October 01, 2012

Random Tidbits

This morning, Jerry came home and said, "Look in my lunch box." Weird, but I did. Inside was a frog! It was huge (his lunch box is enormous, so it makes the frog look small).

He said he saw it at work, and brought it home to show the kids. Estelle couldn't contain her excitement--it was hilarious to watch her. There was about an inch of water in the bottom, so I didn't worry about her jumping in (she loves to jump inside of any sort of box). Two seconds later, she jumped inside.

She kind of panicked because her paws got wet, so she jumped right back out. But after that, she was going crazy with curiosity about what was in the box. So she decided to just sit and stare at the box for no less than 20 minutes, occasionally circling it.

Anyway, the boys thought it was pretty cool, and then Jerry let it go when they went to school.

Today was a scheduled run day, but I didn't have much hope for being able to finish all 60 minutes that I had scheduled. After Friday's 20-miler, my left knee was killing me. I took it easy all weekend, and it was feeling good this morning, but I was worried it would start hurting while running.

I did the treadmill, because it's the easiest on my knees. Instead of doing the intervals I was scheduled to do, I just ran at an easy pace. After three miles, my knee started to hurt, so I called it quits. I'm not going to run through the pain, like I did in the spring. I'm going to do whatever I can to make it better before the marathon. I think I may try patella straps (a strap that goes around your leg, just under your knee).

I only did three miles at an easy pace, and when I was done, I didn't even really feel like I worked out. Usually my clothes are drenched in sweat, but I barely broke a sweat today. That was disappointing.

I totally forgot to stop my Garmin after I stopped running, so the fourth split shouldn't exist. I had to adjust the time.

I had volunteered to chaperone a field trip for Noah's class today, so I showered and got ready for that. I went to the school at noon, and we took a school bus to the local community college for a play. The bus ride on the way there was a little irritating. There were two boys sitting in front of me that put their window all the way down and thought it was hilarious to throw things out the window. I was freezing the whole 30 minute ride.
First time on a school bus in over a decade

That's a really creepy picture, isn't it? I think it's my eyes. Or my crooked smile. I don't know, but I think it's kind of creepy looking.

The play that we saw was called Bunnicula. About 10 minutes into it, I realized that it seemed familiar... and then I remembered that I had read that book in elementary school, maybe 2nd grade? It was interesting to watch the play after that, because I remembered how I felt while reading the book--I thought the book was so scary!

When I got home, Jerry and I had an hour before the boys would be home from school, so we watched the season premier of Dexter. I love that show! I was disappointed with the premier, though--I don't think this season is going to be very good, unfortunately. (It's Deb--she ruins everything!)

Yesterday, I was flipping through Health magazine, when I saw this little tidbit:

After reading that, I seriously started to think... How would candles cause cancer? Maybe from ingesting the wax somehow? I was trying to figure it out. BAHAHA, then I "got it" and couldn't believe I actually read that so stupidly ;)

This morning, after running on the treadmill, I made a cup of tea to drink while I was reading my e-mail (like I always do). The cup was very full, and as I started to set it down, some of it sloshed out right onto the mouse of my laptop. I grabbed the first thing I saw (a blanket) and wiped it off quickly. I didn't think any tea had gotten into the cracks where the mouse buttons were; but then when I tried to use my mouse, the pointer was jumping all over the screen.

I was so mad at myself for spilling the tea. I was trying to Google search what to do, but I couldn't control the mouse at all and it was impossible to do anything. I decided to see if I could take apart my computer and see if the tea had gotten in. I grabbed a butter knife and started prying at it, which was more difficult than I thought. I used the knife to try and lift the buttons up just a little to see whatever I could underneath. I didn't see anything, but prying at the buttons seemed to work, because then I had control over my mouse again! That was a close one.

Tomorrow, I MUST get my house back in order. I've been neglecting the vacuuming and sweeping, dusting, and the other stuff that I hate. I'm writing this because then maybe I will actually do it ;)


  1. When I was reading your school bus story, I couldn't help but think that since you were a chaperone (and a mom!), you had every right to tell those two boys to knock it off! Maybe that's the former teacher in me talking, but if I was one of those boys' mothers, I wouldn't hold it against you at all, I'd probably have thanked you! ;)

  2. Glad to hear that you're not running through the pain this time around :)

  3. Oh my gosh your candle comment was hilarious, it really did make me laugh out loud!!! I am still giggling....

  4. I have to be honest-I TOTALLY was wondering the same damn thing about the candles!!!!! I guess they wanted you to really think about it and they achieved their goal lol

  5. Loved Bunnicula as a kid! I gotta check out that play somewhere sometime :)
    Great blog - thanks for sharing!!

  6. Ha! I remember Bunnicula! It was one of my favorites as a kid. I think the book was called "The Celery Stalks at Midnight". I thought it was the funniest thing ever.

