gore and so it was right up my alley.

  5. Love your hair! Those cookies look amazing. OMG I couldn't buy them, because I would eat them all. :) That is so awesome your parents do stuff like that with your kids. We never have anyone to watch our kids so we never get to go out at night. S ometimes when school was in we'd do lunch dates, but I want to go out to dinner alone or a movie so much and we hardly ever get to. Every few weekends my husband's parents will have the kids over to spend the night, but they never do anything that fun with them. They'll take them to eat or to the store, and that's it. They have gotten to the point where they don't want to go over because they say it's boring. :/ We have no one else who can babysit. My brother has 2 kids of his own and he's always at work, plus I don't trust his wife, long story. My husband's sister has never been that involved with our kids. She's watched them maybe 5 times for a short time in 9 years, and that's it. I need some time away from my kids so badly. I never get a break now that school is out.

    1. You need to start a babysitting exchange with a friend. I used to do this with my sister when our kids were younger. Her kids would stay with me one Sat. night so she could go out and vice-versa. No payment needed. If your kids have a close friend and you know the mom really well (that's how most moms make new friends, through their kids...) you culd arrange this, even if for just a few hours.

    2. Most of my friends don't have kids. I had kids when I was young, and so a lot of my friends are just getting married recently. They go out on the weekends, and although my best friend has watched my kids a handful of times, I don't ask her often because she's just busy and works a lot. The only mom I know that is nearby has 5 kids. I've watched her kids a few times, and mine have gone to her house a couple times, but they are just always so busy too having that many kids. My kids have friends they play with, but none that we are close enough with that I'd ask them to watch my kids. I just don't know that many people, and I hate asking people for favors unless it's something important.

  6. Those cookies would make nice Os in your banner!

  7. Oh my, those cookies do look good! Peanut butter frosting?! :P I think the only thing that could make that cookie better is if it had peanut butter cookies made with chocolate chips.
    And your hair looks great!

  8. AnonymousJune 30, 2013

    very cute hair!! I hope you'll review the movie for us! I loved the book, but I hear the movie is quite different...so I'm not sure I want to see it!

  9. Aren't you glad those cookies were so far away? Distance helps with temptation. Sometimes if I put stuff away it doesn't tempt me so much--I tend to forget easily at my age. Or....as in the case of hubby's Brazil nuts, which I buy in bulk ( supposedly they help fight his prostate cancer), if I just put the twisty back on the bag, I won't grab a couple every time I walk by them.

    Love the shorter curly hair. I've been letting mine do that more this summer cause its easier than blowing it dry and using the straightener. Plus....I reason....it's easier on my poor stressed, thin, dry hair. I just wish mine looked as good as yours!! I guess the 30 years I've got on you doesn't help me much there.

  10. I LOVE your new hair. It fits your petite frame and as a stick straight hair person all I've ever wanted are luscious curls. Oh and peanut butter sandwich cookies? DANGER. I would eat them all in one sitting and then pass out!

  11. You have WAY more self control than me! She would have had to ship me an entire crate of those cookies!

  12. Love the short hair with curls :)


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