  7. That does it: no candles on my cupcake this year! Seriously, that is a sick, depressing, creepy ad to extinguish the joy of a birthday. Couldn't they just say something about your chronometer rolling over? Why pick on the actual day that most of us celebrate & enjoy?

  8. I adore that picture of you, it isn't creepy at all! You definitely look more like a big sister than a mother chaperone.

  9. Do you remember the cartoon of Bunnicula? I want to say it was on like on Captain O G Readmore back in the day. Holy crap did I just date myself.

  10. Hubby and I love Dexter too, although I felt the same as you last night. I was kind of disappointed. At work today I asked a bunch of the women and they felt the same as me. My husband and several other men I asked really liked the premiere. So who knows. I hope it turns out better than we women think!!

  11. I thought the premiere of Dexter was a little off as well, especially the airport part- I mean really, there's no way he would get away with that. I really hope this season is good, I'm obsessed with Dexter!

  12. The picture is Not creepy...u look awesome...!
    Im scared of frogs, so really think uts very brave of Jerry to keep the frog in his box:)).

  13. Aww, frogs are so cute!! We don't see a lot in New Zealand, they're pretty shy.

    Your hair is so gorgeous! Love that you're embracing the curls (I too have curly hair).

  14. It's kind of sad that the magazine used that analogy since the American Cancer Society's motto is "Celebrate More Birthdays." Now you I'll think, "Yay, another birthday. Will I be diagnosed THIS year?"

  15. Hi!

    I read your blog every day and love it! I was wondering if you'd tried foam rollering for your knee? Apparently a lot of the time, knee pain is actually a result of the knees overcompensating for the tight muscles in the rest of the thighs (I can't remember specifically which ones). I thought I had a bad right knee as it would flare up around once a year and I would avoid running till it got better but as soon as a wondeful PT taught me how to foam roller, the pain went away!! I should ideally foam roller before and after every run but I'm lazy and I don't, however as soon as I start to feel a twinge in my knee, I start doing it more regularly and it disappears.

    Apologies if you already do it but if you don't think about buying a foam roller and maybe youtube foam rollering techniques?

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Your hair looks amazing!

  17. I remember thinking Bunicula was scary too, and everyone thought I was silly for being afraid of a vampire rabbit. Hehe.

  18. Fun times with the cat and the frog.

    I don't think it's a creepy picture at all. I like your curly hair--you've been wearing it that way more often. I tried that this weekend. Mine is much shorter than yours, about shoulder length. After I washed mine, I put some stuff on it that said it was to make your hair curly (my niece who does my hair (colors it) gave it to me a while back), then I tried to scrunch it, blew it dry a little, but then let it air dry. It was horrible. My hair is so thin anymore, I can't pull that style off. So I ended up using the curling iron/straightener and putting it back in my same old boring style.

    When I read the birthday cake thing, my first thought was, "Oh if you eat cake and get fat, you're more likely to get breast cancer," but then I thought, "But you don't eat the candles." LOL--the things we think. It's not a great ad is it, if it takes you time to figure it out--plus like somebody else pointed out, in the ACS's other ads they brag about how they are the official sponsors of birthdays.

    I was annoyed with Deb too. I just want her to forget she ever saw anything and let Dexter get on with his mission to kill those rotten people. Is that sick? Dexter's killing of the bad guys is going to be seriously curtailed if Deb is watching his every move. Maybe Dexter should kill Deb? But that goes against the "code" I guess.

    Hey--not breaking a sweat when running 3 miles just shows what amazing shape you are in. It should make you feel GREAT!

  19. Not a bad picture at all! Love the frog, too. :)

    I have spilled coffee on my lap-top before and read that the best thing to do is turn it upside down (like a tent) and let it air dry. ;)

  20. Just a suggestion on the knee pain that ktape is awesome stuff! It really has helped me with my knee and offers a lot of support. I also had another blogger tell me about these bands(mine are gofit brand its just a big rubber band) anyway you put them around your ankles and walk sideways and it strengthens- Im not sure what muscle lol -but it has helped as well.

    1. Heres another bloggers hail to the k tape :)http://gottokeeponrunninglong.blogspot.com/2012/09/girls-scouts-vomit-denver-rock-and-roll.html

  21. I'm loving the curly hair!


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